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"‘I’m a lesbian,’ I admit. Once it’s out in the air sitting between us all I somehow feel both more relieved and more anxious than before. Ari stops crunching on her taco. Brent stops unwrapping his taco. Even Leah’s smile fades. ‘Um, Ash, I don’t think you are,’ Ari says.’"

When Ash comes out as a lesbian to her friends, they tell her they don’t think her one G-rated high school relationship is enough to represent all of boy-kind. They suggest that before she comes out to her very religious parents that she makes sure she is completely certain she actually IS a lesbian.

They make a pact - If Ash tries going out with seven different guys and decides she’s still a lesbian, her friends will help her when she comes out to her parents.

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31 Days

It’s been one month since Kalter Varela woke up from a night of blackout drinking to find herself framed for arson. She’s not in a holding cell; she’s locked in a college basement. An amateur forensic psychologist named Fidel Carnevale has kidnapped her, wanting two things: a confession, and her heart. Unluckily for him, Kalter is a survivor, and it’s going to take a lot more than a month of imprisonment to break her.

Artemio Molina, Kalter’s best friend, is desperate to find her. He may be a strung-out college student, but he always finds a solution to a problem… even if it’s not very good. With a hoard of illegal money and too little sleep, he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to get Kalter back.

With limited time, opponents from all sides, and the looming threat of the law, can Artemio find Kalter? And can Kalter escape Fidel’s clutches before it’s too late?



Durante un concierto, Nico conoce a Saúl y a su novia Nadine, quienes le invitan a una exhibición de arte en la que se presenta Nadine. Además, Nico experimenta tener su primera novia, junto a la ruptura de sus dos mejores amigos. Por todo eso Nico empieza a comprender puntos esenciales sobre las relaciones amorosas.

—¿Sabes qué me molesta? Yo realmente la quiero… y las cosas simplemente se pusieron jodidas de un momento a otro… y yo trataba de arreglarlo. Sabes, estar ahí, ayudar, crecer, experiencias. ¿Cómo haces una relación funcional sin algunas malas decisiones? No creo que alguien pueda tener la pareja perfecta en la que ninguno se equivocó en algún momento.

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“I don’t want you overthink this… overthink me. What happened earlier was so small, Theo. It was such a little thing. I don’t say that to desensitize your feelings in any way. I just mean that it doesn’t change the way I feel about you. I’m sorry if my reaction made you uneasy. I guess I’m still getting use to my emotions around you. I just don’t want to push you into something your not ready for. I really need you to communicate with me on that part.”
He’s still holding me with my head pressed against my chest. Even though we’re standing, this feels like most comfortable place I’ve ever been in.

Theo is a girl who holds onto darkness. Recovering from a painful past isn’t as easy as she thought. It doesn’t matter how many years go by. Most people will look past her, not seeing her for what she really is: an insanely strong and beautiful person. They see her as dark and hopeless… except for one guy it seems. A guy who she went to high school with and who was part of the hell she endured through those years. Maybe he isn’t who she thought he was… or maybe he’s exactly who she thought he was.





This Crappy Life Season One

”If you would’ve told me the last day of our peaceful existence would be a boring Tuesday in November, I would’ve called you an idiot.”

High school senior, Casey Whitmore, is about to discover her life isn’t all about graduating with honors, taking her team to the championship, or even being the perfect daughter. When Casey’s mother comes down with the scariest illness imaginable, Casey is forced to take action, but no matter which way she turns the normal solutions are unavailable.

As she searches for medical treatment, Casey crosses paths with two friends who agree to help. Derek is the broody, mysterious type while Thomas is the smooth wild card. The guys couldn’t be more different, but both are attractive and seductive in their own way.

It’s not until all communication is cut off that they realize the spreading illness is no accident. Their world becomes lost in a horrific whirlwind of fear when the dead start attacking the living. Life must go on, but with no survival skills, Casey has a lot to learn. Even though Thomas and Derek prove to be invaluable during the fallout, love is still very much alive, and emotions run wild even in the zombie apocalypse.

