Romance Reads! How many do you want? How many do you have?


Honestly, I’d like to have more comments than anything. My current book, “The Lies that Bind”, has over 2.3k reads and 81 votes. For a few weeks it was #1 in Retro, which I was happy about. But now it’s down to 5, oh well. LOL. I’m not sure how rankings work anyway. I’d personally like to rank higher in the romance genres.


That’s something to be proud of! I just hit 500 reads and I’m heading to 600


I’m at 4.9k I would be happy with that if I didn’t have 43 chapters. I was hoping to have around 100 reads per chapter, but that only seems to be on my older chapters.


I currently have 102 reads and 60 votes! on my Romance/Metaphysical novel that only has fourteen chapters uploaded at the moment. I still have quite a bit to write as far as the story and am super ecstatic it is doing so well. I don’t know if this will keep up but I guess this is a really good start.

I would like to reach 1k reads in a month or so, maybe even sooner depending on how quickly I can write my chapters and stay conistant.


My book seems to be jumping from different spots too


My book on Wattpad is called Begin Again!
It currently has around 420 reads but I can’t for more people to read it!
I had this story for years inside my head and I finally got the courage to write it and upload it !!


Well my book is called ‘Rumour has it’ and its new so it currently like 49 reads, and I would so appreciate it if you guys read it. and if you have any recommendations, hit me up


Omg my romantic short story collection Nocturnes has 99 reads on it. Somehow got 14 reads overnight. Just one more till I reach my goal!


Hey there! Congrats on your reads! If you could edit your comment so that you’re not asking people to read your book, I would appreciate it. Asking people to read your book is against the guidelines and will get your comment removed by a Mod or if enough people keep doing it, the thread will be shut down.

Thank you!


That’s amazing! Congrats!! :slight_smile:


Thank you! I have reached my goal now! And now I can retire, lol jk


Now to reach your next goal! And the process just continues on and on lol


Indeed haha


Hello Everyone!

My ongoing novel 500 Letters currently has 66 reads, and of course I would like to see it grow in hundreds, thousands and even millions! However, I don’t let the numbers get in my head, at the end of the day I enjoy writing this story. Having all the reads in the world doesn’t supersede my true love or motivation for writing. I love what I do and whatever fame I receive will be wonderful! :smiley:


That’s a grand mindset to have when writing! Especially on this site lol

Best of luck in your writing journey!


I was able to reach my goal of 5k two days ago and couldn’t be happier


Congrats! That’s amazing!


So… I have 36. Not super stoked about it, but it’s better than the last time i tried. I’ve been trying promoting, SYS, other social media, joining book clubs, and I’m attempting to judge and participate in a contest. I hope the BC and contests help me, cuz if not I have no idea what to do lol. I write because, yes, I like to, but I’d also like encouragement or at least a few people who enjoy my work. Feedback or something.
I hope to get some decent size amount of reads. Hopefully in the hundreds of thousands one day. We will see. I’ll just keep chugging along!


I’m not sure as I’m still grappling with whether this is really romance or not.

Anna-Marie is kind of dead, but also not dead at the same time. I don’t mean even undead, so no zombies here either. No brains hanging outside her mouth.

And I just assume a dead love interest (even if brought back later) is kind of a no no.


I keep chugging along as well. I really like writing as a hobby so if people want to read it that’s a bonus. I’m currently at like 1500 reads right now which is great but I don’t really do any promotion which would likely help. I am in a book club which I enjoy. Good luck!!!