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Please check out my brand new Niall Horan fanfiction. It is up to date with his current life (not previous one direction plots). The other one direction boys will occur throughout the book and although he is famous, it is as realistic as possible and more of a romance than fanfiction.

18 year old, Adrianna Tassey is accepted to her dream pre-college summer program, in the heart of Westminister, London. After running into her childhood idol, her life would change forever.


it takes a lot of time and energy to live inside yourself.

pilar, a shut-in running on fourteen hours of sleep, is late to psych class & takes her usual seat in the back. but after a quick bathroom break, she finds her spot stolen by an irritating tool who will NOT be named.

childhood friends turned reluctant classmates, their semester together will be spent testing each others boundaries as their curious peers eavesdrop from the sidelines.

genres : humor, romance, young/new adult, general fiction
warning : strong language, suggestive themes & an overwhelming lack of purpose in life

enjoy astrology, depression memes, and zero capitalization??? i gotchu

chapter two out now! :・゚✧*:・゚✧



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TWENTY-YEAR-OLD WINNIE BECKET just wants to get through her final year of college - and then she meets Stacy. The younger, vibrant girl and her older, just as sunny brother blaze through Winnie’s walls with nothing more than a bright smile.

However, when Winnie begins to realize there is more to Stacy’s lively grins than just a bright personality, she’s determined to help her new friend. As Winnie struggles to understand Stacy, and her equally charming brother, she begins to learn if you wish to keep someone from drowning, you must first learn to keep yourself afloat.

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~The Bucket List~
Here is the link to my book, I only have a few chapters so far but I am trying to update at least once a week, please check it out and let me know what you think, I hope you enjoy!!

Life is an unexpected journey of ups and downs that could end at any moment so live every second like it’s your last…

Maddison has always had a great life, she had three best friends who she adored, loving parents and an impeccable social life what more could she want? Oh that’s right, she wants Gavin Ross and finally after five years he is available but does she have enough time with him? After learning she has a terminal illness every single moment is precious to her and she decides to spend it doing everything she has always wanted to do: get a tattoo, ride an elephant, skydive, have sex… She does not know how to say goodbye to all the people she loves so she doesn’t, she keeps her illness a secret and everyone is confused by her sudden change in behavior but she is determined to experience as much as she can before her time is up.




31 Days

It’s been one month since Kalter Varela woke up from a night of blackout drinking to find herself framed for arson. She’s not in a holding cell; she’s locked in a college basement. An amateur forensic psychologist named Fidel Carnevale has kidnapped her, wanting two things: a confession, and her heart. Unluckily for him, Kalter is a survivor, and it’s going to take a lot more than a month of imprisonment to break her.

Artemio Molina, Kalter’s best friend, is desperate to find her. He may be a strung-out college student, but he always finds a solution to a problem… even if it’s not very good. With a hoard of illegal money and too little sleep, he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to get Kalter back.

With limited time, opponents from all sides, and the looming threat of the law, can Artemio find Kalter? And can Kalter escape Fidel’s clutches before it’s too late?


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It IS a secret. Caoilainn’s been holding back. A lot.

She knows EVERYTHING and what Tadhg doesn’t is going to devastate him.

After finding happiness in each other’s arms, disaster strikes and their world topples over. Caoilainn fights to save Tadhg, and their relationship, but theirs’ isn’t the only one hiding secrets.

Falling apart has never been so easy.

As the walls of deceit come down, their small community will have to confront their fears head-on if they’re ever going to make it through this mess called life.

One Half of the Brain Hemisphere Series-Right Hemisphere Traumatic Brain Injury

Young adult romance fiction.
Mature Content.

2019: Achieved #3 in Traumatic Brain Injury Category



Just s short little novella about young love, self discovery, and finding happiness even when things don’t go exactly the way we hoped they would.


