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Beautiful People
Summary - Fashion blogger and perpetual quitter Vera Kwan thinks she’s got it made when narcissistic young actor Carmen Juarez contacts her looking for a style glow-up, but between Carmen’s stubborn ego, an escalating gossip war, and Vera’s inconvenient attraction to Carmen’s prickly, gorgeous manager Sharise, this may not be the easy dream job Vera imagined.

As the chaos of awards campaigning heats up and a scandal threatens to capsize Carmen’s chances, Vera needs to figure out what matters most: making sure Carmen’s red carpet looks are fierce enough to control the narrative, proving to herself that she can see something through even when it seems impossible–or risking it all to show a skeptical Sharise that just like fashion, Vera is more than just pretty clothes.
Status - Ongoing
Genre - Romance, humour, chick-lit



:revolving_hearts: A brand new story completed January, 2020

He only knew hunger, abuse, violence and rejection before he was placed in the home of a loving elderly couple. He had no idea what was about to occur when she walked into his back yard.

She was energetic, curious and annoying. Not just to her older sister but even the elderly neighbors. She was immature for her age but she also had struggles of her own. The moment she saw the shy little boy she claimed him as her best friend forever.

Meet Cooper and Faith, let them take you on a twenty-year journey while they built a beautiful friendship as they grow up in Louisiana. They will experience fear, friendship, separation, heartache and finally success before giving in to love in the purest form.



Heart to Hart

:sparkles: Completed :sparkles: A friends to lovers romance.

A year ago, Natasha packed her bags and hopped on the first flight out of England, leaving behind a dysfunctional family and a womanising ex-boyfriend.

When she realises running away isn’t the answer to her problems, she moves back home for the summer to face them head-on. However, not everyone is happy about her return.

Alec, her best friend, is also back after his first year at University. This time, he won’t let her leave again without confessing his true feelings. After a rocky past with relationships, Natasha must decide if his love will be enough.

When you are young, mistakes are inevitable and Natasha is about to find out the hard way, every action has a consequence.

:trophy: 1st place - Romance in THE CREATIVE AWARDS 2019

:tada: featured on Wattpad’s New Adult profile under ‘There’s Only One Bed’/Romance reading list :orange_heart:

:sparkles: Completed :sparkles:

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Previously named the masters of fanservice inside the music industry, GRiD is planning a huge comeback after disappearing for nearly three years.

This is a story about an imaginative kpop group, dealing with fame all over again after completing the mandatory military service. It’s a story about five close friends. Five stories of change. Five unique romances. Five different takes on the music industry. Five struggles with the downsides of fame.

Start the journey here


>>> LINK <<<

Minjae has been in love with his best friend for years. He also happens to be the lead dancer of a worldwide famous Korean idol group called GRiD. The only problem is, that the said best friend is also Minjae’s bandmate.

Getting back to the scorching hot spotlight after a three-year-long break is going to be tough as is. But it also forces Minjae and his longtime crush to live under the same roof at GRiD’s dorm once again.

The dancer is facing a choice. He must either hide his true self forever or deal with the consequences if he can’t.

Longlisted in the Open Novella Contest 2019

C2-Secrecy C3-Sincerity

C4-Sacrifice D5-Serendipity


hmb aesthetic

The city of love truly lives up to its title. But when it comes to love, not everyone gets it and some are not strong enough to keep it.

Allan Brown was a man who couldn’t keep himself away from the stranger, Martha Gale. He was lucky enough to find love in the romantic city but wasn’t strong enough to keep it.
Martha Gale never thought that she would feel something so strong for someone she had known for only two days.
Back then, she was lively and bold and he was narcissistic and promiscuous.

He promised her that he would come to her before she left.
But “Promises are meant to be broken, Martha.” She had been told since childhood and had been proven by that one stranger she hoped to never meet again. But fate could be a real player.

Five years later they met again but under different circumstances that they were not ready for.

Dive into the story of Allan and Martha where they meet after five years and see how they have changed in between these years amidst all the tragedies that life has offered to them and witness how they learn to accept each other after knowing their deepest-darkest secrets.

Healing Mr. Brown

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❝It was like a game between the two of them until the other one stopped playing❞

They were enemies in high school. Pulling pranks, calling names and embarrassing each other in front of the school were in both of their’s daily schedules. That lasted almost three years until she disappeared mysteriously in the senior year and he continued living life the way it was before her.

