Romance tropes/ scenes your tiedddd of

Hi, this is my first time attempting to write a romance/ erotica book and I’d love to here your opinions on tropes you’re tired of seeing or something you want to add

Something I’m tired of: the damsel in distress scenario to kick off the romance.

Something I want to see more of: male characters being more vulnerable or sensitive


actually I’m thinking of doing that but my issue is whenever i try it my characters never seem to clash right or it hard for me to make them no seem like cry babies (sounds weird I hope you get it)

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Stockholm Syndrome…period.
Females and males continuing to forgive their toxic or cheating partners. There has to be some sort of last straw.
I can go on for a bit more but that’s what I can think of right away.

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No don’t worry, I totally understand this! It can be hard getting tough characters in a situation where they may feel vulnerable to naturally flow. It’s all about finding a balance between how you truly feel they would show their sensitivity in relation to how strong they feel about whatever is going on.

Agree! At some point I’d hope MC would stand up for themselves.

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so far what I have here is for what I’m writing is a strong female lead but I also have the issue of making her not seems so bitchy and to strong and her male counter part being to vulnerable and seen as too weak and her as controlling

so about the cheating aspect if it was incorporated correctly how would you manage to get your characters back together in a healthy way that still has a little drama and can keep your readers interested and your character sane and not stupid

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Best way I’ve found to avoid an MC seeming out of pocket is this: give them a solid reason!
If your character is detached from her emotions and blunt to a fault, maybe she had a rough upbringing that didn’t allow her to express those emotions/didn’t have a great outcome when she did express them. If she’s blunt, maybe she had a friend that always lied and it ruined their relationship. These are small examples but, give 'em a reason~

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Exactly, and I’m shocked when they do but then they often go back anyway.

Yes, but I often see instant forgiveness. I just don’t understand it…

this actually helps i mean it already goes with what I have anyway she grew up in South Dakota her father was a drunk her mother works a lot she doesn’t trust to much but she had to grow up early to take care of her sibling and care for her dad and pay the bills - she sacrificed a lot to take care of her family and it’s all she has

where on the other end the male lead had horrible parents and all he wanted was to be his own person but he’s forced to do what his father says and he kinda lives a shitty life he’s always vulnerable and distant

so my issues is finding a way to bring them together while not having two people who have been abused abuse each other

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hopefully that makes sense

what I want to do is make the male lead stronger and her more vulnerable instead of the way it usually is and i don’t wanna have the who; "she fixes/saves the love of her life’ like I want to make is seem as if they don’t completely depend on each other

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Hellyah, fully agree. I’ve been doing this for my latest book and I love the result. It’s a bit different since my male character is essentially playing the role of a big, tough, bad guy (to the readers and his followers) but behind closed doors he’s a guy that made a bunch of bad choices, fell too hard for a girl, is truly a good and sensitive guy but just needs to survive. I think the trick that made this work in my story is that he’s not my main character but my main antagonist/secondary main character lol? I guess? Anyway I support this lol :joy:

Love this! I think a pairing where two people aren’t too co-dependent on one another is a great start. Don’t be discouraged by writer blocks. You’re doing great so far.

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What’s the name of it? It sounds good, I’ll have to add it to my reading list!

ALPHA MALES. PERIOD. That is the trope I am fully done with lol. I don’t hate the idea of a buff guy on the book cover but I hate the attitude that comes with alpha males which is that even in a book with a female lead, about her life the book is alwayyyyys about the guy. Or her problems with the guy. Or about her not knowing if she should go back to the guy.

I also want more tall girls in romance. The asthetic of a tall guy and a short girl is very sweet but it’s been a long while since I’ve read a romance book with a girl that’s at least 5’10 lol. Okay, this may be my own tall person rage speaking but yah.

I’m fully aware of how I’m bringing them together is a total cliche but i totally know it’s my job as a writer to make the cliche un-cliche to make it my own I’m forcing them together by making her poor her brother has gambling debts to pay of the male mc’s father owns the casino he kicks her out because well she’s in a dangerous place she’s determined to make the money back so he offers her a deal marry him and he’ll give her all the money he needs

critiques on how to improve this too?

Aww thanks! It’s called White Rabbit. While it’s more an action, mob, dark Alice in Wonderland retelling and romance isn’t really the main story line it’s def a part of the book as things progress. A slow burn romance near the end and some complicated relationships with other side characters throughout the book. Rewriting it all so only one chapter up right now sadly. I’d love to check out one of your stories too, espeically if there are some sweet and sensitives teddy bears in it <3

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