Romance - Young Adult

Name: A Tale Called Life

Genre: General Fiction, Romance, Young Adult, Drama, Coming of Age

Status: Ongoing

Summary: Meet Twenty two year old Ezekiel “Zeke” Mackenzie who leads a depressing, gloomy, toxic life. Until he meets Alyssa “Aly” Westford, a twenty year old cheerful, free spirited girl. His Life starts changing slowly little by little for good. Together they unravel the mysteries of life.

Story told from Zeke’s Point of View and on how he sees life and love.


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Follow the slow-burning romances between Rainey and her devilishly handsome boss, Felix.For a year and a half, Rainey has been devoted to her job until his boss gives her a task to fly right away to Paris and meet his family.If you love an office romance, surely you don’t wanna miss this one :wink:
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Title: The Path to Us

Love has the power to bind us together
It also has the power to tear us apart.

Amber Blake hates Carter Hayes. She has since the day he walked out of her life after a childhood fight between him and her best friend, Mark. She never found out what drove them apart, or why she was caught in the crossfires, and after years of petty jabs between her and Carter, she’s given up trying to figure it out.

But when a heated moment between Amber and Carter morphs into something more, she’s thrown for a loop. Mark shows up and makes things worse, and suddenly all Amber wants is to forget. Forget Carter. Forget Mark. Forget everything.

Careful what you wish for…

When she wakes up the next day, she isn’t in her bed, she isn’t in her hometown, and she isn’t eighteen years old. In fact, she’s married…to Carter Hayes. Just like that, ten years of her life vanish.

As she tries to piece together her lost memories, Amber begins to uncover truths from the past. Mark is nowhere to be found, and dark secrets surrounding his absence make her question if she ever knew him at all. With Carter as her only key to unlocking what happened, she struggles to reconcile the boy she knew with the man standing by her now.

And when her dreams suggest a way to change history, things get a lot more complicated.

Witty, heartfelt, and emotionally-wrenching, this is The Path to Us

Lizzy & Darcy | Ongoing

When Lizzy Bennet left New York and moved to Hertford, a small town in Washington, she knew that everything was going to be different. What she didn’t know was that she would meet someone who would change her life forever.
Darcy Williams is the reigning queen of Hertford Academy, and when Lizzy and Darcy clash, sparks of fury, and something more, fly. It confuses them both and Lizzy starts to discover her true self.

Lizzy must navigate through new emotions, friendships and hardships, all while dealing with her four sisters, an eccentric father, and a mother who, despite being in the West for years, is still trying to find a balance between her Indian heritage and her mixed family.

Junior year for Lizzy Bennet is going to be quite eventful.

Inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

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Music-loving, sweatshirt-rocking Joy is heading into her final summer of freedom, but there’s one catch: pretend to date Cale, her high-energy duet partner, so he can cozy up with her BFF Lena.

Joy’s certain Cale’s chances with supermodel-gorgeous and uber-rich Lena are pretty slim, especially when Lena’s childhood friend, Jin Park, returns home from university for summer. Not only is Jin’s hotness akin to a K-Pop Idol, but Lena’s been crushing on him forever.

As Joy tries to help Cale’s chances, she winds up alone with Jin time and time again. But she’s also started to wonder what a real relationship with Cale might look like. Torn in different directions, there’s another wildcard that complicates everything: Joy’s controlling brother, Carson, and the dark past that threatens Joy’s friendships… and chances at romance.

Each chapter title is a song that ends up in Joy’s heavy rotation. Sometimes songs tell you more about what’s on your heart than you realize.

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“My name is Kang Ae-Ri. And I am a real angel.”

Kang Ae-Ri is perfect in every way. Men fall at her feet, she can manipulate teachers, and she is unnaturally (or supernaturally) lucky. Now, with fantastic grades and entrance to a good school in Busan, nothing can stop her!

Except maybe one boy…Park Jiwoo.

How is this nerdy boy immune to her charms? What is so special about him? For Kang Ae-Ri, this simply won’t do.

“I’m not scared of you.”
I relaxed my fearful face and looked at him sternly. I felt his warm breath against my ear.
“You should be.”

When Bethan Jones and her family suddenly uproot and move out of their beloved New York to a tiny, remote town called Leiper Falls, Bethan feels like her life is over. She vows to get through her senior year in this shady little town and take herself straight back to New York once she graduates.

Just as Bethan starts to lose all hope she acquires a new group of really great friends and finds herself dating the most popular senior boy Archie Lane.

Her new life seems so perfect yet she can’t help but acknowledge her curiosity for the town misfit, Cal, a strange and curious character, who comes from a family that is isolated and cast out from the rest of the town. He is the man who sparks fear into the residents of Leiper Falls with rumours and stories of his past. As her life slowly starts to take an unexpected dark turn, she finds herself running in the direction of everything she thought she feared that changes her life dramatically…


Before Isabella Scott was the world-famous actress she is today, she was just Salem Evans from the small town of Matlin Falls, Illinois. A quiet nobody who just happened to be dating her best friend and school’s football star, Finn Mulholland until he cheated on her with her best friend.

That night she left for good - after the years of covert torture from the cheerleaders, neglect from her absent parents, she saw no future for herself - and ran to Los Angeles, California; the City of Angels and became Isabella Scott thanks to a chance meeting with Hollywood Hotshot, Anders Stone.

Fast forward five years and Salem is happier than ever living her lifelong dream of acting with her entourage of best friends. But halfway through filming yet another movie the peace is disturbed when it is announced that the next three months of filming are to take place in a place that she has avoided like the plague for five years. Matlin Falls.

Old and new relationships will be tested while dealing with spying paparazzi and revenge-driven characters all while she tries to hide her double life and feelings.

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Prince Boarding School school is filled with sexists jerks. Dame Academy is the home to hard-working, sassy girls who rose from the bottom to come to the top- the majority of them from the entertainment industry. What happens when these two schools combine? Here’s a hint: all hell breaks loose. America’s princes think their new, female schoolmates should kiss the ground they walk on. Too bad they’re dealing with queens…

Oh, and there there is the fact that the head boy might be part of the Italian Mafia. At least he has Dame Academy’s head girl to keep him on his toes.👑when-queens-rule👑



After her romance from 3 years ago ending in complete tragedy, 21 year old Hailey has never been an expert at moving on - or love for that matter. So when she’s given an ultimatum from a gorgeous, witty green eyed blast from her past, Hailey can’t seem to resist. What’s the problem in having a little fun?

Hailey: “A broken heart is the worst type of pain anybody can suffer from.”


“I don’t want you choosing him,” he says with a low rasp, blue eyes becoming icier with angst and need . “I want you to choose me.”

After getting accepted into one of the most prestigious universities, Ivy Torres is more than just determined to build up a separate identity of her own. Whether if it’s rumors or gossip, she’s through .

But when the sinfully dangerous, Chace Lambert enters the picture, he isn’t going to let Ivy get away so easily once he lays his eyes on the gorgeous bombshell , who happens to have secrets that Chace will unravel, no matter what.

Name: O Retorno do Deus da Espada;

Summary :Tradução da Novel Chinesa 剑神归来.
Autor: 龙猫跳.
Descrição: Nas florestas selvagens das montanhas, o jovem de cabelos longos em trajes antigos caiu do céu e fez um grande buraco do chão. “Terra, estou de volta!”

Esta novel está sendo traduzida por mim, se algum de vocês souberem que estão plagiando pfvr denuciem. Esta é minha primeira tradução, entao pfvr podem comentar e me dar dicas, Bjss.

Status: : Ongoing;

** Genre** : Romance, Young Adult, Fantasy, China, Novel, Action, Drama, Adventure…

MY USER NAME IS: @fujoshi_dahora

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My New Story, “Let it Find You.”

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Summary: Jessica Andrews, a well-known Charlotte model, vanished from her life leaving little to no clues of her disappearance. All it took was one night. One night for Jessica to leave it all behind; her fiancé, her job, her family and friends. Jessica hit the road with no destination in mind and nothing in her pockets except the last five hundred dollars her now ex- fiance left her with.

Jessica is not only struggling to find a way to make ends meet but struggling to find herself.
What was supposed to be a one-night stay in a small city, turns into multiple when she meets Jace on the side of the road after her car breaks down.

Jace Sullivan is the city’s mechanic but also has a passion for photography. In the name of trying to focus on his dream, he swore himself to stay away from women - which may be harder than he thought.

What happens when the city’s biggest player crosses path with Jessica on the side of the road? Will he live by staying away from women or fall for the woman that lies her way into his heart?

Genre: Romance

Reforget (Sehun // V)

“…she’s not coming back, mother. Thanks to my amour propre, as you love to emphasize.” leaning his head back against the bed frame, Liam spoke while sitting with one leg spread long and the other crossing beneath it. “Are you arguing with your mother for a girl?” she inquired, throwing the mother-card finally. “For my wife.” He corrected his gold-plated mother as she played with her chopard blue diamond ring, playing it cool but really just lacking confidence to look at him. “I’m speaking for my wife.” “It’s a little too late for that, son.” “I don’t care, mother. Late or not, she’s still my wife.” To this, his mother let out a loud laugh which shook the ground for him. He did not like this sudden confidence. “Oh, my credulous, naive child. She sent the divorce papers three days ago.” she hooted, “So when you’re out of this little world of denial of yours, do sign those so we can get this over with.” - Liam Rodriguez has it all… a little too much. As if it isn’t enough, he even has a mother who would rather boast about all that he has, complementary of his looks. Getting married to such a man is not even close to what Gabriella, a strong, focused woman wished for. Always allowing nothing to stop her from achieving her goals, suddenly she has to make sacrifices alongside dealing with a cunning mother-in-law. How long will Gabriella’s strong facade last?

the sky is all i have.
just a girl with a unique and pretty name going through a massive existential crisis. until she meets a boy, that evokes emotions in her that she was so desperately searching for. will she regret ever getting so close to something so beautiful?
how could he let her get so close when he knew all along?
will she regret all?
or will the night make up for the desolation?


