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**Do you like a little romance in a mystery?
If so, this might be the story for you.


For eighteen-year-old Emily Barnes, feeling as if she did not belong was something she had grown accustomed to. That’s why it was easy for her to make the decision to go to Hocking Hills with barely enough money in her pocket after receiving the original copy of her birth certificate.

While on her quest to find answers, she meets deputy Dylan McKenna whose gorgeous—but watchful—dark blue eyes makes her regret an act of theft she foolishly commits. Emily can’t seem to fight the attraction even though he is completely wrong for her…or rather, she is completely wrong for him.

But when Emily soon discovers that she has inherited an unusual ability, her search for answers becomes abundantly clear. There is someone in Hocking County who wants something Emily has. Something so rare they’re willing to kill for it….

Link to story here:


What could be worse than an all-boys high school? An all-boys boarding school.

Lukas Mai is an average teenage boy who has above average looks and athletic abilities. But his grades are crap and so is his attitude towards other people, and to top it all off he’s an outsider, considering his foreign roots. To hide the fact that he’s not American he keeps to himself, opening his mouth rarely and so making zero friends.

When Lukas gets into yet another fight at his old high school, his parents decide to send him off to an all-boys boarding school for delinquents who can’t keep their attitudes in check. Hoping to stay away from trouble to get out of there fast, he tries to keep a low profile.

But that doesn’t turn out so great when his new roommate is the most feared person in a 100-mile radius.

Read Foreigner Here!

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When Kit’s mother clears out her daughter’s room she finds an old diary.

Kit has plans to spend the summer with her two best friends and resents new guy, Tully, joining in. But then she discovers they have something in common, an obsession with grunge music and bad boy singer, Mac Whitehead.

Tully is smitten with Kit, but Kit has eyes only for Mac, whereas Mac craves fame. Each harbours a burning desire and, according to local legend, if they can wake an ancient Celtic god of music and love, he might just grant them their dearest wish.

None of them truly believe that one night under the full moon will change their destiny forever.

Set in Ireland in the nineties, this Young Adult love story has a Tumblr vibe.


Teenaged aspiring writer Jake is becoming more and more isolated as he surrenders to the fantasy worlds and fiction that he spews in his quest to become a great writer. But one night, Jake overdoses by accident on sleeping medication, driving his parents and all authority around him to put him somewhere where he can’t “harm himself”.

Jake ends up at an institution for young people with mental health issues. Jake knows his doesn’t belong, and sees it as the beginning of the end of his life…

Until very suddenly, a girl enters his life. She’s Sophie, quiet and shy, but brilliantly creative in ways Jake didn’t think people around him could be…

Sophie/Sabrina is a story for those who feel they don’t belong in this crazy world, for those who never want to let their creative fires die and for any fans of shameless young romantic love!


Tiltle: Her Poison

“It seems to me, that love could be labeled poison and we’d drink it anyways.”- Atticus


“Stop looking at me with those eyes, Athena, they’re begging me to fuck you.” he said in a sultry voice,

“Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?” I scoffed but the bottom of my stomach clenched and I stole a side glance at him,

He caught me and blessed me with one of these smiles that I knew none of their fans had ever seen, and I understood why. It was diabolical, entrancing, made to send men and women to hell.

“Am I lying?” his eyes pierced into mine and my breath caught in my throat.

Of course he wasn’t.


This wasn’t supposed to happen. He was everything I hated in a man but he was everything I longed for. Sometimes I wondered if I wasn’t paying for my sins. He was irresistible, so full of passion and mystery. I was unreliable, selfish. I swore to myself I couldn’t do this to my favorite band. The Poison had been my salvation, I couldn’t be a freaking Yoko, for God’s sake. But what could I do? He was my Poison, and I doubted there was a cure for such an affliction.

Link again:


*warning! Mild mature scenes ahead but I’ll warn you guys :slight_smile:

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What’s Your Deal?



Description: Being the son of a dirty cop isn’t easy. Jeff has been bullied since middle school when the first accusation was slung about his father on the day of his mother’s passing. Learning from his father that putting on a tough act is the only way through, Jeff pushes away everybody who has ever tried to get close to him.

One such person is Brant. The local gay, and social outcast. Brant has been putting up with the worst that humanity has had to offer since the day he was born. Admiring Jeff from afar has only amplified his desires to claim him, but every attempt at friendship has been met with repressed anger, and rejection. Can Brant break through Jeff’s calloused personality and show him there’s more to life than being a social scandal? Or will Brant be just another mask for Jeff to push away while trying to make it through high school?