Teen Fiction | Zombie Apocalypse Romance | Science Fiction Fantasy

Ongoing: 50 Episodes so far

Weekly Updates: At least twice a week

CLICK HERE TO READ This Crappy Life!


Zurias is seventeen, he lost his parents a few years ago, he lives with his big brother Jonathan. He is THE smart kid, the week kid. The easiest fucking target.
he meets a boy at group therapy. Maybe he’s the one to save him, maybe he’s the one.
.TRIGGER WARNING mentions of depression and suicide
I hope u enjoyyy!!!



“Is it really all going to be okay?”

“It really is…”

After every cry for help goes ignored Fiona Gray the “Golden Girl” of East Lake attempts to kill herself. The girl they once viewed as unbreakable was in fact broken. A life full of lies is what Fiona lived, filled with a fake smile, fake friends, and no family. The people that she had once called her friends had turned her back on her when she needed them the most. So she left town, leaving behind everything she once knew to start over. To hopefully find the people she would grow to call her family and to take her mind back, but will it all be as easy as she hopes or will she never be able to find her self again because of her past?

“It was all a lie! You never really loved me or any of us, you just used me like everyone else!” I scoff

“Fiona!” I hear him call after me as I walk away.


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Book 1 of the Adelaide Kellan series:
Rising Embers

Returning home after a year of running is never easy… In Addy’s case, almost impossible.
Last year she left, she hadn’t realised the extent of the damage she caused until now, but with her own trauma and new secrets, it won’t be easy for her to put the pieces back together.

Zane Cadence had a year to recover, from frequent overdoses and family trials to the remembering that his girlfriend left without a trace last year. He’s started healing. That’s until a certain raven-haired girl crashes into his life again, ripping open every old wound he thought he’d sewed tight.

With past mistakes, current secrets and future vendettas, can these two ex-lovers navigate their way until college? Or is there just too much-unfinished business to leave buried?


Link to Fic

Blurb: Vampires, grand witches, vukdair, and werewolves. All of these creatures are apart of an underground life that small town boy Alex is about to discover that he is very much apart of, whether he wants to be or not. He thinks he’s your normal boring teenager, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Royal blood flows through his veins and it all starts to unfold in the best and worst of ways.

Genre: Young Adult/Romance/Vampire

Other Notes: Will be het and m/m pairings at the rate I’m going. This book 1 is actually near completion. I started it during nanowrimo and made the 50k but it’s being heavily edited as I upload chapters. I generally update two to three times a week depending on my work schedule. There will be no explicit love scenes. Most everything will be fade to black minus any heavy petting to keep to the rating here.


Anything can happen in New York and that is why Liz likes the city so much. Elizabeth lives a somewhat double-life, half glamourous, being part of the high society and going out with her two best friends; and half normal, studying Literature at college and working at a radio station. But nothing she ever lived had prepared her for the British hurricane that was to come. Axton was excruciatingly handsome and, she suspected, trouble. She falls for him as she discovers he might be more bad boy than she ever imagined.
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Book: Keepsake of My Love

Author: @elusive_6788

Summary: Keepsake of My Love is a coming-of-age love story that starts with Jacob Somersby walking into Lydia Coleman’s life in her junior year of high school, with his violet-blue eyes and dimpled smile, sun-kissed brown hair, and tan skin.
Join these two in their decade-long journey of friendship and heartache, where they play with the cards they’re dealt to forge an unbreakable bond in the crucible of life.

Genre: Romance where Young Adult crosses over to New Adult

Rating: Mature

Link: 1

Status: Complete



Title: Devotion

Summary: “Let me take it” she breathed, reaching out her hand for him to hold.

“Take what” he asked.

“Let me take your pain”


She was lost, she always had been but there was one thing she had always wanted to do knowing she had the power. She could take away his pain.

