Romance Reads! How many do you want? How many do you have?


I mean, I always WANT three million reads on my romance stories, especially my newest one. But at this point I think I’d be fine with anything that’s over 10 views per chapter for any story… I don’t think I’ve ever even gotten a story that has had a 5 views per chapter average…


Dang I must be doing something wrong lol. But in my defense, my demographic is mid twenties to thirties. Adult adult romance and emotions and life problems.


I’m in the same demographic. I’m 34 and I’m writing new adult and my characters run from like 19 to late 20s and it’s set in college. It just takes some time I think. And some luck :slight_smile:


Book clubs and contests and some of the best ways to gain reads and loyal readers :slight_smile: That’s how I started off, doing tons of book clubs and being as active as I could on the threads and it really paid off.

Keep doing what you’re doing and reading and supporting other writers on here who are in the same genre as you and you will see those results come in soon enough :slight_smile:


Have you tried the SYS threads, book clubs, contests, or being super active on the threads?

Those all are great ways to get reads, as well as asking for critiques to make sure that the content you’re putting out is at the level you want it to be for potential readers :slight_smile:


Slowly it’s happening. I’m doing what I can reading-wise and support wise. I entered a contest as a judge for a different genre than I entered. Maybe that will help. I am going to join the erotic book club too, which might be better for targeting the audience I want. Thank you for the advice! :slight_smile:


Those are all wonderful ideas!

If you’re a mature/erotic romance writer, you should pop on over to the mature romance writers club on here and get to chatting with us! We’re always looking for new mature romance lovers :slight_smile: Plus, one of the members is running a contest and I believe starting us an erotic book club as well. Maybe its the same one? who knows! lol


Sounds good! I think I joined the discussion once but there were so many replies I couldn’t keep up! Haha


We are pretty active in there some days! lol


uh, SAS is back up since yesterday. its at 1.59k reads so that’s cool. im tired and need to speak to humans but imma go back to editing cause like since when do writers sleep. (sorry for the lack of capitals, the shift key is soo far) yeah, just updating. k, cool, bye


Well, I always aim big so 1m reads haha. But historical romance is pretty low on the spectrum on WP of getting milions as opposed to modern/teen romance. I currently have 35k though :slight_smile:


That’s actually not quite true. The Storm and Silence series as well as anything else Rob Thier has written are among the most popular novels on Wattpad with over hundreds of millions of reads and they are all Historical Romance :slight_smile:

I find that Historical romances are generally pretty well-received on here for the most part and your 35k is a great testament to that! That’s a great number and I’m sure you’ll hit your 1mill goal soon enough :slight_smile: I certainly never ever expected to hit 1m with my romantic thriller but anything is possible! lol


That’s true, as well haha but readerships [statistically] when my friend and I compared notes [ she writes teen romance], the reads she gets is at a much faster rate than historical romance because younger audiences tend to gravitate more towards that, I feel. Most of my readers are in the 20s-30’s based on the stats donated by WP. In terms of gaining ‘readership’ and popularity, historical romance is more on the slower side of things. And thanks haha!


My book is called “The Vampire’s Desire, My Command.” I’ve started not long ago and I’ve already posted my first chapter. :blush: Im not at 1,00-30,000 like some of you guys sadly instead I’m at 29views which - in my opninion - is amazing for myself becasue I know as I write more chapter and meet new people, my reads will increase x


My most popular book, Escaping From them has 349 reads and I would love to at least hit 1k. I would also love comments from people that are not critics.


Although my book ‘Dearest Duke’ just started, I have 17 reads. In the future, I would love to hit- as a starting read count- 2k to 6k, but I will definitely have to write more before that can happen! My highest goal for reads, as I’m sure everyone can relate to, would be the big one million! A girl can only dream…


My book Ink has 33,400 and is #2 in Romance. It really started taking off a few days ago and this has exceeded my expectations and I love it. I don’t have a goal but I guess if I had to think about it I would say a million would be incredible. Good luck to all with your own goals!


I love this advice. @LittleMinx94


Thank you! :slight_smile:


@punkybookster83 Same for me. Not that my book is that highly rated, but reads have started “exploding” recently, and I’m now actually getting comments a lot, which basically never happened before - and I love it. I’m also dreaming of the million reads.