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Mute since the tragic accident, Ashlyn Holland has lived a quiet life in her childhood home, haunted daily by the shadow of her Father’s memory, but too afraid to let him go. Instead, she passes the day serving coffee and kindness, avoiding the ocean at all costs.

When Derek moves to town, however, her routine is interrupted, and the fears that have always held her back are challenged. As their relationship develops and Ashlyn begins to find freedom in the feelings within her heart she’d long suppressed, disaster lingers in the back ready to strike. And when it does, it will either bring them closer together or tear them apart.

Now included on the Wattpad Romance Profiles “Featured Romance Stories” list


Beautiful People
Summary - Fashion blogger and perpetual quitter Vera Kwan thinks she’s got it made when narcissistic young actor Carmen Juarez contacts her looking for a style glow-up, but between Carmen’s stubborn ego, an escalating gossip war, and Vera’s inconvenient attraction to Carmen’s prickly, gorgeous manager Sharise, this may not be the easy dream job Vera imagined.

As the chaos of awards campaigning heats up and a scandal threatens to capsize Carmen’s chances, Vera needs to figure out what matters most: making sure Carmen’s red carpet looks are fierce enough to control the narrative, proving to herself that she can see something through even when it seems impossible–or risking it all to show a skeptical Sharise that just like fashion, Vera is more than just pretty clothes.
Status - Ongoing
Genre - Romance, humour, chick-lit


The Fluke by Belinda Banks V4

She left to get away.
He left not knowing he’d find her.

Jules Prescott doesn’t do impulsive and reckless, no way no how. Until one ill-fated night and a botched attempt at a one night stand with a sinfully handsome stranger. When she wakes up with no memory of the encounter, Jules is mortified and vanishes from the stranger’s bed without a word. Impulsive? Check. Reckless? Check check. Stupid? Triple check. Jules leaves town for a much needed getaway, joining her brother in sunny Palm Springs for what he promises will be relaxing desert fun. Just what the doctor ordered…

Luke Connelly is no stranger to women falling in lust at first sight when they lay their eyes on him, which is exactly what happens when Jules Prescott stumbles into his arms. Acting on it, however? Rarely does he indulge. With a burgeoning business he doesn’t have time to chase just one skirt. But after their admittedly adorable meeting, he can’t stop himself from following the brunette into the bar… and taking her home. When he wakes up and she’s gone, Luke takes up his college buddy on an offer to join him in the desert to blow off some steam. Surely that will help him forget about the vanishing vixen who hasn’t left his mind since she left his bed.

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❝It was like a game between the two of them until the other one stopped playing❞

They were enemies in high school. Pulling pranks, calling names and embarrassing each other in front of the school were in both of their’s daily schedules. That lasted almost three years until she disappeared mysteriously in the senior year and he continued living life the way it was before her.

Now, five years later, both are busy with their lives. They haven’t seen each other since that day but the memories never disappeared. When they meet again, neither of them was ready for the consequences.


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Disguised as a Nerd


Vanessa Lee is a famous fashion designer and has a cosmetic line. At school, she is just Vannessa Collins with a disguise that she wears every day to school in order to live like a normal person. Though, her disguise results in her to get bullied daily. Apart from that, she falls for one of the popular boys in school, Asher Martinez. Vanessa is used to admiring him from a distance because who would fall for her. Will Asher notice her one day? If he does, will he notice her as the famous Vanessa Lee or the nerdy Vanessa Collins?



Strength and Sensuality

It’s a modern day Pride and Prejudice story. Only sexier. :slight_smile:

Hera loses everything when she has to flee her homeland. Everything except her wit, sense of humor and unbreakable spirit. Starting a new life, she meets Mr. Regular Alpha, with a… well, let’s say, a very non-regular twist.
It’s an oldschool, slowbuild lovehate story, not instalove. But in the end it will be very, very satisfying.:slight_smile: Oh, and if you are looking for a strong female lead, whose strength goes beyond pouting and annoying everyone, I think you also should give it a go.

I update every Monday and Friday.


Heart to Hart

:sparkles: Completed :sparkles: A friends to lovers romance.

At eighteen years old, mistakes are bound to be made and Natasha can’t seem to stop making them.

First she leaves her friends and home behind all because she couldn’t face her ex with her new replacement. She is convinced the change of scenery will magically transform her.

When she realises she was wrong, she returns only to find that cracks are starting to show in the perfect family her mother tries to portray them all as.

Max, her ex-boyfriend, is suddenly single. Will she be quick to forgive and let him use her all over again?