Her name is Melissa Montenegro, 16 years old, she likes too read novels and study, she is shy, kind, very smart and she likes to be on her own. She is not the usual silent loner. She is outspoken, brave with a whole ton of ego. If you lack brains, she won’t look at you.

Unfortunately, she bumped into the most popular, arrogant, and handsome Jeremy Black, he has 18 years old and he calls her nerd because she likes to read novels and study.
What will happen between the unpopular nerd Melissa and popular jerk Jeremy?
They will get along or ignore each other …

Sorry for the grammar errors, English is my second language.

P.S this is my very first book I hope you like it.

Life and Love by undefined


Summary:Every girl has that one person she regrets losing. Whether it is just a friend or boyfriend, we all have them. For Haven Clark that guy is Nik, who she hasn’t seen in five years since he was being put into the back of a police car.

When Haven takes a summer long trip to Vancouver to gain some insight on her life she runs into the one and only Nik. Struggling with a range of emotions, Haven tries to fight the urge to reconnect with Nik but the shot at a second chance is just too tempting. With their tumultuous past as a constant reminder, Haven needs to decide if this second chance is worth the risk of allowing the past to repeat itself.

A Dangerous Desire

Aiesha Campbell: 19 year old and a junior in University. With just one more semester before it’s all over and done with for the time being. Despite her usual personality, she’s hidden much more of her past than what she leads on.

Kane Adams: 24 year old, CEO- Billionaire extraordinaire and reclusive business man. Closed off and cold to many. Never having a proper relationship and as of recent, doesn’t want to be in one.

After a much unexpected meet-and-greet, they both would not want to have anything to do with each other

Until they finally admit to their curiosity for the other

Will there ever be a chance of her happiness? His closure?

Kane couldn’t stay away, no matter how many times he convinced himself.

It was just one moment when something clicked between the two that would ultimately change their lives forever…

It was dangerous to open up their hearts again, but maybe that was what they craved.

Para uma Del Rose, o poder não se localiza em seu sangue e o legado que ele te traz, mas sim, no seu interior mais profundo. Após o assassinato de seu irmão Benjamin, ela se encontra encurralada em uma vida que sempre negou carregar o fardo, e agora, está sob uma pressão de fazer parte de algo que mais temia, essa palavra tem nome, e claro, endereço: A sociedade. Como o nomeiam, o IMAM (Instituto Mundial de Aprendizes) é responsável pela integração de diferentes tipos de famílias e níveis dentro do sistema da máfia, com variados propósitos. Dentro deste lugar, os mistérios de metade de uma vida apagada surgem à tona, não apenas os mistérios, mas sim também coisas que ela busca encontrar, como por exemplo, respostas para a morte de seu irmão. Além de que, fogo e amor se entrelaçam. Lembre-se disso.
( For a Del Rose, power lies not in its blood and the legacy it brings you, but in its deepest insides. After the murder of her brother Benjamin, she finds herself trapped in a life that has always denied carrying the burden, and now is under pressure to be part of something she feared most, that word has name, and of course, address: Society . As they name it, IMAM (World Institute of Apprenticeships) is responsible for the integration of different types of families and innovators within the mafia system, with various specifics. Inside, the mysteries of half an erased life come to light, not the mysteries, but also things she seeks to find, for example, answers to her brother’s death. In addition, fire and love intertwine. Remember this.).

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“For the wages of sin is death…”
-Romans 6:23

I was sixteen years old when it happened. I was sixteen when I lost my family, my kingdom and the other half of my soul-my wolf- to the bloodthirsty immortal savagely controlled by the beast in him.

Six years I have lived below his dungeons: starved, tortured and alone. Six years I have died in my dreams, only to come back to the abyss of the real world. Six years, and I'm told the same man is my mate.

Now he has agony in his gaze. His lips plead for my love. How can this be after he has ruined me? How can I give him myself when everytime I look into his eyes, I hear the screams and anguish of my people? They cry out for revenge. One head for thousands. 

And I will do it. I will kill my mate.

 I am Nilla Alba, Flower of the Zhode, and this is my duty, my life. My story.


Thank you.