Romance Reads! How many do you want? How many do you have?


So you have close to 500k though? That’s amazing! You should be thrilled and very proud :slight_smile:


Well, I think I have given up on getting a huge amount of reads as I know the romance category is tough. also I have a huge case of writers block since I cant decided if my story is complete or if I want to add a couple more chapters or an epilogue to round it out. that being said I am at 744 views, 59 likes, and 23 comments (some of which I think might be spam)


Very! thank you ^^ It’s nice to see it come so far :slight_smile:

  1. I have no limit, but have realistic expectations.


You’re close to 1k! Congrats! Keep chugging along and you’ll be there in no time :slight_smile:

Do the couple chapters you want to add seem necessary?


I wanna do an update of reads and stuff, but I’m too lazy rn XD

Everyone seems to be doing great though!


My 1st book All About Love crossed 10k reads recently which I had started…maybe like 6 months back.
And my 2nd book Born To Rule crossed 4.5k in less than 3 months time!!
I started writing in Hindi. But then a lot of people asked me to post English translations for the 2nd one. So now I am writing the whole 2nd book in English as well. I hope this one gets more exposure.


My first story, which I started writing six months ago, has 62K reads. That’s great, but I honestly don’t think the story is that great anymore, but somehow my readers seem to love it!? I want people to read my new story instead lol. @Littleminx94 I’m sorry if I missed it somewhere in the thread, but how long did it take you to reach 1 million reads?


_62k IS great! You should be proud of that book! It’s pretty typical for us as writers to end up thinking poorly of our original works. My first work on here has 600k last I checked and it’s not good. Lol People still love it regardless and I’m not complaining lol

Behind Closed Curtains reached 1 million after being up for about two years. I truly think it would have been much quicker had it been able to rank as this was before the time that novels marked mature could get much exposure. For some books like mine, it took time and patience. For others, it happens in months lol I also updated twice a week with that book and gained quite the readership during the updating process, so I definitely think that helped rise the reads quicker than most.


My nonfiction romance novel has 6.7K reads. I’ll be happy with 10K, and it’ll happen eventually… in the far future :joy:


I recently hit 50 reads on my main story and had a little one-man dance party! Definitely not up to you guys’ standards, but I’m on my way! :wink: Luckily I have a fair amount of patience…


It will! You’re already so close as it is!


Patience is certainly a desired quality for those publishing on Wattpad lol But congrats on hitting your first goal! That’s gotta feel good :slight_smile:


Thank you! It really does (possibly disproportionately so)! :joy: That was my goal for the end of August, I’m hoping September might bring another 50 (we can but dream, right?)…


I think that’s a very doable dream! If you keep up being active on these threads, I don’t see why you won’t reach it! :slight_smile:


That’s my plan! :smiley: Thank you. How long have you been on Wattpad?


I was a silent reader on here for about 3 years starting in 2012 and once I decided to start writing my first book in 2015 and discovered the threads, it was all downhill from there lol I’ve been addicted to Wattpad ever since! lol


It jumped to 6.8K overnight. WOOHOOO!


@LittleMinx94 I also did the silent reader thing for a few years! I suppose of all the addictions you could have, Wattpad is possibly one of the best (not that I’m biased)… :wink: