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Zombie Apocalypse Romance Novella


Get Lit

“It’s the second of January and students are racing back to campus early to make an appearance at the biggest rave of the year hosted by the one and only DJ Sparks.”

College freshman, Lilly Butler, doesn’t consider herself much of a party girl, but agrees to let loose to appease her best friend. Lilly is unhappy to discover they will be attending the bash with the campus bad boys.

Eli and Nico are considered to be the life of the party. Most students have indulged in Nico’s party favors at one time or another, and many are excited to sample Nico’s brand new shipment called Hype.

The joyful energy of the party goes downhill fast as word spreads about a vicious virus that has taken down New York City. It isn’t until people experience the insane crash from their euphoric state that their zombie-like behavior appears, leaving Lilly to fight for her life alongside the infamous duo, Eli and Nico.

Complete & Working on the Sequel


Blurb:She has too many faces,but I am always going to fall for her,even it means I need to love her again and again.

Layla Mirallcra Carter,the girl who owned EPOCH. Layla,the girl who wear a sparkling silver dress and flirt with boys. Also Layla,the girl with nerdy glasses and stutters when she speak.And once again Layla,the medium who have the ability to fufil the wish of ghost and let them be free again.

Zamber Miller,a florist and a guy that wanting to find the truth of his parents death.

When the girl with thousand faces and personality meet the guy with secret,they are destined to have the most unusual type of love.Maybe a little bit of spooky and dark adventure as well.

Not the usual type of romance,please handle with care! :smiling_imp:


Courtney St. Clair takes time off from her adventurous photography career to care for her dying mother. Returning home wasn’t easy after the loss of her baby and the love of her life. Her new relationship with a handsome Marine becomes serious and she struggles to put her life back in order to move on with Sam.

Same Thorton is a Marine she fell for while in Afganistan for a story. He has no intention on ever falling in love and giving up his playboy ways. That was until the most beautiful creature he has ever seen walked into his life.

Clint Rogers storms back into her life after the death of her mother with every intention of making things right. Will his love be powerful enough to win Courtney back or will it take supernatural forces to put these soulmates back together?

As the town is haunted by a supernatural events, nobody can explain, Courtney struggles within the grasp of love for two men.


Title:Red Ruin
Genre: Romance/ Vampire
Summary: I could feel his breath on my neck, sending shivers down my spine. My body screamed with anticipation. He smirked and let out a sexy chuckle.
His eyes searched my face, landing on my lips. He bit his, and got closer. As he leaned in slowly, I held my breath, waiting. He bent his head and hovered his lips over my neck, I could feel myself needing more.
Right when I thought he was going to grab onto me and kiss me, he whispered “Goodnight” into my ear. Then turned, and left me standing there, confused and frustrated.
After struggling to graduate high school, Riah only meant to spend the summer in France before heading off to college. But after meeting a mysterious group of people in the beautiful city Amiens, everything she thinks she knows is flipped upside down and she finds herself questioning the truth behind her estranged mothers death.

The story about fated lovers maybe common, just like these two Selena Goodwill and Terry Winchester was born on the same day, lived in the same town, moved to the same place, they were childhood friends and went to the same class and same school every year. Even though fated to be they are, one of them doesn’t like the fact they are fated, in fact the two are the complete opposite of each other.
Can these childhood friends even be together when everyone else is trying to pull them apart?

link :

I would appreciate it if anyone could take the time and check out my story. I’m not sure if I should continue it or not, and honestly it has been a story that has been in my mind since childhood. Feedback is truly welcomed.
Victoria is a child who doesn’t know much other than she loves her doll. She named him Xavier, brought him to school for show and tell, and even refuses to put him down when she is sleeping. The doll is very much alive to her, but the more she tries to tell her family about it the more they cast her off as silly and strange. Growing an obvious and maybe unhealthy attachment to it, she is heartbroken when her Father throws him away. Now at seventeen, she is approaching the end of her high school career. Thinking she is putting her past behind her, Victoria is proved wrong when someone from her childhood comes back to see her.

Story link:

Evelynn is an ordinary girl at a bar, drowning her sorrows with few drinks after a horrible day at work, until the Devil himself walks in and turns her life upside down. She thinks she’s in a world of trouble, but memories from her past reveal she’s exactly where she is meant to be. Now if only she can find a way to stay there.

Note: I’ve linked Chapter One, but before this chapter there is an index of terms if you wish to look at it before reading.

Synergy (Mature 18+)

Born in France raised in London, Equinox LeBlanc is one of the most open guys around. He’s proud of being a vampire, he’s proud of being a warlock. He’s open that he has a mischievous dark side, and he has no problem going against all the rules his sophisticated family enjoy laying down. He even finds it amusing.
When people look at Equinox they think he has no secrets. But they’re wrong. He has one secret. One secret he doesn’t even let posses his own mind too long. He’s in love with his best friend Bay McCraw. Bay is Irish, human, and a warlock . . . and Equinox has loved his adorable face since Third Year Magick School.
But Equinox smoothers this longing and affection to a minimal in his brain. He’s afraid Bay may not have the same feeling, and he’d rather have the tawny-haired warlock as only a friend then lose him entirely. But after all these years, Equinox is finding it hard to keep lying to himself about his feelings for Bay.
And he’s afraid he can’t keep them a secret from Bay much longer.


I’m not like wonder woman, supergirl or catwoman. The only similarity we share is that we all have an extraordinary ability and are females. Many people would say having superpowers was a gift from god and the best thing that could ever happen to you. But not for me, being able to freeze time was more of a burden, because I couldn’t control it and it had the worst timing to appear. I also didn’t think about being a superhero and rescuing the world from the bad. The only thing I want is to be left alone and get over with my last year of high school. But of course everything came different and it all started with me attracting accidentally the attention of Reece Matthews.



Creatures of the night exist. Fact.
For humans, vampires and monsters only exist in stories and horror movies, but for Lane Bolevsky - a Tutelar, born with the blood-duty to protect humanity from those that would harm them - they’re the bane of her life. With school exams looming around the corner, all she wants is a calm, normal life like any other eighteen-year-old, as well as some time to hangout with her innocent human boyfriend. But as bodies start piling up, and even vampires become scared, studying is the last thing on her mind. Death is claiming the streets of her city.
One murder at a time.

Title: Out of the Shadows
Author: Bluedaisygirl
Genre: Fantasy, Young/New Adult Fiction, elements of romance, mystery, gore, action and magic =)

If you like a badass heroine, and love the idea of monsters in myth and legend being real, Lane Bolevsky is your woman :stuck_out_tongue:


Princess Sonya Reinove is the Final Child of the Unknown World’s oldest Royal Vampyre bloodline. After the disappearance of her older sister and the murder of her mother, Sonya is taken to Seikrov Nyx Academia to be placed under the protection of the Elders. Instead, the insatiable hunger for revenge pushes her to train at the Academy to become a Protector as well.

Hatred, rage, betrayal, and love fuel Sonya to complete her training and avenge her mother, but soon Protectors and Novices begin to be murdered near and on campus–all Royal supernaturals, and Sonya soon realizes she must question those she have come to trust with her life over the past six years.

If you want the typical vampire/werewolf/mating story, this isn’t the book for you. It has a lot more meat than that.

§ Book One in the Essentia echelon §