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Gracie (Grace) Anderson stops believing in fate and soulmates- when her four-year relationship ultimately falls apart within seconds of being in a bathroom stall. When she craves revenge on a drunken whim- She falls victim to divine intervention and an unexpected surprise from her own mistakes.

“Do you want me to help you forget about him?”
I bite my lower lip and look up at his gaze. Feeling dizzy from all of that drinking- yet, I still want this. I want them all to feel pain. I’ve never wanted anything more.
“I want to forget.” I simply say.
He leans in and gives me a soft, yet tender kiss.
Pulling back, I catch him grinning at me. I feel myself blush and leaning back in- knowing where this is going to go.

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Title- Body Of Creation

- Synopsis -

Escaping the clutches of an obsessive and deranged man is a full-time job, a job Astoria Colt can’t afford to fuck up. She thinks she’s got it under control, she thinks she’s experienced everything life could possibly throw at her. She thinks she knows who she is.

She’s wrong.

Returning to New York sounded like a strategic plan at the time, but now she isn’t so sure. Despite every effort to lay low, she manages to catch the attention of not one, but two devilishly handsome classmates. She pushes them away relentlessly, but they refuse to give in so easily. Eventually, the secrets of her past will catch up with her, and she won’t let them get caught in the crossfire. Unbeknownst to her, Boaz and Pix have plenty of secrets of their own.

He’s coming for her, and she might not be able to outrun him this time.


Summer Strangers

Summer Strangers

“Stay, please don’t leave me…”

“That’s the problem, I just can’t seem to stay away from you…”

Amelia Donovan has always struggled to seem normal and composed. She was just a normal teenager until a past experience ultimately changed her and perhaps keeping it a secret made matters worse.

Fast-forwarding to summer, Amelia is determined to spend her summer the best way possible. But all her plans are canceled when she is forced to go and live with the Jacksons for a month.

Her first impression of Coral Springs isn’t at all that friendly, especially her encounter with the rude and cocky heartthrob, Austin Jackson. But isn’t that the intimidating image every boy desires to present to a girl? Is he really who he sets out to be? She knows that living in the same house with him won’t be easy, but truth be told, nothing in her life seems to come easy.

So, what if her friends keep inviting him wherever they go?
What if he’s always around?
Will he awaken any piece of trust left in her?
Will she able to withstand the haunting grip of her past, or will anyone, in particular, give her reasons to keep living?


Title: Tainted Love
Description: After a tragic school shooting Lila Dansel’s Father relocates her to a new town for a fresh beginning. As Lila deals with the raw aftermath of loss and betrayal she navigates her way through a new school, Ridgeview High.

As Lila struggles with depression and bypassing her own trauma she’s convinced she will be miserable forever but from the depths of her sadness appears new relationships, people from the past and a rebellious boy named Max Fielding.

When shy, relatively good Lila is befriended by a group of misfits life is sparked back Into her as well as a weird dysfunctional friendship with Max. Lila knows that she should know better Max is reckless and danger follows him everywhere.

So why can’t she stay out of everyone else’s problems?






After their engagements were swapped, the stepsisters hatred for each other intensified. Stacy was lucky to finally have Ayo, the only man her stepsister sister Melinda had ever loved, and the only man she had always wanted.
But luck didn’t shine on Melinda. Well, it did but no one knew, not even Mr Henry. No one could’ve imagined that Mr Sebastian wasn’t afterall taking a young wife for his oldself but for his grandson Kevin Sebastian.
Kevin Sebastian, the sole heir of the Sebastian’s generational wealth never believed in love and commitment. His only interest was his work and barely his five year old daughter Kemi whom he kept a secret from the world.
Will Melinda’s love be strong enough to conquer Kevin’s cold heart? Will her love be enough to break down his wall of defense and make him and his daughter happy or will she end up in his fury and live the rest of her life loathing her stepsister Stacy.


||Los chicos malos traen el cielo a ti||

Scarlette es una chica que siempre ha soñado con enamorarse del hombre perfecto, casarse y tener hijos que vería crecer hasta envejecer. Tenía su vida planeada y sabía lo que quería hacer, o eso pensaba hasta que conoce a Cassius. Un tipo rebelde, maleducado y grosero.
Scar en su ingreso a la vida adulta, descubre el amor, el dolor de un corazón roto, impresionantes primeras veces, descubrimiento del sexo y sobre todo se descubre a ella misma.
Ambos polos opuestos, el agua y el fuego, el blanco y el negro, la luz y la oscuridad.
Los dos con personalidades completamente diferentes, ambos con asuntos con los que lidiar y con futuros totalmente contrarios. Se encuentran por una situación accidental, sin embargo se quedan juntos por el destino.
¿Será Scarlett capaz de subir a el cielo por él? ¿Aunque eso le cueste destruirse a ella misma en la caída?
Los polos apuestos se atraen, ¿cierto?
Bien dicen que los chicos buenos van a el cielo. Pero los chicos malos traen el cielo a ti.
Si no lo saben, los invito a descubrirlo conmigo…


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Violently Passionate - Book I

Title: Violently Passionate - Book I

“It takes a strong heart to love, but it takes an even stronger heart to continue to love after its been hurt.” -Unknown

Brianna Zachmann is an ambitious student at FieldStone University, and coming back from an inspection of “deer attacks”, she discovers her new roommates are far from her expectations.