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[Romance/Young Adult/Fiction]

“In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” - Robert Frost

Parents dead at 5, homeless until 6, lost the only person who cared for her at 15; Tesla’s life wasn’t the best a child could have had - almost everything was taken away from her. Now 21, she was trying to begin anew, ignoring the past that has long been pulling her down. Going to college for the first time at such a late age, she tries her best to live her life peacefully, but the world had more demons in it than she imagined.

Enter her greatest mystery, Alva, the woman who had it all - the beauty, the brains, and the money; everything about her was perfect - not a single speck of dust on her ivory plate. Not until she opened her mouth that is. Her attitude was as rotten as it got, belittling almost everyone in her path, thus making her unapproachable; her status in society makes it impossible to tell her off because not everyone has the guts to stand up to her.

Two souls stuck in a uniform motion - one living in her lavish world and one living in her own secluded life. Will both of them be able to move from where they are? Or will they continue to remain in the state of Inertia?

Status: On-Going!


What is Happiness?
Some will say happiness is being able to have everything you want, others will say that happiness can only be achieved by fulfilling your dreams. Heck, even some will say that happiness for them is being able to wake up in the morning alive and healthy.
It’s been a long time since fifth-teen years old Lucas was happy… and this is where the story begins…

Some of the charachters in the story are made up and some are from real life - dont own any of the real charachters , and it’s not my intention to hurt or disrespect in any kind of way!!!




Leilani Faber looks hostile because of the permanent frown on her face. It’s not that she’s mad at the whole world and is openly showing it - no, that’s not it. You see, Leilani is sick and she copes with the constant pain only by scrunching up her face. Even though only her body has a diagnosis, it has started to impact her way of thinking as well. That’s why her mother has pushed her to enroll into another school where the teachers can keep an eye on her.

Killian Falls comes with a lot of package: bad childhood, abusive stepdad, bullying, a car crash, and more funerals than you can count on the fingers of both hands. He has grown to have a cold heart and doesn’t hesitate to show it. But when he first sees the girl who always frowns his rough exterior begins to break. But will anything change for Leilani?


Title: Be Mine, Juliet

Summary: Shy bookworm Juliet Daniels never thought the mysterious Alex Cain would notice her, but when he does, she comes to learn that they have more in common than she realized.




"‘I’m a lesbian,’ I admit. Once it’s out in the air sitting between us all I somehow feel both more relieved and more anxious than before. Ari stops crunching on her taco. Brent stops unwrapping his taco. Even Leah’s smile fades. ‘Um, Ash, I don’t think you are,’ Ari says.’"

When Ash comes out as a lesbian to her friends, they tell her they don’t think her one G-rated high school relationship is enough to represent all of boy-kind. They suggest that before she comes out to her very religious parents that she makes sure she is completely certain she actually IS a lesbian.

They make a pact - If Ash tries going out with seven different guys and decides she’s still a lesbian, her friends will help her when she comes out to her parents.

Read Here:


Please check out The Bet

Alex is a straight A’s girl whose the caption of the cheer team. Her life is perfect no complications and no drama. She’s a sure in for Brown and Nothing can stop her. That is until the new guy Sebastian comes around. He’s a motorcycle riding tattoo wearing a** whose presence only brings her trouble. So what happens when they bet that the other would fall in love first. If he’s so bad then why does she want him around so much.

“I’ve said enough as it is.” I said quietly with my head down.

"You have to be kidding me. "

I shot my head up. “Why do you even want to talk to me? I’m not interested in you as a friend or a romantic interest of whatever. This isn’t one of those movies where the nerd falls in love with the big bad guy okay. So whatever you’re planning it’s useless and you’re wasting your time.” He laughed at me and shrugged his shoulders back as if he were amused by me rejecting his talk.