Now, five years later, both are busy with their lives. They haven’t seen each other since that day but the memories never disappeared. When they meet again, neither of them was ready for the consequences.


Click here to read!

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After blindly reqruiting her Facebook stalker as administrator of T. A. S. E., Adeline is resolved to kick him out. All consequences be damned.

T. A. S. E. , just like many Wattpad accounts, began on a blasé whim.

A simple initiative to provide answers to the billion dollar Wattpad questions that drive Wattpaders over the cliff of insanity.

Within a year of its operation, it had amassed over a whooping 200K following, made wattpad a better place, and allegedly contributed to the latest 2020 wave of #freefromdepression.

Everything was perfect until the three new recruits came in.

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Title: Love Fool
Author: @elusive_6788
Status: Completed
Genre: Chicklit/Romance
Rating: Mature

This is more than just a funny love story. It’s a story about a woman who stands on her own strength. She doesn’t need a billionaire—she makes her own money and is successful in her own right.


Featured in Wattpad Romance’s Head Over Heels reading list; Wattpad Chicklit’s Nine to Five reading list; and Summer of Sisterhood, a Chicklit project.

First place Romance winner of The Winter Rose Awards 2019, The Creative Awards 2019, and first place humor for The Lollipop Awards 2019, The Acheron Awards 2019, and The Firework Awards 2019.


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Disguised as a Nerd
Vanessa Lee is a famous fashion designer and has a cosmetic line. At school, she is just Vannessa Collins with a disguise that she wears every day to school in order to live like a normal person. Though, her disguise results in her to get bullied daily. Apart from that, she falls for one of the popular boys in school, Asher Martinez. Vanessa is used to admiring him from a distance because who would fall for her. Will Asher notice her one day? If he does, will he notice her as the famous Vanessa Lee or the nerdy Vanessa Collins?


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Paste on discover

Of Mochas and Macchiatos

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In which Evangeline Leger is forced to cooperate with Rafe Archer (i.e. Rich Boy Archer) for a history project.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Evangeline Leger is a metaphorical mirror. Once a golden girl. Glimmering with aspirations, brimming with hope. Now she is broken. Her sharp, bitter fragments cut anyone who gets too close. A mere shadow of the girl she once was, she has become a shallow reflection of the person who used to own her heart.

And to top all that off, she feels as if her seven years of bad luck have coincided with the start of her first year of college.

Enter Rafe. Also known as Rich Boy Archer. When the universe (and a professor) throws the two of them together, Rafe and Evie become acquaintances, friends. Something more. And although Evie’s sparkling façade does well to hide her dark past, she feels her mask slipping further and further with each growing moment she spends with Rafe. The ghosts of Evie’s past still haunt her, threaten to spill into her new life.

Nobody can know the truth about it.

But, as Evie is about to discover, she’s not the only one hiding behind a veneer.

Because in Astoria, everybody wears a mask.

And with dire misfortune and death following Evie as she navigates her new life in a game of shadows, somebody is bound to die.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The pale splatter of my coffee juxtaposed against the blackness of the bitumen road is striking. All I can think is that it looks so reminiscent of those white chalk drawings, the outlines that people draw of dead bodies at a crime scene. That could have been my dead body.

“Evangeline! Say something!”

I turn my back on the ghost of my coffee to face him.

“You owe me a coffee.” Did I say that? My words seem mechanic, disjointed. Rafe gives me a weird look before he replies.

“You owe me your life.”

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<img src="

27 year old Dylan is a marine biologist, Specializing in marine mammals, who has recently moved to Honolulu, Hawaii as the result of a promotion at work. On the first day of his new job, he’s more than excited to hop into one of the many boats, tethered on the docks of the Nuku Marine Life Research Institute. Unfortunately, being the new kid on the block in a sea of men and women who have been studying the waves for twice as long as him puts him at the bottom of the totem. As a result, he’s assigned to a team who studies the coral reefs so he can first “get acquainted with the waters.”
While diving through the colorful underwater vegetation and swarms of tropical fish, he begins to see the shadows of a creature he is unfamiliar with. His curiosity is ignited as he subtly spends each day searching for the large fish, which always finds a way to dodge his presence. When he gets an opportunity to board a boat with an open ocean research team, he doesn’t hesitate to take it. But for better or worse, a suddenly forming storm insures that he won’t be going back to the institute any time soon. All he can do is keep his head above the towering waves and hope he doesn’t drown.

story link:

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Title: Half a Donut
Genre: Romance with a sprinkle of suspense
Wake up before sunrise. Drive to the pier. Jog for an hour. Get breakfast on the beach.

