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Iris Hoffman and her sisters decided to go on a vacation to the world’s most beautiful country and city: Rome, Italy.
Two weeks wasn’t enough time to do everything, and it certainly wasn’t on her list to fall in love. But Dante De Luca changed that. She was now on a wild goose-chase with her heart to figure out if it was true love, or if he was just another pretty face that she fell for.




In this romantic-messed up-dramatic novel, young dancers cross each other’s paths, troubled with their limitations and traumas, putting their feet on weak beliefs and hoping they won’t fail this time. They want to escape from dark pasts and confidently reach for an unknown dream, guided by the passion for Music and the urge to Dance.
Yet their inevitable personality will trick them and raise their worst fears. In this long story full of crashes, crushes, wrong convictions and strong steps, each will mark their presence with a peculiar and precious signature.

The first victim of this rollercoaster is :purple_heart:Gwen, a sensible, introspective and bombastic girl. Addicted to drama, she is an easy and inevitable target. Little they know that dealing with her might make their life a passionate hell, where love and hate come hand in hand.
“He is ice, and the other is fire, I’m drowning in the flames. :billed_cap:Blue and :fire:Red driving me so Purple.”
“So what’s the next step? Can we break our masks and dance together, 'cause I can’t keep up like that.”

Get ready for sweet-bitter-hot affairs, multiple perspectives, and the chance to find the sensibility that lies beyond their almost unbreakable stereotype. Almost.

Join their crew and get inside this musical journey, feel their amazing dance, fall in love and hate, pick your best and worst character, and connect with this world. You will not be left behind. After all, that’s what we’re here for: to stay connected.

Have a pleasant reading!

Some important info:
The rating says “Mature”.

Each chapter follows a song!:musical_note:


Her is a story based on the true events of the love story between my ex and I. It is full of drama, comedy, and lessons that I have learned in the past two years.

I ask that you please tune in for a mere minute of your time to see if you might enjoy it. Currently, my ex girlfriend lives in the literary lines of Wattpad and I’m hoping that, through my writing, I can get my message through to her. Please help me reach her. At the end of the story, I have a message for her, but, until then, I want to see if it is even popular to continue.

I am open up to constructive criticism and encourage it.


Title of Book: Forbidden Love & Rivalry

<img src="" width=300 />

Story Link:

Author: Janissa Christine (@JayChristine001)

Description: Go on the journey between Ezra and her brother Axle Jacobs as they move to a new city called Greysfield where slowly but surely things are coming together. Till Axle becomes aware he has to compete with Wilder Bryant the head crime boss in Greysfield City to takeover. Meanwhile Ezra damaged and lost trying to find her way through the broken life she had before. The Superiority of two dominant males can cause a great shift between so many life’s, businesses itself.

Then there was Ezra and Wilder finding love in a world full of set back. Ezra will be in the middle of a crossroads of this Rivalry. We cant forget the secrets she left behind in West Haven. So much pressure axle has to deal with when running a business and keep his sister from burning in the fire.

How will axle react to the news of there love affair? How much can one take? How do all of them handle this battle of confusion and pain? Will there be any compromising?

So Many questions to be answered click to read to find out what happens next…

I will submit a new chapter every Tuesday and Thursday starting after Thanksgiving. Will post earlier if I have time.



Title: Break Away
Good things come to those who wait. At least that’s how the saying goes. The whole truth is that shit happens. Good things, bad things they happen to everyone. There is no way to predict it or move out of its way. Life grabs hold of us all and clenches tight. So tightly that eventually we all break. Some sooner than others. Rin and Bo didn’t see a thing coming.

Story Link:


Название: “MOLLY”
Автор: Billie_Grey
Ссылка на историю:
«Жизнь слишком коротка, чтобы прожить ее ничтожно»

  • Здравствуйте,-я откликнулась на мужской, грубый голос.-Прошу присаживайтесь, спешу вас огорчить, но у этой прекрасной девушки, - показывает рукой на меня.-У этой замечательной девушки, рак головного мозга…
  • Что!? Этого не может быть! Перепроверьте анализы!-срывает голос моя мать, Я понимаю, для неё это такая трагедия, единственный ребёнок в семье и тот скоро умрёт. На самом деле я не бесчувственный кусок бревна, просто я устала.
    -Простите,-за что он извиняется, он ничего не сделал.-Мне очень жаль! Будете начинать курс лечения?

