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Sixteen-year-old Ava is no stranger to heartbreak and pain. Her ex boyfriend cheated on her with her so called ‘best friend’ and the people who she thought cared about her, turned out to toxic and fake. To make things even worse, Ava’s father treated her cruelly and made her believe she was worth nothing.

Ava decides to flee the town she once called home, in search for a fresh start. Upon arriving in St. Ray, Ava vows to leave the past behind, find herself again and maybe even love?

When she starts at a new school, she meets Daniel, a sweet and charming boy whose parents are going through a messy divorce. It doesn’t take her long to realise that he needs a friend just as much as she does. Figuring that there can’t be any harm with hanging out with each other, Ava lets her guard down. They both enjoy talking to each other and spending time together.

Both lost souls, looking for something they didn’t realise they were searching for until they found each other.
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She was cold yet kind, soft yet strong, she was the rightful heir to the throne in the midst of all the chaos. When she believed she was alone, he appeared. Her memories were stirred, and falling in love was something she couldn’t afford, especially if she had to trust the memories that were stolen from her, especially when he was as powerful as she was.
Could he be telling the truth?

Relying on what she knew of their thirst for life’s essence and their ability to kill, was the only thing she could do.

Follow Lirielle in an unforgettable tale of darkness and love, supernatural heritage and suspense. You’ll be caught in the middle of this affair, trying to unravel the truth.

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***Hi guys, this story is actually an edited version of an old story I uploaded on here years ago. I hadn’t been online in so long, I miss wattpad! I want to share with the community again. If you’d like Read for Reads, let me know! I enjoy reading other’s stories and giving feedback. So don’t be shy :slight_smile:



Blurb: Akihiko and Ren are two brothers who never had it easy growing up. Now foster children turned rich boys, both of them are living the life they’ve always dreamed of except things were changing for Akihiko. He loved his elder brother and would never intentionally do anything to hurt him. So why was he imagining himself doing dirty things to his brother’s lover? Why couldn’t he stop thinking about seducing him even though he knew it was wrong? Was it love? Lust? He is determined to figure it out no matter the cost.💔-my-brother's-boyfriend-✔

[ Ongoing with slow updates due to work and my other story, but I try to update it bi-weekly. I’ve not decided how mature this will be. For now it’s probably a good PG-13. It could change as the story progresses. ]


Title: Never been before
Author: @kim4real
Genre: Romance, Young-Adult
Book Cover:

Quick blurb:
“A crush during your school years is a serious one and you end up breaking your heart for that person, drown yourself with tears while listening to sad songs; and still care for them when they constantly hurt you.” ~ Kimberley Anderson

Kimberley Anderson is now a popular and well-known college student. With her fierce personality and popular friend group, no one even thinks to mess with her. What happens when she falls for a soccer guy? Her friends find it amusing and give her a dare. What you think the dare leads to? What would happen when they cross paths? Tag along the story to find out!

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Every August, the world’s elites gather in Malibu to spend their summer vacation there. But for the last three summers, Noah Hayes has not been there.
Amelia Parker anticipates the month of August every year, to see Noah, her first love. But after three years, she almost lost hope.
But then Summer 2010, Noah shows up.
This summer is different. Parties, fights, and a new hot neighbour, this story is about having to choose between moving on to something new or fighting for what you once had. Or maybe both.

Story link:
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Hey everyone!

My new WIP “Eternal Orchids” is kind of a weird story to describe but it’s a dark young adult romance, almost a bit gothic but not horror, with plenty of twists and turns… it’s different to a lot of stuff out there (hopefully!)

I’d love it if you could please have a look and let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

ETERNAL ORCHIDS by Lucille Dixon


The flowers are always in bloom at Edenhall Park…

When a beautiful but mysterious stranger offers nineteen-year-old Evelyn a fresh start, away from the tough life she’s been living on the streets, she jumps at the chance.

However, after arriving at the seemingly-magical Edenhall Park - an ancient, grand house where the young, beautiful and celebrated seem to live wild and free - Evelyn soon begins to realise things are not quite as they seem.

As Evelyn’s heart starts to fill with love and desire, it soon learns to ignore what her head is telling her and simply allow the beauty of Edenhall Park and all those who live there to consume her every fibre.

Can love really allow people to stay young and beautiful forever? Within the walls of Edenhall Park, it would appear so…


Olivia is 17 years old, and just moved to a new town. Olivia is hired to be a maid in the mansion of the Millers.
The miller’s got a son, called Thomas. Thomas is a school football player. He loves his family and enjoys spending time with them. He is the popular guy at his school, and all the girls are swooning over him. But Thomas isn’t interested in any of them.

Why did Olivia move? And why doesn’t Thomas date?
read to find out!


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Title: Heart to Hart
Author: @loiseaublanc
Genre: Romance, Young-Adult

Heart to Hart

At eighteen years old, mistakes are bound to be made and Natasha can’t seem to stop making them.