My morning routine was pretty succinct, these days. Almost boring. But I liked a no-brainer, it took my mind off things. The only call I had to make was which donut would pair with my tea today.

A simple decision, yet it changed my life, because that’s where I met her: in a Dunkin Donuts shop. That had only one Cruller left.

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Title: Sweet and Salty
Genre: Romance
Some actors chose this career because they love acting. Some did it for the fame. Others for the money.

But none did it to please an extravagant artist that wanted to shoot a movie about… the movie business!

Follow Audrey in her unexpected journey in front of the camera!

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Title : I Am… Elizabeth Bennet?!
Status : Ongoing
Genre : Romance
Link :
Description : Romantic, sharp-tongued, with a tendency to fall in love with tall dark-haired brooding men - Leah is your archetype of the Pride and Prejudice fan.

For her birthday, Leah’s friends and family pool together to get her the ultimate Austenian gift: a virtual-reality gaming device, that will allow her to live her favorite novel as the iconic Elizabeth Bennet!

Prompt 70 (Open Novella Contest 2020):
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single person in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a spouse.

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Title: Perfect Lies
Author: @make_a_wish071
Genre: romance
Chapters: 34, ongoing


Description: He started walking towards me until he was so close that I could feel his breath fanning my face. My breathing quickened. Leaning down he put one of his hands beside me on the counter and wiped something from the corner of my lips with a towel. He slowly moved to my ear and whispered, “No one shall know about what you saw today.”

He got up and gazed at me intensely. “Understood?”

I nodded my head rapidly.

“Good.” His lips curved into a tiny smile, so tiny I almost didn’t notice.

Then he turned around and left leaving me a quick breathing mess.

Meet Ember Collins, a simple tomboy.
Meet Hunter William King, the city’s renowned billionaire.

She is kind, brave and quirky. He is cold, dangerous and can do anything for his business.
She is like water calming souls when touches. He is like a tornado destroying everything on his way when passes.
They are like the opposite sides of a knife. One harmless, another cuts.

What will happen when they will be bound by an arranged marriage? What will happen when the secret behind the marriage will be revealed? Join Ember’s journey through love and hate to see what happens.

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Title: Sullen

Twenty-one-year-old Drew discovers that she has a brain tumor. Caught up in a web of hallucinations, it brings back memories from her past.

Her best friends Lisa Rowan and River Harlow are there to be her backbone as she fights through her illness. That’s not the only thing she has to worry about there’s a dangerous path ahead of her.

She meets a man named Alec Patel that instantly catches her attention. There’s something about this man, she can’t quite read him.

A man is waiting for her in the shadows of vengeance that’s full of envy.


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The Light in Your Dark

Two girls—

They’ve had other names. Other lives. They have been mortal enemies and reluctant allies. Friends. Rivals. Accomplices. Lovers.

—and a vengeful soul bent on their destruction.

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This is a story about a boy and a girl expressing their feelings for one another.

Riley is 16 and “the good girl”, breaking rules ever so often when it comes to her overprotective brothers. Riley moves to L.A with her brothers. She meets her neighbor and quickly falls for him.

Hayden is 16 and “the player”. Hayden befriends Riley’s brothers, but he loathes her. On the first day of school, all of the boys fall for Riley including Hayden’s friends. But, they are quick to notice something is wrong with him because he plays all the girls at school not matter what they look like. Hayden’s friends dare him to take Riley out, kiss her, and then break up. Hayden never lets down a dare so he agreed.

But, we all know Riley has feelings for Hayden and will say yes. The real question is what is going to happen on the date?

Will Hayden fall for Riley?

Will Riley see Hayden’s true colors and hate him?

What will happen? Just keep reading to find out.

Remember nobody has edited this story. So, there will be some mistakes.:yellow_heart:

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