A Walk in the Countryside


In this story we find Leona, a 1st year college student in the little town of Colton, out for a walk with Jason. Though she only met him the previous week, she has had many intense fantasies about him. Now on their first date—a walk into the countryside–her passion hangs on that imminent first kiss . . .and what might follow.

Should she allow him to continue . . . just because it is all too good? Or save something for later? Back in her dorm room Leona learns that sometimes the greatest moments of pleasure happen when you are alone.

[Warning: Implied sexual content in part 4]

Read this story here:

Hey tout le monde, je suis une jeune écrivaine de 16 ans qui débute. J’ose enfin poster ma première histoire, voici le résumé :

"Vous devez sûrement penser : encore l’une de ces histoires d’amour clichées et ennuyantes. Vous n’avez pas tort, je ne suis qu’une fille quelconque menant une vie on ne peut plus normale. J’ai des amis, je vais au lycée, je fais du sport, je sors de temps à autre… tout ce qu’il y a de plus commun pour une fille de 17 ans. Dites-vous que cette histoire aurait très bien pu être la vôtre, à un détail près : je m’appelle Yvi Rotcherman et je suis amnésique.

Je me suis réveillée dans un lit d’hôpital il y a deux semaines en ayant pour seul souvenir mon nom et en étant incapable d’éprouver le moindre sentiment… du moins c’était avant qu’IL n’apparaisse.

On dit que l’amour peut guérir n’importe quelles blessures, et si on vous avait menti ?"

Voilà, si vous voulez me soutenir, l’histoire s’appelle “Screen Memory” , vous pouvez allez la voir quand vous voulez !

"Vous devez sûrement penser : encore l’une de ces histoires d’amour clichées et ennuyantes. Vous n’avez pas tort, je ne suis qu’une fille quelconque menant une vie on ne peut plus normale. J’ai des amis, je vais au lycée, je fais du sport, je sors de temps à autre… tout ce qu’il y a de plus commun pour une fille de 17 ans. Dites-vous que cette histoire aurait très bien pu être la vôtre, à un détail près : je m’appelle Yvi Rotcherman et je suis amnésique.

Je me suis réveillée dans un lit d’hôpital il y a deux semaines en ayant pour seul souvenir mon nom et en étant incapable d’éprouver le moindre sentiment… du moins c’était avant qu’IL n’apparaisse.

On dit que l’amour peut guérir n’importe quelles blessures, et si on vous avait menti ?"

Si le résumé vous tente l’histoire s’appelle “Sreen memory” !


Book: Nobody Like Kate

When people see her walk by they know she’s crazy, but to the people that know her she’s one of a kind. When she smiles at you it’s fake but when she laughs it’s genuine. When she’s around she’s bad… And when she’s bad

Nobody’s Like Her.

Noah Mendez, doesn’t care when Kate Morris sets her sights on him, making him
her new target for her game of seduction. However, being drawn in by the alluring, tempting Kate is not what he expected or even as fast as he thought it would be - and now he’s hopelessly lost in the incomprehensible Kate Morris, with no way out…


When Ash comes out to her friends about being a lesbian, they suggest a plan to confirm her lesbianism before she comes out to her religious parents.

Ash is a fairly average teenage girl. She has a weakness for Asian food, good music, Japanese culture, art history, and…girls. She just hasn’t told her friends about the last weakness yet.

When she does come out to her friends as a lesbian, their response is a bit different than she expects. They tell her they don’t know if her one G-rated high school boyfriend is enough to judge all of boykind from. They know Ash’s parents are very religious and want Ash to be absolutely certain she’s a lesbian before she comes out to them.

Ash and her friends make a deal. If Ash tries going out with seven different guys and decides she is definitely a lesbian, her friends will help her come out to her parents.

Read Here:


My Wattpad Profile:



Olivia moves across the country to attend college far away from a past that she refuses to think about. Even though she’s a bit shy, she quickly becomes a part of a popular group, hanging out with hockey players, footballers, and party girls. The mysterious hockey player slash playboy, Sebastian acts hot and cold towards her and behaves like she’s his even though he hooks up with one of her best friends. But Olivia ignores him and finds herself falling for another guy, but will Sebastian stand in her way? What does he feel? And does she hate him as much as she thinks?

I would love to hear what you think, I have worked on the concept of this story for at long time. So please tell me what you like and dislike :smiley:

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Ordinary girl Meets Extraordinary Boy

“You going to tell me now what else happened that night?” he asked playfully, his fingers wiggling in my grip as a subtle threat.

