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Featured in Wattpad Block Party 2017

Acting is Leah Johnson’s escape from a painful reality. Very painful.

Twenty-one-year-old Leah Johnson’s world has become rather isolated since she started dating Zach three years ago. He likes it that way because then the focus is on him, and if her attention to him wavers, his fists are quick to refocus her. Leah hides to survive, hides the bruises and her shame and relishes in those fleeting moments when she’s on stage and deep within the mind of another character. Those are the rare seconds where she feels safe; a feeling that’s become all but foreign to her.

Yet, issues arise when one of her charming co-stars, Kaleb not only has too keen an eye to Leah’s bruises but also stirs something inside of Leah that she had pushed so far down over the years she thought it had disappeared entirely.

Hope for a Zach free future.

But Zach isn’t the type to let go of something that he believes belongs to him. In fact, he’s willing to kill to keep it.✔️


Hi guys! This is my first time on Wattpad, so I’m in desperate need of feedback. The first 9 chapters are up and the link is down below. Check it out!!


Thousands of years ago, the Azure and the Vermilion dragons started a war. Although no one knows how it started, generations upon generations of both of these dragons have been taught to despise and kill each other instantly.

The spirit of the dragons have been passed down to humans as a tribute to their kindness, but little did the humans know, that with the spirit of the dragons, came at a cost. The cost of instant bloodshed of each other.

The royal family of both these clans possesses the blood of the Azure and Vermilion dragon, who can shift from human to dragon at will. Many generations of the royal families tried to forge an alliance or a treaty with each other, but always end up betraying one another.

As a result from a new peace treaty, Princess Annamarie, the last Azure dragon descendant, is then forced into a political marriage by her own morals and principles with the brooding Prince Kyro who is popular for being a tyrant throughout the Vermilion Kingdom.

Although Prince Kyro seems to be the main threat at the moment, Annamarie has realized that there’s a larger threat looming above everyone’s head. As a result, Anna’s life is going to take a turn as it is going to be filled with adventure, raw emotions, bloodshed, and a hint of romance :wink:



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A new (unwelcomed) beginning comes when Makennah is relocated through the foster care system to a new home in a rich suburb with the Sinclair family. Makennah knows right away that she doesn’t belong here, and she probably never will.

However, she can’t help but start to fall in love with the charming, humorous, family of six with all brothers.

Oh, and she couldn’t forget Matt’s (the oldest brother) hot football player best friend Theodore Alexander Rose. Or Theo for short. Before she can blink, she’s unequivocally involved with Theo. On the first week of school, Makennah spied Cassandra, Matt’s girlfriend, cheating on Matt, but he doesn’t believe her. Theo agrees to spy on Cassandra with Makennah in order to obtain evidence to convince Matt that Cassandra is unloyal.

Naturally, romance and attraction brew between them as they spend more time together. Makennah is scared that Matt will be unhappy with their attraction and keeps things behind closed doors where Matt can’t see.

However, Makennah can’t deny that she’s starting to fall in love with Theo. In the midst of her turbulent storms of trying to find her feet in a brand new town, new high school, and new family, he sees through her tough exterior and cares about what’s underneath that makes Makennah who she is. And he doesn’t care about her past.



LINK to the story is here: A BAD FALL

This story is about a young financial specialist Dylan Pratt with a gloomy background full of events which usually steer clear ordinary people, who is finally granted by the life with a girl with mutual feelings towards him. It seems there is nothing to make their relationships complicated as soon as there is chemistry between them, however the mysterious past and present of the girl leave in serious doubt if Dylan’s crush is really a true sigh of faith.

Genre: General fiction, Romance, New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Weekly story updates.



As an open supremacist, Eric Chandler prefers to see the world in an “us vs them” mentality. It’s simple, really. “Those kind of people” can’t be trusted. “Those kind of people” deserve to be where they are. “Those kind of people” are the real reason humanity is failing.

And then there’s Chantel.

A masterpiece for disaster.



Diamonds & Rubies

After several bodies of mobsters start turning up on the streets of Manhattan, a ruthless mob boss suspects that someone is out to get one of his members when he discovers that the men were ones of their own.

Benjamin, his young protege, accepts the task of finding out who the murderer is. Following a lead, Ben ends up in Harlem at the famous “Cotton Club”, where he meets Vivian. The club’s best female singer. The club’s best black female singer.
With her exotic dark skin, long thick ebony hair, bodacious body, and mesmerizing voice, she bewitches him.

Throughout their time together, he continues his search for the killer while showing Vivian his way of life. With her help, he’ll find out that the killer was much closer than he thought.


Rosie has run into countless problems during her short but trialling lifespan. Her life had changed so much in four years, that everyone was surprised she’d managed to keep up, and to her dismay she hadn’t.

She hadn’t failed as a singer, she’d faltered, and in that one ripple of weakness a whole tidal wave came her way choking her into this abyss of nothingness. He’d broken her heart tossed it aside and now she has to live with the pain of knowing that she was carrying a baby she would never have the strength to give away, even if in that moment she knew it was the right choice. In a moment of desperation she heads home, soaking wet from the rain and her tears, hoping her parents would be able to salvage what looks like a broken future. The baby tucked away in her belly she tries to go back to the life she thought she would never have.

Then as she walks around a familiar face she bumps into someone she never thought she’d see again and a euphoria swallows her whole.


❝So, Jayce took a deep breath as he made eye contact with the vixen, whose warm brown eyes reminded him of his sister’s hugs, and he gave her a breathtaking smile. And as she smiled back, and he was lost in the curves of her lips and the twinkle in her eyes, he had hope that tonight he might be able to forget a little bit, to give his mind a break from all the processing.❞

Jayce was looking to forget. He didn’t expect to get lost in eyes as warm as the summer sun. He didn’t expect to find love that felt like being cocooned in the softest cotton.