Then there is Alec, her childhood best friend. Sian has warned her not to cross any lines in their relationship but what harm is a little kiss among friends?

Natasha is about to find out, the hard way, that every action has a consequence.

:trophy: 1st place - Romance in THE CREATIVE AWARDS 2019

:tada: featured on Wattpad’s New Adult profile under ‘There’s Only One Bed’/Romance reading list :orange_heart:

:sparkles: Completed :sparkles:


Title: Love Fool
Author: @elusive_6788
Status: Completed
Genre: Chicklit/Romance
Rating: Mature

This is more than just a funny love story. It’s a story about a woman who stands on her own strength. She doesn’t need a billionaire—she makes her own money and is successful in her own right.


:star:Featured in Wattpad Romance’s Head Over Heels reading list; Wattpad Chicklit’s Nine to Five reading list; and Summer of Sisterhood, a Chicklit project.



:revolving_hearts: NEW! Author’s Choice.

Posted September 15, 2019 and completed September 27, 2019.

Shorter chapters so don’t let the amount of chapters keep you from starting this story.

A romantic comedy about true-crime reporter, Nora Tate. She comes from a privileged family and has no desire for a long term relationship. She travels as she digs into the worst of crimes to share the victim’s story on a cable news channel.

She also has her own sleuth style crime channel on Youtube where she and others try to crack cold cases.

Someone enters her life that quickly sends her on a whirlwind and changes her entire life.

After a very awkward trip to the doctor and her cousin’s wedding to her past lover, she herself must escape her worst nightmare…true love.



He is the heir to everything his father ever built, including the regrets earned over a lifetime of taking but never giving anything in return.

She gave him something very precious, only for his father to take it away?

Year’s later she steps back into his life and finds a changed man. Will she return to him what his father has taken away? Will she see the goodness in him and give him everything he ever wanted? Find out in this story of passion, love, regret and revenge.




you go (1)

The last thing anthropology Ph.D. candidate Scarlett Rossi expects this Christmas is to be forced to play a loving wife to her mentor’s wayward, playboy son. After the infamous bad boy Maxwell Weston is involved in an accident, that leaves him suffering from amnesia, Scarlett is tasked with finding out why Maxwell is thinking about signing his billion-dollar medical tech company to his devious best friend for pennies. Playing his wife can’t be hard, he is after all - bedbound for the time being after breaking his leg. As Scarlett loses herself in her role, she realizes that what this good girl deserves this Christmas might just be a bad boy.



While recording his debut album in Arizona’s Paradise Valley for the summer, upcoming musician Adriel Cross finds himself falling in love with the wife of established actor Dominique Vega: Evangelina Lamontagne, America’s most coveted model. What starts as a one night stand turns into a dangerous affair when Evangelina is hired as an actress on the set of Adriel’s latest music video shoot. As the affair continues, so do the flashes of the paparazzi cameras, causing Dominique to act on his suspicions in the worst ways imaginable.

Link to story:

Thank you for reading. Enjoy.


"I wasn’t the type of girl that drank, smoked or slept around with the entire football team and I wouldn’t pretend that I was. Trying to would be like trying to jam a puzzle piece into the wrong spot. The piece will always pop out of the mold… But that doesn’t mean I don’t get tempted."~Sophia Scott

With crippling anxiety and a good-girl image to maintain, Sophia Scott feels like she is falling apart from the inside. That is until she falls under the influence of boozed-up bad boy Dylan Mcree. Dylan Mcree is Sophie’s sexy and broody next-door neighbor who happens to be the star wide receiver of their school’s football team. Will they straddle the lines of a small town southern romance, or will his past push them further apart?

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Name: All Over Again

I look at him stunned by the question he just asked and I decide to let go for one night.

“They say everyone deserves love and happiness; everyone but me”.

Deeply pained after the death of her boyfriend and one true love, Victoria takes the blame and promises never to fall in love again.

But all these changes when she meets business tycoon Raymond Powers who behaves a lot like her dead boyfriend.


Title: Falling Helplessly
By Annasteffey
Completed with a sequel

Nineteen year old Isabella Gallagher has the best life any young adult could ask for. She is acing nursing school, she has an amazing best friend Addison Brant, a loving boyfriend Jake Dylan, she never expected anything to go wrong.
It Isn’t until her world comes crashing down she realizes how oblivious she’d been. Will Isabella crumble? Or will someone step up and help her through her situation, someone she never thought would. And most importantly will that someone become something more?