18+(присутствуют сцены сексуального характера)

Приятного чтения!:wilted_flower:


Название: “Совершенная”
Ссылка на историю:совершенная-%2B18
«Возьми мою руку и всю мою жизнь.»

Она-кусок льда.
Она-снежная королева.
Она- неприкосновенная.
Железобетонная стена, за которую никто никогда не заглядывал.
Нет ни семьи ни друзей.
Всегда одна.
Ни с кем не разговаривает и ни к кому не подходит.
Так было до того, как проявился он.
Молодой и горячий учить мировой истории. Учитель, который сломал все железобетонные стены, которые возводились годами.

+18(присутствуют сцены сексуального характера)

Приятного чтения!:wilted_flower:



Synopsis: Ellie Hawkins’ dreams are about to come true. Ever since she was little, she’s dreamed of following in her idol’s footsteps and rocking stages worldwide in a girl group. When her idol, Serena Maddox, announced she was producing a girl group, Ellie had to jump at the chance to audition, and she was lucky enough to be cast into the group.

As GIRLKRUSH, it’s their dream to be a girl group produced by girls, for girls.

There’s a problem though.

In today’s world, a girl group like GIRLKRUSH is not making the waves like expected, and investors are getting antsy.

In order to appease her idol and help her group find success, Ellie is willing to do anything, even if the very thing she’s forced to do goes against everything this girl group is supposed to stand for.

Xander Edwards is Hollywood acting royalty. As the youngest in his family, Xander has had a standard set for him, and his family won’t let him forget it.

Graced with his infamous surname, Xander has led a fairly well endowed life in the spotlight. He knows exactly how to play the media, and the fans, and how to win over millions of people with the flick of a smile.

Following his two older brothers into acting, Xander finds comfort in the scene he’s grown up in, but when a popular magazine threatens to expose a scandal that would threaten his career, Xander knows that controlling the media is the only way to hide the brewing scandal, and that can only be done with the help of a girl hoping to remotely make it in an industry built against her.

It’s a story no different than any other in the world of bright lights, glitz, and glamor, and yet is it possible to find genuine love behind the surface?
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Sounds interesting.



The Liar and Her Lover

Mayland Parish wants nothing more than to live at peace with her brother Riley, so as soon as she turns eighteen and gains full custody of him, she moves to rainy Seattle to start a new life in an old apartment her parents left behind.

Mayland-Mai- has grown up protecting herself by lying. So much that she’s an expert at it. If lying was the only way she could protect herself and Riley, so be it.

Everything changes when Mai realizes they won’t have enough money to live off of. After an encounter, she’s thrown into a complete different world from her own. There, she meets William Woods. An austere, hostile and very alluring guy that has her second guessing everything.

Will is everything she isn’t. He draws her in; despite his blindness, Will is charming and has her under his spell. For the first time in a long time, Mai finds herself having a hard time lying to someone, and that itself, is a dangerous thing.

28/ 30 chapters


just edited
story name: loved by him hated by them
The only thing she can do is run…
Her mother was murdered and her father ran from the problem and Raven. As everyone in her life realised that she is no longer the perfect princess she was before mothers death they turn against her without a single friend in the world her only choice is to run and leave her life far behind her. It’s now a year later and she now lives with her aunt in England .she still doesn’t have any friends and no one notices her until a strange boy comes to her school from her past.

Will her life change for the better or will her old life come back to haunt her ? will someone finally love her like he did? will she let him in?
With secrets as bad as her will they last? will she forgive him?
Will he see the scars she holds to her heart and the dark secrets she held for the longest time?



Sweet Chocolate

Living a closed off life after his mothers death, Haden changed completely from the boy he used to be. He hated socializing, going to school, or being anywhere that wasn’t his room.

Everything changed when Paris Henderson was assigned as his tutor, the ‘golden girl’ of the school. Haden couldn’t get away from her even if he wanted.

Annabethlove © 2018

21/30 chapters


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