Romance Reads! How many do you want? How many do you have?


This is a thread to talk about our goals and accomplishments with our romance novels because, hey, we all love love right? :sparkling_heart:

How many reads does your current or most popular book have? Are you happy with that or do you have a goal in mind that you’d like to hit?

I’ll start!

My novel Behind Closed Curtains surpassed 1 million reads a bit back and keeps climbing, currently closing in on 1.2 million reads. I never dreamed it would be that popular and I am extremely grateful :slight_smile:

My current novel is a sequel to my book Unlawful Temptations which only has about 230k reads with the sequel, Seducing Danger, having 9k reads with 7 chapters up. So, not great odds but I knew going in that sequels rarely drew a huge audience but their story wasn’t finished so, oh well lol


My collection of romantic one-shots, Nocturnes has 57 reads. Honestly, I’d be glad just to hit 100.


I don’t actually count reads at this point since someone once told me that everytime you yourself go into your story for some reason it counts as a read. But I don’t know if that is true. But I count likes instead.

But anyway my most popular story Rise & Grind has 4.6K reads and 601 likes. I would like to hit a at least a 1K likes before my Wattpad anniversary on the last of August but that maybe a far fetched dream. The sequel to Rise & Grind, Back & Forth has 1.5K reads and 199 likes. I would like it to have both more reads and likes on that story. The third book Amps & Magic only has 20 chapters up so I still haven’t any goals for that story accept that it will get read by readers of the two first books. :slight_smile:


At your rate? You certainly will :slight_smile:


While that’s true, I still count the reads since I don’t go into my book that often and I always write off of Wattpad instead of doing it in drafts on the site.

But that’s great! I’m sure you will :slight_smile: You’re almost at 5k and kept over 1/5 of your readers from the first book! That’s really really cool :slight_smile:


You think so? It feels like I don’t get any at all. I’ve got some things that’ve been up for months and no one’s seen it. Unless I am truly underestimating how long it takes to even get readers.


I do all my writing in Word, so I don’t actually go into read my own work that often. :slight_smile: but sometimes I get unsure of myself. I would really like to hit that goal if not befor August but the end of the year. Do you have any ideas how to promote your stories so they get more reads and likes?


I join book clubs. Also, being active in the reading community is helpful as well. Some of the closest friends I’ve made on Wattpad have been authors I loved and followed before we even began talking. Most users are mobile users and don’t go in the clubs as a result. Doing things like book clubs and contests are a great way to promote your story while helping other authors out as well.


My book Breaking Eden has now hit 33,800 reads! That’s the most any of my books have gotten so far.


Congrats! That is awesome!


Thanks for all the tips. Yeah I’ve entered some Awards and I seen that it helps getting reads. I haven’t figured out the book clubs yet but I hope I did enter my book to the romance one, I’m not sure I filled out the form the write way but I gave it a shot.


Congratulations to all those reads I hope you will get more and more over time.


My book Two Different People has hit 31.3k reads and 832 reads. It has gotten a lot of reads and votes this year. I’m hoping i can hit the 1k vote mark by the end of the year. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: My other book that i have just posted The Undercover Kings has got 42 reads and 14 votes. I’m hoping it can it the 100 read mark by the end of year with at least 30-50 aswell.


For ‘Rising From Ashes’, I think it has about 43k and I’ll be excited to hit the 50k mark, which is a ways off yet.

For ‘Life, Love And A Little Coffee’, I’m almost at 3k, which is way more reads than I expected to have at this point. I don’t know how many reads I wish I had, but I’m crazy eccatic whenever I get a new reader and they start leaving all these comments. I turn into a bit of a stalker.


Have you entered any cook clubs?


Hitting that goal by the end of the year is very very possible.

And actually everything that @AlyThornton said is correct. I know I’ve seen you around before which is great because it means you’re active! But, one can always be more active lol Also, reading other writers works and commenting on them is a big way to get readers as well. I can’t tell you how many times when I was first starting off that I would be reading and commenting on someone else’s book, someone would see my comments and click on my page and start reading my book as well. That tactic helped me out a lot when I was first starting out. That and book clubs. I joined a bunch and it really helped.

The thing about Wattpad is that it’s gotta be like a part time job to you if you wanna get successful at it. I dedicated like a solid year, year and a half to being on Wattpad constantly and it really really paid off. Then, when I wasn’t so active for like another year after that or so, it didn’t really hurt me because I had already done the work and got the readers :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Congrats! :tada:


Wait, if you’ve hit 43k then haven’t you already surpassed your 40k goal? lol

And you already know how much I love Ada and Tom. I can’t wait for more! :heart_eyes:


That’s fantastic! I love the title btw :slight_smile: Two Different People is so simplistic and yet so catching in my opinion.


That was meant to say 50k. Sonofabitch.