First she leaves her friends and home behind all because she couldn’t face her ex with her new replacement. She is convinced the change of scenery will magically transform her.

When she realises she was wrong, she returns only to find that cracks are starting to show in the perfect family her mother tries to portray them all as.

Max, her ex-boyfriend, is suddenly single. Will she be quick to forgive and let him use her all over again?

Then there is Alec, her childhood best friend. Sian has warned her not to cross any lines in their relationship but what harm is a little kiss among friends?

Natasha is about to find out, the hard way, that every action has a consequence.





31 Days

It’s been one month since Kalter Varela woke up from a night of blackout drinking to find herself framed for arson. She’s not in a holding cell; she’s locked in a college basement. An amateur forensic psychologist named Fidel Carnevale has kidnapped her, wanting two things: a confession, and her heart. Unluckily for him, Kalter is a survivor, and it’s going to take a lot more than a month of imprisonment to break her.

Artemio Molina, Kalter’s best friend, is desperate to find her. He may be a strung-out college student, but he always finds a solution to a problem… even if it’s not very good. With a hoard of illegal money and too little sleep, he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to get Kalter back.

With limited time, opponents from all sides, and the looming threat of the law, can Artemio find Kalter? And can Kalter escape Fidel’s clutches before it’s too late?

COMPLETE! Read here!


Liliana feels that she is unlucky with love because she has not been able to find herself a proper boyfriend. Finding a job in the city and losing it she finds herself working for a hot guy who wants to keep her close.

Status: ongoing



Title: When Lust and Envy Meet

Isaac Harley is Eton’s devilish delinquent and Josiah Beckett the pretentious prefect–at least, that’s what the two have always presumed of each other based on facades alone. What would happen if they were to unintentionally discover each other’s true selves, and are both proven terribly wrong? The result is unfathomable.

This story is set in the 1970s, and I want to touch upon heavier themes like the youth culture and sexuality at the time. I hope to accomplish a story that’s not solely based on a relationship. I want each character to grow as they face the oppressive society of the time and hopefully it’s both heart wrenching and heart warming :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




this crappy life

”If you would’ve told me the last day of our peaceful existence would be a boring Tuesday in November, I would’ve called you an idiot.”

High school senior, Casey Whitmore, is about to discover her life isn’t all about graduating with honors, taking her team to the championship, or even being the perfect daughter. When Casey’s mother comes down with the scariest illness imaginable, Casey is forced to take action, but no matter which way she turns the normal solutions are unavailable.

As she searches for medical treatment, Casey crosses paths with two friends who agree to help. Derek is the broody, mysterious type while Thomas is the smooth wild card. The guys couldn’t be more different, but both are attractive and seductive in their own way.

It’s not until all communication is cut off that they realize the spreading illness is no accident. Their world becomes lost in a horrific whirlwind of fear when the dead start attacking the living. Life must go on, but with no survival skills, Casey has a lot to learn. Even though Thomas and Derek prove to be invaluable during the fallout, love is still very much alive, and emotions run wild even in the zombie apocalypse.

Teen Fiction | Zombie Apocalypse Romance | Science Fiction Fantasy

Ongoing: 55 Episodes so far

Consistent Weekly Updates

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"‘I’m a lesbian,’ I admit. Once it’s out in the air sitting between us all I somehow feel both more relieved and more anxious than before. Ari stops crunching on her taco. Brent stops unwrapping his taco. Even Leah’s smile fades. ‘Um, Ash, I don’t think you are,’ Ari says.’"

When Ash comes out as a lesbian to her friends, they tell her they don’t think her one G-rated high school relationship is enough to represent all of boy-kind. They suggest that before she comes out to her very religious parents that she makes sure she is completely certain she actually IS a lesbian.

They make a pact - If Ash tries going out with seven different guys and decides she’s still a lesbian, her friends will help her when she comes out to her parents.

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When Milana-Macayle’s world turns upside down, Carney is there to pick up the pieces. Despite being good friends, she can barely give him the time of day.


Book Cover: IMG_20190104_065248

Author: HurricaneTempest

Book Title: A Perennial Hollowness and the ODD times that it was not [BoyxBoy]

Story Description: And in the short span of time to which I have known him, he has single handedly managed to turn what I had already known to be my own perennial hollowness, into the odd times to which suddenly enough it just,

was not.

Link to Novel :






A new story posted on June 9, 2019

Octavia was one of the school’s popular girls. Everything changes when she slaps her ex-best friend and her boyfriend break up with her. What happens when she meets Jasper, the school’s misfit. Are they meant to be or just another stupid mistake?


My story: To Protect dragons is a fantasy Romance Novel.
I post very frequently as well!
Description: Over 400 years of peace reigned between the Kingdoms of the North and South. The South’s abrupt, vicious slaughtering of the dragons could launch both nations into another bloody war. Northern Princess Kana must stop the killing of the dragons and protect her people.