Romance Reads! How many do you want? How many do you have?


Thanks :purple_heart: I’m trying to be really active since I know that it pays of in the end. I also entered a lot of Awards and hopefully I’ll get placed in some of them. And I read alot. The only thing I haven’t figured out is the book clubs but I’m gonna figure that out as well. Can you recommend some clubs to join if you write mature romance?


That depends. In one I wasn’t originally thinking of it as either romance or erotica, but for whatever reason those are the readers I get.

Currently … 561 reads. Most of these were achieved prior to when I edited and merged the chapters. Obviously I wasn’t expecting a book about Vampires blending in with human society, lusting after dead serial murderesses would become a full length book.

More used to writing short stories and poetry/


As far as mature romance specific, I’ve come across a few but am unsure if they are still running. After Dark Community used to run one and Kharma_kelley used to run one as well. I know there’s a romance book club being created and you can find it on the old clubs in the romance genre threads and it’s called “unicorn of Wattpad” lol


Sounds quite unique! lol Do you have a reads goal in mind?


I only have one story on here (that I started writing about a week ago). It has 181 reads so far which isn’t much compared to the rest of you haha. But obviously you have to start somewhere so I’m trying not to worry about it too much. I think I’m going to aim for small goals first so I’d love for it to reach 1K though I know it’ll take some time.


Thank you :purple_heart: I’ll check them out.


almost 200 reads for only being up about a week is pretty unheard of for a newbie! So that’s great! Have you been on Wattpad for a while or are you new to the site as a whole?


Oh, really? That makes me feel a lot better haha! It’s easy to start feeling like your story isn’t good when you read all these other amazing ones. I’ve had my Wattpad account for around 2 years but I always used to just read. I’ve loved writing since I was really young though so I thought I’d start writing my own stuff :slight_smile:


Not particular, just enough to get the eye of a featured list. I’m not longer thinking of submitting to agents anyway.:stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, no? Not interested in being published or just want to self-publish?


Well, that’s awesome! Yes you should feel great about your reads! How are enjoying putting your work out there for people to read??


I’m not sure, as originally I wanted to be published as a graphic novelist. I’m still stuck in the idea of my work being a script for a graphical narrative.


I have 767 for now…I would really want more but it’s hard to gain them. So, now I’m joining as much awards as possible and I’m thinking about joining a book club just to see if it’d help me.


It feels good to be putting out my own work but also a little scary? I’m very insecure about my writing so publishing it on Wattpad where everyone can see it is a little bit daunting.


I sooo understand you…it took me years to feel comfortable enough to publish my work.


Yeah, I’m not completely comfortable with it. But I’ve always loved writing so I thought I’d publish it on here regardless. I’m taking comfort in the fact that I can always go back and edit/change things if I’m not pleased with my work.


You’re new to this? I’m getting more cormfotable as my audience raises. And I agree with you…I’m so happy that I can laways change things I’m not satisfied with.


Yeah, I only put my story up about a week ago haha. I have almost 200 reads so I’m not that comfortable yet. I keep convincing myself that writing is awful and you don’t know how many times I’ve changed things. Hopefully I’ll get a little more confident once I get more readers!


OMG…you already have 200 reads? According to that, you’re doing very good, don’t worry :slight_smile: and if it helps, I’m almost never satisfied enough with what I’ve written…there’s more of us like that.


Almost 200! I have 185 haha. Glad to hear that I’m doing better than I thought lol. It’s also good to hear that everyone feels that way. I’m convinced that most people on wattpad are very confident about their writing but it looks like that might not be the case!