Romance Reads! How many do you want? How many do you have?


They will! Just keep writing your heart out, and readers will follow. After all, you write because you love to and not because you need votes or reads. It will work out, and until then, I’ll be one of the many who will definitely read your story! Keep communicating with fellow writers, try read for reads, etc. You’re doing great. Nice to speak to you again :wink:


God you’re amazing! One of my favorite followers. I love your books


Hahaha, the same! I love your books too. Your support means a lot.


Hello here !

My biggest book has around 550k for 48 parts, I would like to reach the million. It would means a lot to me because I’m writing a MM book and I know that type of stories are usually less popular thant straight romances. Also, I’m writing in French and there’s less French speaker than English’s one, so all is a little bit more difficult and slow. I’m so lucky to have readers !

Good luck to achieve all your goals ! :slight_smile:


So far, I have 1 loyal reader that likes every chapter. Lol. I hope she sticks me out until the end.


Oh my goodness congrats on the reads!! That’s a really impressive accomplishment, and that’s a great goal! And I feel you. I’m learning French too. Ce n’est pas tres difficile. But, good luck with your book!


Ha me too. My friend has an account and she’s voted on all the chapters. She loves it.


Thank you ! I hope I’ll be able to reach my goals in the next years !
PS : I’m not learning French, it’s my native language ! :stuck_out_tongue: If you need help or if you want to speak French with someone, you can ask me !


Oh shoot. Sorry. My bad. Je suis vraiment desolee! I wish I could write in my mother tongue, but I’m not that fluent in it.


Haha ! It’s okay ! :wink:
I’m lucky to live in a place where everybody is speaking French ! And even more lucky because French is maybe the second or the third (I don’t have the numbers, but it’s my impression after about three years on the site) biggest language on Wattpad ! Even though the community is smaller than the English one, there is a lot of people !
It is not weird not to be fluent in your mother tongue, tho ?


No it’s not. I just wish I could speak it better. It’s not even a significant language here on Wattpad.


You are not living somehere where the people are speaking your mother tongue ?


Eh kinda. It’s kinda prominent. But, I don’t have a lot of people to practice on. Plus, I could use a bit of cleaning up.


Ah, ok, I understand ! I’m living somehere where everybody is speaking French, so it’s easier and natural to me to speak my mother tongue !
Well, English is cool too and you can have access to a BIG community of potentials readers ! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not fluent enough to write in English… maybe someday I’ll try !

If you are looking for good French romances, you know where to look now ! Haha ! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha thanks! Your English is actually really good. And that’s true.


Yeah it’s not that bad ! I’m taking classes of English since I started school, that’s why !
Hahaha !
But to write a entire story with verb tenses and all the stuff… well… I’m gonna wait ! xD


Good luck!!


Thank you !


My first book only has 20 reads but I’d like to reach 30 in the week :blush:


That’s great! Good luck! How long has your story been up?