Romance Reads! How many do you want? How many do you have?


It’s exciting! The more interaction the better for the writer because it is very motivating! I have been writing so much more knowing there are readers eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Good luck to you!!


33,400 reads? Holy moly I wish mine had gotten that many reads. I’m currently at 1.1k reads right now. It’s my first novel and I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished


Just keep going. My first really noticable increase in readership came the moment I finished the story and set its status to “complete”. I don’t know the exact reason for the latest increase, but I feel like the moment you pass certain “popularity criteria”, your story might start being suggested more often. Also, a high rate of updates also helped with getting a lot more attention before it finally started taking on a life of its own :3 you’ll get there.


Thank you for the encouragement! Yeah i update every Sunday. I think that’s often enough


Two updates per week has been proven to be a more profitable tactic for getting more reads and readers on Wattpad. The more updates, the more visual your book is more often. Plus, the readers know they can count on you for speedy updates as many readers on Wattpad only reader ongoing stories if they love the author or know that the book is going to be updated quickly and regurarly.


The thing is, I can’t do two updates a week. If I do, then I’ll fall behind with chapters. I have a very tight schedule, so one time a week is the only thing I can do


Then that’s what you do. I was just letting you know the statistics of it all :slight_smile:


Thank you for that! I appreciate the advice

I’m at 1.1k reads so I can say that my choice wasn’t bad


That’s a great amount of reads!

My experience with two updates per week is what got me passed 1 million for my novel Behind Closed Curtains, so I will always tell people that if they have the time, that’s what they should do! lol
Though, not everyone has the time- I know I certainly don’t always have that free time anymore- and that’s perfectly understandable. Just do you and those reads will keep on coming in :slight_smile:


1 million? Holy crap that’s so amazing! Congratulations!


Thanks! I never thought it would reach that amount EVER but I’ve been really lucky with the fans I’ve gathered on here :slight_smile:

Best of luck on your story!


Thank you thank you!!


Yeah me too. I focused on likes.

Reads is not totally an evidence that they like your story it could be a skim read or you yourself add a reads for commenting.


I post 1 chapter a day. Sometimes more. It just depends. I just hit 100,000 reads yesterday on one of my books! That was sweet!!


Congrats!! That’s huge!


One chapter a day is great! Near impossible for most people unless they wrote the whole book beforehand but boy I wish I could manage that many updates! lol

100k is a huge accomplishment! Congrats!


Thank you! A chapter a day is the only way I get myself to keep writing. Otherwise I would take too long to get back into it. I need a routine. I try to fit it into a crazy busy life. I definitely have slacked over the years believe me, I had two more kids to add to the family and it really slowed down from there with five kids. Whatever works is what I say! :slight_smile:


I agree with Minx. What works really well as well is an “update run” where you literally posts updates every day. I updated once a week as well, then saved what I could manage to write in addition, then published that several days in a row. (You can see the effect when you look at the statistics.)

Depending on the amount of books you have, I think you should publish a chapter 2-3 times a week (doesn’t habe to be the same book). I have the impression that WP rewards active authors.


Ahh ok. Thanks for the tips!


I have one story published at about 1700 reads. (7 chapters- in progress) It has been up since sometime in September. I would like to be at 2000 eventually, but am really busy with my school program right now, so I haven’t been updating frequently. I guess I just wish I had more comments more than anything else. I don’t know how to tell if my first story is going alright or not.