Kane Rovers attends FieldStone to turn away from his miserable past that has led him to be the closed up, pessimistic man he is today.

Despite his longing to change, he and his brother are still after one thing. The Parethon Crystal.

Kane must gain Brianna’s trust in order to prevent his brother from getting to the crystal first, and wiping away his existence.

But what happens when she’s too oblivious to see that Kane didn’t only want the opportunity to get the crystal, but the opportunity to give her his heart?

A book filled of endless adventures, riding on rollercoasters of emotions and secrets.

Book I of the “Damaged Series”

Started: 03/15/19
Ended: -

Currently 20 published chapters (updates every 2-4 days)


Title: Head to Head
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Teen fiction/young adult
Summary: Kylie and Jake have been in a constant prank war since first grade. Now after 12 years Kylie has finally had the last straw. She wants revenge and it’s going to be the last time Jake ever pranks her because once she’s done with him, he’s going to wish he never messed with her.

Two people with their own demons and the fire to prank one another. Both going through their own battles including secrets and dysfunctional families, how will they cope with their differences in life?

What happens when Jake goes too far and causes Kylie to seek revenge? Will there be blood, sweat, and tears?

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Title: The Path to You


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Love has the power to bind us together…

It also has the power to tear us apart.

From childhood friends to high school enemies, Amber, Mark, and Carter aren’t kids anymore. Far from it. At the top of the social food chain, Carter reigns as king, while Amber and Mark choose to stand on the sidelines, doing everything in their power to be their ex-friend’s personal pain in the ass.

But everything changes when Carter and Amber reunite, a moment of passion that catches them both off guard. The foundation of her life flips, and she wants nothing more than to forget. Forget Carter. Forget Mark. Forget her life.

Careful what you wish for…

When Amber wakes the next morning, she isn’t in her bed. She isn’t in her hometown. And she isn’t eighteen-years-old. In fact, she’s married…to Carter Hayes. Just like that, ten years of her life vanish.

Desperate to piece together her lost memories, Amber seeks to uncover what really happened all those years ago. Why had Carter abandoned their friendship? How had he become her husband? And where was Mark now - her best friend, the one she always thought she’d have by her side?

Nothing is what it seems.

Witty, heartfelt, and emotionally-wrenching, this is The Path to You.


Xavier’s anti-gay parents left a mark on him from a young age so when he begins to understand what he is, he tries to find a “cure”. He thinks its Jaylin, but what happens when Jaylin finds out she’s being used? By the time Xavier falls head over heels for her, Jaylin comes out as trans. His mom doesn’t like it and takes drastic measures to keep her son away from Jay, but how far will she go?

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[Fromthe%20Shadow ]


For some, the world breaks them and shackles them. While others shackle and break themselves for the world and others.
Nusaybah has never known where she fits in the world. Her dreams, hopes, wants, needs…have always been someone else’s.
They morph and change to fit her surroundings…and to please others. To try and draw love from her parents.

And yet…she can’t help feeling that a change is starting to begin. And her life begins to lose its mundane meaning.

The walls she has believed in as a child become nothing more than just shadows.
All it takes is searching for the truth and swapping bodies with her college professor to find the light.


Tongue Tied

Ariel Lewis was always the shy and quiet type, especially around guys. All she wants is to keep her head down and finish up her senior year without a problem, which becomes seemingly impossible when Luke Mason, Oceanside High School’s heartthrob, and all-around jackass, comes into her life.

When the two get paired up for a final project worth half their grade, neither one thinks anything good will come of it. Nothing will happen between a sweet nerd and a stuck up jerk.

But in this case, nothing always turns into something.

Rated: PG-13 Category: Teen Romance

Currently undergoing editing! Should be finished soon.


Ava is a lonely heartbroken girl who is trying to run away from her past. She makes a list of things she must do to make a change in her life.

  1. To find herself again
  2. To make new and better friends ( friends that don’t stab you in the back)
  3. To try forget as much of the past as she can (it’ll be hard but as long as she can forget most of it she’ll be fine)
  4. Feel love ( Not sure about this one, but maybe it would happen… you never know)

When Ava moves to a small town, named St Ray she isn’t sure if she’ll be able to complete her list, especially the last one. But when she starts at a new school in St Ray she meets a sweet and charming boy, Daniel who is struggling with his parents recent divorce.
Both of them trying to change their lives for the better. Will they learn from their aching past or be crumbled into pieces even more than they already are?

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When she finds out that she has to move to New York, Sarah’s life begins to change. Now, she has to leave all her friends behind and start all over again. Life couldn’t be worse for her. But things start changing when Sarah falls in love with John, a boy from her new college. But, she learns that life has other plans for her. How will Sarah ever be able to recover from the pain that love has caused her?

Aaron’s life begins to change when he falls in love with Sarah, his new classmate. But, he is not so keen on telling her because he remembers the pain that love has caused him. Is Aaron going to end up being hurt like before?!

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Tony Green, an A-list celebrity got into a serious car accident. The culprit? Ash Myers, an infamous singer, who was drunk driving. Due to this fateful event, Tony got into coma and woke up with a condition called Savant Syndrome–a rare disease that he became a genius in music and math but at the same time, became an idiot in some activities of daily living. A favorable arrangement was offered to Ash. Will accepting it lead to her one true love or will it end in tragedy due to some twists and turns of life?

Started: November 23, 2018
Completed: January 26, 2019


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