Title: Hard To Find
By Annasteffey
Ongoing (almost complete)

Skylar Leighton has had a rough upbringing but her and her sister Marlee have made the most out of it. Fresh out of college with a new job, Skylar is facing things any ordinary young adult would be facing.
It Isn’t until someone from her past coincidently shows up in her life, setting everything off balance. He helps her come to her senses but he Isn’t all he seems. Something is lurking in his past that he can’t get away from.
In this novel, their relationship is put to the ultimate test.
Will he chose her over his past?
Or will the past control him?



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FATED SERIES #1 | *Can be read as a stand-alone

The city of love truly lives up to its title. But when it comes to love, not everyone gets it and some are not strong enough to keep it.

Allan Brown was a man who couldn’t keep himself away from the stranger, Martha Gale. He was lucky enough to find love in the romantic city but wasn’t strong enough to keep it.
Martha Gale never thought that she would feel something so strong for someone she had known for only two days.
Back then, she was lively and bold and he was narcissistic and promiscuous.

He promised her that he would come to her before she left.
But “Promises are meant to be broken, Martha.” She had been told since childhood and had been proven by that one stranger she hoped to never meet again. But fate could be a real player.

Five years later they met again but under different circumstances that they were not ready for.

Dive into the story of Allan and Martha where they meet after five years and see how they have changed in between these years amidst all the tragedies that life has offered to them and witness how they learn to accept each other after knowing their deepest-darkest secrets.

| Romance | Billionaire | New Adult | Contemporary | Mature |


1k- 11/11/2019

#3rd Place in Pandora Awards 2019 [Romance Category]

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Alyssa’s Second Chance [Completed]’s-second-chance-completed

Alyssa LeClerc seemed to have a perfect life. She was married to her college sweetheart and quickly started a family. She has always been driven to succeed. For the young mother that meant balancing the needs of her children with her promising career. When Alyssa thinks that she finally has her life all figured out, tragedy strikes leaving her to pick up the pieces.

Amir Khadem is a successful executive focused on his career. Driven by his own tragedies, he has spent his life climbing the corporate ladder. His professional success has been at the cost of a personal life. He is content with his choices until fate steps in.

Attraction is unplanned and falling in love may seem easy. Not everyone gets their happy ending. If you want it, you need to fight for your happily ever after.

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He stepped closer, pushing me against he wall, reminding me of his power, and I felt as though I was in a trance as his lips ever so lightly touched mine, laying a kiss a and creating little sparks across my lips, my eyes fluttering shut, internally screaming at myself for juxtaposing my earlier comments, and letting him have an effect on me.
‘But don’t you hate me?’ I muttered quietly to myself.

He paused before whispering ‘I do…’

Don’t look at the Elite, don’t touch the Elite, don’t breathe near the Elite, don’t… fall in love with the Elite.
Simple rules that Blair Willows had to follow after fate or some kind of karma threw her into the world of the rich and powerful, but a pair of captivating grey eyes kept pulling her in while trying to make her life hell, despite the golden rule, and Blair was known to be a rule breaker…

Love is dangerous,
Loving him is deadly,
But what’s better than tasting the sweet taste of sin?
If you ask me, if I knew what falling in love with him would lead to…
Would I do it again?
I would say…
Because my dark King is worth more than any knight in shining armor…

RUIN ME (idk why but links arent working nor are images)

Would be great if you checked it out, and gave some advice or just liked it, idk XD tysm xx


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Title: Perfect Lies
Author: @make_a_wish071
Genre: romance
Chapters: 31, ongoing


Description: He started walking towards me until he was so close that I could feel his breath fanning my face. My breathing quickened. Leaning down he put one of his hands beside me on the counter and wiped something from the corner of my lips with a towel. He slowly moved to my ear and whispered, “No one shall know about what you saw today.”

He got up and gazed at me intensely. “Understood?”

I nodded my head rapidly.

“Good.” His lips curved into a tiny smile, so tiny I almost didn’t notice.

Then he turned around and left leaving me a quick breathing mess.

Meet Ember Collins, a simple tomboy.
Meet Hunter William King, the city’s renowned billionaire.

She is kind, brave and quirky. He is cold, dangerous and can do anything for his business.
She is like water calming souls when touches. He is like a tornado destroying everything on his way when passes.
They are like the opposite sides of a knife. One harmless, another cuts.

What will happen when they will be bound by an arranged marriage? What will happen when the secret behind the marriage will be revealed? Join Ember’s journey through love and hate to see what happens.

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