Romance Reads! How many do you want? How many do you have?


Thx! About 1 week-ish


Mine has 293 atm. I’m hoping for it to reach 300 by this week


I’ve 130+ reads on my erotic romance. I really don’t care much for reads. I highly more interested in feedback and critique, if I’m making sense. Having a bunch of readers is great and all. I’m mainly joined this site for feedback and get to others serious about telling stories.


I have 23 reads on my one erotic romance Star Struck and 24 on my contemporary romance Books and Billions, I’d love to see Star Struck hit a million reads, but I know 100k is much more realistic, I’d like to hit it in two years. Though if I’m totally honest I’d be okay with a core readership of like 10 people who like my stuff enough to comment :slight_smile: I’m just having issues getting readers :confused: I don’t have wattpad figured out at all yet lol.


That’s really good for a week!


I totally agree. Mine isn’t even erotic, but I said in my first chapter that I’d love the feedback and comments.


My book Breaking Eden is SOOOOOOOO close to hitting 45K that’s the most any of my books have done. I’m proud to have a story that shows what would really happen in a stalker/kidnaping situation that doesn’t glorifies abuse and features a strong female lead that won’t stop fighting to get out.


Omg congrats on the reads!! I dream to get 45k reads. I only have 373 reads right now. It’s still a lot for me since it’s my first story.


Congrats in advance! :slight_smile:

@SVTSwrites Good luck! :smiley:


Thank you!


My next goal is to reach 100 reads, I’m nearly there.:hugs:


Congratulations!! My goal is 10k reads. I’m at 479 reads right now. Kinda unrealistic


10k isn’t unrealistic! It’s very realistic if you apply yourselves to promoting your work :slight_smile: Tons of people have done it and you can too!


Aww thank you for the encouragement!


My goal for last month was to achieve 500 reads and 100 votes, as I was on maybe 300 reads and 70 votes.
But, fortunately,I have crossed 1k reads and 100 votes. This is not huge as compare to other writers, however this is my first book which I have started hardly three months back so this is a big achievement for me.


Omg, you’re doing great! That’s really impressive :smile:


Thank you…
I am feeling so overwhelmed, I can’t believe that I have reached from zero to 1k.


congrats :confetti_ball:


Thanks :slight_smile:


my first chapter of the book unfortunately has a few readings. I’m so sad. What I’d like to do is to make my work known as much as possible