Romance Reads! How many do you want? How many do you have?


Nah, man…you have to start somewhere…and start is always the hardest part. I’m writing for more than ten years and until now I’ve written six stories. The sixth one it the frist one published.


You’re right, it’s just hard to think about that when you see people with millions of reads. But I’m sure they felt the same way when they were starting out. Good on you for finally having the courage to publish your story! Ten years though, wow! You must have a ton of experience.


They for sure did…but they managed to find the formula of success…or they’re simply just that good. :slight_smile: I have…If you would read my first story now, you for sure would have a heart attack how bad the story is. :slight_smile: But I’m keeping all of my projects as a reminder of how far I’ve come until then. The feeling is amazing.


Haha yeah, I’m sure you’ve come a long way from your first story. It’s good that you’re keeping all of your previous works, mine are all stored away on my old laptop simply because I’m too lazy to delete them. I don’t think I’ll ever read them again though lol, the cringe would kill me.


But they can be useful sometimes…they give me courage to keep moving forward. And maybe remind me of how innocent I was back in high school. You wrote a lot of stories?


That’s good! Old works can definitely be useful in that way. I never really wrote full stories, just random scenes or ideas, maybe the first chapter of a book idea I had. I was really young back then though - maybe 10 or 11? I was pretty good at English at school as well but somewhere along the line I stopped writing (and reading) books. I’ve only just recently gotten back into it and I’m loving it!


I have not, but with that being said, what with working a full time job (that is absolutely soul killing) and having about five personal projects going, I don’t really have the time to make the commitment for a book club. If I recall, you have to commit to a lot.


Where are you from, if you don’t mind me asking? The younger you start the better you are later when serious stuff come into the game.I kinda started it just like that…with a diary and then, writing random short stories in my notebook.

Btw. thanks for following me back.


I’m Asian but I spent most of my childhood in Ireland and now I live in England! And you?

Oh yeah, definitely. The earlier you start, the better you’ll be because of all the practice and the mistakes you make when you’re younger. I’m pretty sure I used to write a diary too haha and then that turned into random descriptive pieces and then that turned into story ideas.

No worries, thank you for the follow too!


Oh, it must be very interesting to live in more than one place. I’m Croatian. I shortly lived in Slovenia when I was in college.

My words exactly. In writing you have to have talent but practice also makes perfect. It’s a skill that can be learned and trained.

No problem. You seem very interesting. I’ll make sure to check your work. I’m really interested in seeing what you have in store. :slight_smile: I have to go now, I have work in the morning. I hope we’ll stay in touch.


It definitely is interesting, haha. Wow, that’s cool. Props to you for writing in English then, that’s amazing!

Oh yeah, definitely. With writing, a natural gift can only do so much. You have to keep practicing to really perfect your style and voice.

Thank you. I’ll probably check out your stuff at some point too! It was lovely talking to you and I hope to hear from you again soon (:


Depending on how we’re defining romance, 561 – for an older work.


Oof, I leave clubs for a week and there’s like a hundred threads I like made.

Welp, here are my thingys

MNW has like no votes cause I unpublished half of it and for some reason votes don’t count on unpublished parts, but reads do lol
So here it is anyway: 8.27k reads and 159 votes

On my next book SAS: 1.22k reads and 172 votes (this one’s my favorite)

And the last one CR: 59 reads and 10 votes

So there’s a bit of a variety there I guess. My next goals are 10k reads on MNW, 2K on SAS, and 100 on CR


After running out of ideas for my old romance stories, I unpublished them (they didn’t really have reads and readers anyway, so I basically started anew!), and just last month I uploaded my new first romance story!

The Low-Class Prince Charming has 179 reads now after about a month :smiley: Not a huge amount, but I’m still happy given the time it’s been up.

My newest romance I only uploaded on Friday. So far it has 2 reads (one being mine haha :’( ) but I’m hoping that one will get somewhere too. It has fantasy elements too, so hopefully they add to the story :smiley:

I think for now my goal for both is just 500 reads; that would be even more than my currently highest-read sci-fi book ^-^


It seems that the best thing I can tell you is to just keep putting out your work. Reads will come along with time and since each chapter counts for a read, having more chapters will get you more reads if a person reads your story ; )


Yeah… I am trying, haha! I’ve heard entering Wattpad contests helps, so I’ve been trying that; it seems to help somewhat. Hopefully I win at least one :stuck_out_tongue: That would definitely help.

For both of my current books I have about ~15 chapters up, so it’s not little, but naturally the new one only has one. I don’t want to spurn them all out at the same time and have a backup of chapters ^^" Which will hopefully help me keep things constant. That always used to a big problem for me. xD Thanks for the tips though! ^-^


Contests do help! Especially if you win :wink: I see that you’re working hard! Good luck!


Well, they help regardless, thanks to the judges haha :smiley: But yeah, winning might get you more readers… I have yet to win one, so I guess maybe one day I’ll see if it does!

Thank you very much!! ^-^ And good luck to you with all of your writing ventures too, hehe.


Thank you! :smile:


Getting to a million would be great ^^’ right now I have less than half that