Romance Reads! How many do you want? How many do you have?


whistles congrats man! I’m at 1.6k (almost at 1.7k) and I myself don’t have time


For my orginal fiction romance, Grey, I have 525 reads :smirk: I’m not looking for millions, just enough to reach the right readers.

For my star wars fanfiction romance, I have 129.


That’s a great start! You’re halfway to breaking 1k! :slight_smile:


Mine hit 2k+ and 135 votes. Well, I publish it 2 months ago and has a 20 chapter because I’m not a fast writer. I can’t write every day too because of life obligations and stuff. I’m still greatful because readers constantly add it to their reading list. But I crave for feedback.


I wish mine were that high! I stopped editing because I couldn’t figure out why no one was interracting with my stories. FINALLY I’ve written something that I actually like and my views are actually steadily climbing. I don’t want fame or even to get published, just someone to read my stuff and connect with it like I do.


Ayy congrats! Yeah I feel the same way. I don’t write because I want to get famous. I write because I love it


Hello people!

My most popular story, The Truths That We Hide, has just reached 16K reads and it’s now completed. I very am happy with that because I honestly didn’t think that anyone would care enough to read it :smiley:

I have written a spin-off to it and The Lies That We Tell currently has 415 reads with 9 published chapters. It’s not very much but I know that the beginning is always hard when starting a new book. Honestly, I would be happy to see it reaching 1K reads some day.


Congrats! Those are great numbers!

And yes, it is common to see sequels not do as well as their originals, especially here on Wattpad. But the true fans will keep on reading and that’s what really matters :slight_smile:


Wow congrats! That’s really awesome!


Taste of Italy has over 12,000 reads and while I am super happy about that, my unrealistic-ish goal would be 100,000 reads while my realistic-ish goal being 50,000 reads. :sweat_smile:


Hey congrats! One day you’ll reach both goals :slight_smile:


Thank you! (: And hopefully. Lol Hopefully you get to yours as well! c:


Haha thank you!


Right now my story “Down Memory Lane” has 960 reads (almost 1k!) with 64 votes and is currently fourteen chapters long and my story “The Long Way Round” has 324 reads with 35 votes and is currently five chapters long. Though neither of my stories have a lot of reads, my dream would be to have one of them hit 10k. I know that’s a huge number compared to what they have right now, but having double digits in the thousands would be amazing! Plus I’d just love to get my writing out there, so the more reads it gets, the more attention and support they receive. IDK, is that selfish?


I’m at about 330 right now. Next goal: 500 reads :hugs:


Back when I joined Wattpad, my goal was to get to 10k reads. As of yesterday I reached that goal and now I don’t even know how to feel anymore.I feel like my next story won’t be as well received :confused:


Congrats! That’s great! :tada:

Why do you feel like your next story won’t be as well received?


Thanks! And I guess I feel like my getting reads was a bit of a fluke, since sometimes things like that are.


I just hit 10k reads, in about a year? Maybe less. Go me. I finished my story a few weeks ago and it’s not undergoing editing. To anyone still waiting to hit 1k, just keep going! As you continue, your reads and votes will increase! A lot of people only read books when they’re finished, which is understandable. So just keep writing and advertise your story everywhere.


Go you, indeed lol Congrats on reaching your goal!

Well, not everywhere but in where is allowed by guidelines lol