“Believe it or not you can talk to someone without wanting to date her or him. And why do you assume that I have a master plan anyway. This isn’t one of those movies where the bad boy falls in love with the awkward shy girl. So whatever you think I’m planning is wrong.” He said completing shut down any retort I could ever possibly have


Please check out my new story i’ve made, it’s a ‘gang’ romance I suppose you could say.
Quick warning; Strong language & is sexual
(I upload everyday currently having five chapters)
Here’s the description:
Hadley was her name but others knew her as Prince,
After escaping from her abusive ex-boyfriend she finds herself in a strange town full of secrets. The moment she believes she’s going to settle down two men get in her way, making a deal with her. She soon finds herself in a love triangle with the two men unsure of who she loves more.

Leo never wanted anyone,
born a loner he only had few friends, this leads him to do dangerous things. Rules never existed to Leo so when he found out a particular bartender was fighting illegally he was intrigued. He sees her as a challenge, and Leo has never lost a challenge before.

Though there’s also Matteo, sweet and charming Matteo. He’s the best friend of Leo and a loyal one. He always wears a smile on his face and never once is rude to Hadley. Will their relationship turn into something more?

But then, there was him.

(Wattpad isn’t allowing me to enter the link for some strange reason)
The name of the story is Little Miss Prince



Based on a real story, with a twist.

June (extroverted, rational and amiable) met Bernard (introverted, rash and ambitious) for the first time on a warm September night. Love tied these polar opposites together, yet somewhere along the way, they lost it. This spirals into a game of revenge and heartbreak when one of them goes missing, as they find out that their differences made them great lovers, but perhaps even greater enemies.

This personal piece explores what it means to fall in love for the first time, power dynamic in relationships and whether love itself is doomed by fate and circumstance.

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Des lecteurs français ? French readers around here ?

Le 1er tome d’une trilogie romantique pour jeune adulte :
De cet amour passionné et impossible.

Charlotte est une orpheline qui a passé ses dix-sept premières années sur une île perdue, dans un institut pour filles. Sans savoir quel destin l’attend à ses dix-huit ans, âge de départ obligatoire pour réintégrer la société, Charlotte est kidnappée dans des circonstances étranges, avant d’arriver dans un manoir où elle va découvrir une vérité glaçante.
Forcée à un mariage pécunier à l’antipathique et séduisant Victor, elle rêve depuis son plus jeune âge d’un garçon brun ténébreux qui va lui permette de tout mettre en oeuvre afin de s’enfuir pour le retrouver.

Retrouvez mon histoire “Et je le retrouverai…” sur ma page julie noire
N’hésitez pas à laisser des commentaires ! 1000 mercis <3



S’il y a des lecteurs français par ici…

De cet amour passionné et impossible.

Charlotte est une orpheline qui a passé ses dix-sept premières années sur une île perdue, dans un institut pour filles. Sans savoir quel destin l’attend à ses dix-huit ans, âge de départ obligatoire pour réintégrer la société, Charlotte est kidnappée dans des circonstances étranges, avant d’arriver dans un manoir où elle va découvrir une vérité glaçante.
Forcée à un mariage pécunier à l’antipathique et séduisant Victor, elle rêve depuis son plus jeune âge d’un garçon brun ténébreux qui va lui permette de tout mettre en oeuvre afin de s’enfuir pour le retrouver.

Sine nomine (Et je te retrouverai…) est le premier tome d’une trilogie.

Tous droits réservés.
Copyright 00066194-1

Couverture réalisée par Sillustra

Retrouvez moi sur instagram : noire.julie
Playlist du tome 1 sur SPOTIFY : Sine nomine (Charlotte)
Wattpad : Julienoire


After a terrible incident, Lena is forced to leave New York with the little 5 year old Alina. One year later, she is back and still struggling to forget the pain. One day her friend Emilia, takes her to a nightclub, where she meets the man, she unexpectedly fell in love with, one year ago. JULIAN CLAYTON. The most powerful businessman in the country…



Lyndon’s life is anything but normal, when he discovers that his summer romance has disappeared without a trace without even a whisper of a goodbye he doesn’t know where to turn.

He knows something bad has happened to him, he knows he wouldn’t have left without saying goodbye.

Will Lyndon discover the truth before it is too late, or will his worst nightmare become true . . .