Romance Reads! How many do you want? How many do you have?


FictionPress is good in a lot of ways and poor in others. Same with Wattpad. I love that you can add videos and images to your stories. I prefer the look of your story versus the way it looks in FictionPress. Both are easy to use, but FP makes your works more visible, I guess I would say. I’ve had great success with my current work there.


I just finished my story Source of Faith and i’m quite happy with my 393 reads. But it doesn’t gain that much reads anymore, not as it used to. So that’s a shame. But I try my hardest to share it and to communicate with my fellow writers. ;D My goal is reaching the 1k, that would be cool. But in the end, we write because we love to, and the reads doesn’t even matter.


Have you tried entering it into contests?


That’s a good one actually. Funny that you mentioned it, because today I entered it into a contest for the first time. Let’s see how it works out :smiley: Do you have recommendations for me?


Contest wise?


Hey everyone! How’s life? I currently have 203 reads. I hope to get at least 10k. That would make me happy.


Hey there! That’s a great goal! How many chapters do you have so far in your book?


So far, I’ve published 12 chapters. And thank you!


I’m not picky, as long as Draft II reaches Draft 1.


That’s great! As long as you keep updating regularly and keep being active, I’m sure those reads will go up in no time :slight_smile:


Currently, my most read work (out of 2) has 39 reads, while the other has 15.

Honestly, I’d be happy with 100 on each ahah


Yes, sorry. Contest wise.


That’s a very realistic goal that Im sure you can achieve in no time!


The Pen and Ink Awards were some I participated in recently and it was extremely well run and fair. I think they’re starting up again in October? Id definitely check them out.


How do contests normally work, if you don’t mind my asking? I’ve had a look at a couple but am not sure what makes a good one etc. also, there was a lot about tagging people as part of an application and I don’t want to annoy/disturb people with a notification they don’t want…


I usually tag the friends I know who are also participating or friends I have on here. Feel free to tag me if you need someone. Try and find contests with more than 1k reads and that have been updated recently.


That’s really sweet, thanks for the advice! I’ll check it out more tomorrow. :smiley:


Thanks! I hope so! Ahah


Thank you so much! I’ll enter :smiley:


Heyyy so I’m a new starter, posted my first book 2 months ago but things are going pretty slow. Romance always fascinated me and for years I’ve been a silent reader to other people’s beautiful art. Since communicating is not my top quality I just read those amazing love stories blushing furiously behind the screen. My first book, Static Hearts is a mafia love-hate kind of thing where I put all those thoughts buzzing in my head together. Still waiting for others to notice it…