She was devoted, and she knew what she had to do.

She was coming to take away his pain.

But can she bear the weight of her own? And will her past which is all but forgotten come back to haunt her?


Title: Head to Head
Summary: Kylie and Jake have been in a constant prank war since first grade. Now after 12 years Kylie has finally had the last straw. She wants revenge and it’s going to be the last time Jake ever pranks her because once she’s done with him, he’s going to wish he never messed with her.

Two people with their own demons and the fire to prank one another. Both going through their own battles including secrets and dysfunctional families, how will they cope with their differences in life?

What happens when Jake goes too far and causes Kylie to seek revenge? Will there be blood, sweat, and tears?


Genre: Romance, Young Adult, Friendship

Status: Ongoing (currently 18 chapters)

Catalina Flores, or Kat, is your average university student. Among school, work and family life, she barely has time for a boyfriend, specially not after her last train wreck of a relationship. Her friends find it amusing to give her a dare. Fairly simple and innocent; make Kim Sung-jae smile. Easy right? What she didn’t sign up for was him asking her to be his fake girlfriend. As empathetic as she is, she finds it hard to reject him. After all, it’s just two weeks, what’s the worst that can happen?



Their instruments had given them the tale of a lifetime.

And this is that story.

At music academy “A Música”, things aren’t what they seem. From practicing till your fingers bleed to competing on the national stage, these never seem to be enough to prove your worth at this school. An elite school know for producing the worlds top music talents, being good is never good enough

Follow the tale of two young musicians up against all odds, striving to prove the world that you may need talent, but passion is what will make you reach the pinnacle


Hi, if you’re looking for a story with 1st person POV, hot guys, and some twisted climax, I invite you to read mine. It’s currently ongoing (11 chapters by the time I post this) with 1-3 chapters updated per week. It has some mental issues mentioned in the story but it’s not the focus.




“I don’t like you. You’re mean and think so highly of yourself. Don’t talk to me anymore.”

“Cool.” ~Naina.


Different. No matter how many stories you read, movies you watch, love in reality is different. Does love only mean ‘Happily ever after’ with ‘The one’?

Naina, 22, has dealt with intimacy and abandonment issues all her life. She’s sassy, confident and very ambitious even though she’ll run for the hills once you get close to her. She’s the realist, most non-cliched protagonist ever.

Kartik, 23, tall, handsome but stubborn, cocky and narcissistic, changes Naina’s perception of love. Throw in a jealous ex, a mysterious stranger, witty conversations, midnight adventures, tons of confusion and a crazy best friend, what do we have? A disaster.

Does love need to last forever?

If you’re looking for a typical romance novel full of cheesy clichés, this isn’t it.

Here’s the link!



“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” - Anonymous

Coming of age is a time of change and colorful people, and every person has a story. Myles, Shay, Tanya and Margot are just a few of the many people who have a story to share as they navigate through a world of temptations, endings, bliss and fear. Myles is afraid of loving. Shay is afraid of being loved. Margot wishes she could let go just a little and Tanya wishes someone would hold her back. Four voices joined in by those of many others, giving a glimpse into their minds day by day.

Click on cover! : )


A Door Knock Away
“The world’s just spinning Marles. It’s spinning just so goddamn fast. And I just wish it would stop.”
Malcolm Cortes. The freaky boy with that dead-eyed glare who plays basketball with the other kids from the rough side of town. The guy who no one understands where he came from or what he’s living for, the kid who always wears the same black denim jacket with a blood red stain just under the pocket. He’s weird. He’s scary. And he’s Marlie Derez’s new neighbor.
It seems like a good idea to ignore him, but when they’re forced to work on the school play together, the last thing Marlie can do is leave him alone. There’s so much more to Malcolm Cortes than what meets the eye. If Marlie hopes to cope with change, she has to learn what Malcolm Cortes lives for, and accept that she needs his help. (Copyright© 2019)