“It’s embarrassing to say out loud.”

His face softened into a serious curiosity.

“Then show me.”

I met his gaze, almost flinching at the intensity of his stare. My heart thudded against my chest.

Before I even realised what I was doing, my finger came up to his Adams apple. My touch was light but I could feel the sharp intake of breath, felt the dip as he swallowed.

When my finger brushed his lower lip, I realised that I had been leaning closer and closer to his face and I nearly jumped when his tongue came out to lick the tip of my thumb whilst his stare remained on mine.

The alarm bells were ringing in my head as I came to terms with what I was doing, and I straightened back up.

“That’s what you did,” I exhaled a shaky breath and shrugged, hoping to shake off the thick tension that had built up in the room. I didn’t dare look into his eyes as I made a move to get up but Logan’s hands were suddenly at my waist. He smoothly flipped us so that I was on my back and he was on top.

His eyes were dark with lust and he looked starved of something. I swallowed hard and his eyes immediately honed in on the movement.

“W-what are you doing, Logan?”

“It’s my turn now,” he said huskily.

Audrey Webb’s life could be summed up in one word; ordinary. Logan Field on the other hand? The word would be extraordinary.

As Audrey’s life mainly consists of focusing on her café, she doesn’t have a huge social life nor does she want to. She likes it this way; safe and sound from any surprises, so the chance of meeting charming Logan Fields, who is not only the lead singer of a famous boyband but a charming actor as well, is well…highly unlikely.

But it happens nonetheless when Audrey’s best friend makes her tag along to one of his concerts. That’s when their ordinary and extraordinary lives collide and get turned upside down.

Last updated: 7th October 2019

Ordinary Girl Meet Extraordinary Boy <- Link to story


April knows exactly what she wants from herself. She is considered one of the smart girls of the school, she is studying in a biology class and is about to study medicine at the university.
It seems that all her future is already known, that nothing can surprise her anymore, but maybe things are not as they seem and maybe she is not as perfect as people think?

Dylan Matthews.
One of the most successful singers in the world. He decides to take a break and finish high school. He didn’t think it would be simple, but he didn’t think it would be so complicated.

Written by Maeve Fillips @maevefillips

Growing up in England Arwen was happy, content. Until her whole life burned in front of her, literally.

Despite hundreds of police reports, detectives and case studies later, nothing was uncovered over the mysterious deaths of the Carter family. Their deaths were so unexpected, so raw that everybody had completely neglected the fact that the Carter’s offspring was orphaned let alone alive.

16 years later…

Arwen finds herself in the small town of Brook Park with a drug lord for a husband, everybody knows his name but never put a face to the name. Starting at the college known as ‘The Brooks’ Arwen is extremely careful to not to converse with anyone, however, that may be difficult when you have caught the eye of the infamous Wesley Chambers.


I hope you all decide to read my book! It would mean so much to me.

Bathe in Color (boyxboy) by Eli Cartwright (Completed)


Paris Wills is a dreamer. His Father always says he got it from his Mom, an artist who was like no other. Her virtue was painting, and Paris’ is poetry. No matter where he is, Paris finds inspiration for his poems.

In the summer after his sophomore year of high school, Paris finds his largest inspiration yet, one even larger than his Mom’s untimely death. Paris has met Grayson Pierce, the new boy next door, who is not only friendly but incredibly cute. With his blond waves and charismatic smile, Grayson has found a new place in Paris’ heart.

Still, Paris can’t help but wonder if his budding love for Grayson is merely one-sided. For now, Grayson’s only friend is Paris. Yet, when school starts back up after the summer, will he stick around? In order to ensure that Grayson stays, Paris must make one of the most difficult choices of his life. Should he play it safe and ignore his romantic feelings or take a chance and let himself take risks and bathe in color?


Heart to Hart

At eighteen years old, mistakes are bound to be made and Natasha can’t seem to stop making them.

First, she leaves her friends and home behind all because she couldn’t face her ex with her new replacement. She is convinced the change of scenery will magically transform her.

When she realises she was wrong, she returns only to find that cracks are starting to show in the perfect family her mother tries to portray them all as.

Max, her ex-boyfriend, is suddenly single. Will she be quick to forgive and let him use her all over again?

Then there is Alec, her childhood best friend. Sian has warned her not to cross any lines in their relationship but what harm is a little kiss among friends?

Natasha is about to find out, the hard way, that every action has a consequence.


ongoing story