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I started a new story a few days ago named Little Miss Prince, heres the description

Hadley was her name but others knew her as Prince,
After escaping from her abusive ex-boyfriend she finds herself in a strange town full of secrets. The moment she believes she’s going to settle down two men get in her way, making a deal with her. She soon finds herself in a love triangle with the two men unsure of who she loves more.

Leo never wanted anyone,
born a loner he only had few friends, this leads him to do dangerous things. Rules never existed to Leo so when he found out a particular bartender was fighting illegally he was intrigued. He sees her as a challenge, and Leo has never lost a challenge before.

Though there’s also Matteo, sweet and charming Matteo. He’s the best friend of Leo and a loyal one. He always wears a smile on his face and never once is rude to Hadley. Will their relationship turn into something more?

But then, there was him.

Heres the link if your interested, I look forward to seeing your comments! -



She’s a stripper but I don’t mind, they’re no fucks given.

I’m straight, so why can’t I get her out of my head.

Their worlds intertwine in a frenzy of lust but if its only lust, then why is it so hard to emotionally untangle from each other.’t-mind



Genre:LGBT+ Romance

Why Are We Young?

You’re only young once. Enjoy it.

So, why is it that Clifford somehow ended up picking the least enjoyable option every single time? Honestly, by this point it had to be some sick joke. Along with his non-existent social life, was a job that’s about a fun as a punch to the gut. All he had to do was stay low and wait a few months and he’d be in college having fun. He’d go to parties, find boyfriend, make a lifelong friend or two. It should have been great.

It isn’t until an attempt at making friends ends with him holding onto a secret that he never asked for. Now, he has to navigate not only his budding friendships, but his fast approaching future as well.


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[Romance / Jeune adulte / Fiction]

*Alicia, jeune française de 25 ans, actrice de théâtre, se retrouve à devoir jouer dans un film produit par la plateforme Netflix.

Elle se retrouve dans un monde nouveau, face à la coqueluche des producteurs.

Tout va changer pour elle, positivement et négativement.

Sacrifice, pression, engueulade, mensonges mais surtout amour.

Attention, du contenue mature est présent dans cette fiction. A vos risque et périles :wink:

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Title: Remember the Burning Dream
plural noun: dreams
A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

Dreams are supposed to be things you’ve experienced bits and pieces from what you’ve seen during the day,you’re thoughts, your hopes, your memories. These dreams aren’t always mine. They scare me. I want it to stop but not really. Then when I think about it I want to help although I know I can’t. I wish I can control them do something but How can I? I can’t escape what’s in my head. I wish I could …I think



Marilyn is a college student who has a major crush on the hottest guy on campus, Killian Bentley, who happens to be on the hockey team.

Marilyn will do anything to get Killian to notice her, and after she finds out that Killian and his girlfriend have broken up, she knows she may have a chance, and comes up with a crazy plan to get his attention… by trying out for the role of Juliet.

Will her plan to get Killian to notice her work or will it end in disaster?

Follow along with Marilyn and Killian in a story of humor and romance.'re-one-of-a-kind-juliet



Natalia is just trying to keep her head above water. The fast approaching summer brings promises of long weekends away and isolation from the real world. When she finds a new friend in Will she doesn’t expect him to so quickly become a prominent fixture in her life. As they grow closer, she tries to figure out where Will fits in and whether or not she wants him there.


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When Lizzy Bennet left New York and moved to Hertford, a small town in Washington, she knew that everything was going to be different. What she didn’t know was that she would meet someone who would change her life forever.
Darcy Williams is the reigning queen of Hertford Academy, and when Lizzy and Darcy clash, sparks of fury, and something more, fly. It confuses them both and Lizzy starts to discover her true self.

Lizzy must navigate through new emotions, friendships and hardships, all while dealing with her four sisters, an eccentric father, and a mother who, despite being in the West for years, is still trying to find a balance between her Indian heritage and her mixed family.

Junior year for Lizzy Bennet is going to be quite eventful.

Inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Please read and comment! Any constructive criticism is appreciated.


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Title: What We Once Had
Author: Marley Rose Sparrow

Jess and Marco have been best friends since the first grade. It often leaves them questioning what their relationship means. With college on the way and a summer apart, the two fear that their relationship will not be able to withstand the realities of adulthood. In this emotional story, Jess and Marco learn the true values of life, love, and friendship.


Check out my story Speed Dating!!! It’s a cute and kind of quirky romance story! Sorry I can’t post the cover. I am sending this through my phone, but sure adds a little mystery to it! Don’t judge a book by its cover!


looks really interesting! about to read:)


looks really interesting! About to check it out:)


looks good! About to read:)




Ava is a lonely heartbroken girl who is trying to run away from her past. She makes a list of things she must do to make a change in her life.

  1. To find herself again
  2. To make new and better friends ( friends that don’t stab you in the back)
  3. To try forget as much of the past as she can (it’ll be hard but as long as she can forget most of it she’ll be fine)
  4. Feel love ( Not sure about this one, but maybe it would happen… you never know)

When Ava moves to a small town, named St Ray she isn’t sure if she’ll be able to complete her list, especially the last one. But when she starts at a new school in St Ray she meets a sweet and charming boy, Daniel who is struggling with his parents recent divorce.
Both of them trying to change their lives for the better. Will they learn from their aching past or be crumbled into pieces even more than they already are?



Dark Deeds

Thriller / paranormal / teen fiction / romance / contemporary / coming-of-age / new adult

"Why do you keep pushing people away like that?!" she cried and I could see how angry she was. "Why do you push ME away?! What have I ever done to you?!"

When young Frank Edwards meets the new student, Elisa Mary Vincent, he realises that the secret he fought so hard to keep is about to be revealed.

And then, there is little Lydia Thomas. She is too innocent and naive and believes that the only reason her friend Frank is not already gone out of his mind is because of Elisa Mary.

However, dark truths emerge and all hell breaks loose…



blurb: “I love you.” There’s a pause “You know how I know?” Then after a moment he says:

“The stars told me so.”
Yori Wright suffers from social anxiety, and loneliness due to her mother’s metal illness, and constant paranoia. Paranoid Schizophrenia does that to a person after all. But one night during an ECT procedure that leaves Yori horrified she meets Vince. Cold, quiet, judgmental, and rude.

They talk for a while. Seems simple enough right?

The only problem is they talk in the dark, so Yori feels comfortable enough not to run away with anxiety. She’s tired of being lonely. He’s tired of holding a grudge against humanity.

Not much can happen in the dark right? Wrong. Too much can happen in the dark.




When the routine life of Mia changes, everything turns upside down. From all the stable friendships and relationships to her job. She has to face new obstacles and hopefully there are new people who become the new routines and help her overcome her problems. After all the change is not as bad as she imagined.

“I didn’t know this size exists,” Smith cuts into my thoughts.

I turn to him. “What?” I ask blankly.

He points at a stripper who’s moving his hips and his dick is moving even crazier than his hips. “James was really small.”

My eyes widen at the thought of James having a small dick and spit my drink out unintentionally.

He looks at me. “Really small.”

I lift my free hand. “Stop it!” I say loudly.

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