❝Usually, late afternoon was her favorite part of the day. It was when the sun slid in through the cracks in her blinds to caress the mirror sitting upon her desk, causing several rainbows to decorate her room. Often, she took it as a sign-a reminder that everything was going to be okay.❞

Kandice was looking for happiness. She didn’t expect to love a smile that twinkled like the stars in the sky. She didn’t expect to find a mind as vast as the universe.

Two college students, whose lives intertwine, when burden is heavy on both of their shoulders.

Their love is far from ordinary, far from easy.

❝What happened to the girl that used to look at me like I could save the world, Seraphine?❞ Jonah ran his knuckles down her cheek before gently grabbing her by the chin and staring into her eyes.

❝She matured and became a woman who realized that if her world needed saving, then she’d have to do it herself. She realized the boy with sunshine in his hazel eyes was no longer there to protect her from the villains. So she became a superhero. One that wears stilettos, of course,❞ she whispered with a small smile.

❝Jonah, my heart yearned for you for so long, that I thought the ache would never go away. I needed you four years ago, but make no mistake, I do not need you now.❞

Jonah Atkins and his family disappeared into the cover of the night, four years ago. He didn’t expect to return and find his timid best pal transformed into a bewitching and headstrong woman capable of holding the moon and the stars on her back.





He is a righteous, down-to-earth billionaire, the coveted heir ― yet unglamorous chairman, of the mightiest corporation in the world, and he is a depraved escort boy, prostitute and arms dealer; his life is a living hell, but he swore to tame the blaze.

Alec Waters and Damian Night have nothing in common. The first one seems to have everything he wants on hand and doesn’t have the shadow of a worry to stain his bright blue sky. The second is irremediably wounded by his horrid, criminal past, and worries to have nothing left to worry about as he knows his life hopeless and his future dangerously certain.

Things come and go, and Alec’s father, the widowed patriarch of the Waters clan and infamous billionaire, Charles Waters III, ends up upgrading Damian to be his arms purveyor and personal prostitute … at least, that is what the contract stipulates. Pretty soon after, Alec learns of his father’s new fetish, the mysterious, youthful and damnably gorgeous Damian. Ticked off, he decided to make it personal and save the young man from his father’s grasp.

Played by love and disheartened by fame, Alec Waters learned to muzzle his soft heart and keep its ramparts guarded, yet when his eyes landed on a certain attractive gunman, a deep crack sounded within the fortress and his equanimity fell into ashes … and what seemed to be another occasion for him to waste his time ― cleaning up in the wake of his perverted father, took an unexpected turn that was about to challenge the lives of more people than he could ever imagine and make of a, supposed lackluster, ride to the family home the beginning of a long story.



After experiencing consecutive failures at achieving love, he decides to return back to his roots and shut out all emotions. In turn becoming numb in order to escape the pain of a worsening aching heart that never recovered. Though just as he goes to shut out the light, he finds an interest sprouting for a girl with a hibiscus flower in her hair. At first seeing it as just another set up for failure, thus being reluctant and cautious to her presence, but like always unable to set aside a task once he gets started. Though whether the light will be restored within this darkening heart, has yet to be seen.


In Another Life, I Would Make You Stay

Ayden will soon be in charge of CMC, a multi-billion dollar company in Chicago. Alva grew up surrounded by reindeer and mountains on the other side of the world. When she steps into Ayden’s office, it seems like the two have nothing in common. Ayden gets turned on by her fearless attitude and decides to follow her to Sweden. It turns out that their backgrounds are more similar than they first thought, and that’s the reason they could never be together.

Read The Story Here!



Title: Peekaboo

I see you.
Where’d you go?
Natalya has been away from home since she was 16. But now seven years later, she unwillingly comes back to a place she once called home full of people she doesn’t know, who are full of dangerous secrets.

But they are nothing compared to hers.


Hi guys! New story, check it out thanks! It’s my first time here.

Soul Mates |HS|

Where there is one necklace split by two people, determining their fate in this world full of confused love.

Two necklace, in the shape of half of some jewel, were solely created for two people.

Soul mates.

As you stepped closer to them, the necklace radiates warmth. But as you step further away, an ice cold feeling seeps from it.



Genres: Romance, Action, Spiritual, Friendship, Relationships

When Zeta White, a captivating Actor, crosses path with a smart and alluring lawyer, Xavier Voss, she finds herself feeling feelings that she never felt before.
Intensely drawn to her, Xavier finds a way to win her by helping her through her tragedy.
But is everything just the way it looks like? Or is Xavier on a different page?

I don’t know if Saints would call it a sin, but I surely do. He isn’t supposed to be so handsome.

She’s here to stay inside my mind. I don’t know if I can call it love, but if it is, it’s going to destroy her.
But I don’t mind, unless she’s mine.

She was the lifeline,
And I needed life.
That’s when it was clear,
She had no choice other than to stay with me.

She might be replaced, but not completely.
I’ll leave her if she goes, because I need to survive.
But Zeta needs to know, that I’ll be back, and she is my life.

She was my destination, and I was… Ready for everything that came in my way.

A Novel on How Exactly Everything Can Go Wrong.




❝It was like a game between the two of them until the other one stopped playing❞

They were enemies in high school. Pulling pranks, calling names and embarrassing each other in front of the school were in both of their’s daily schedules. That lasted almost three years until she disappeared mysteriously in the senior year without a word and he continued living a life the way it was before meeting her.

Now, five years later both of them are busy with their lives. They haven’t seen or heard of each other since that day but the memories never disappeared. When they meet again after so long, neither of them was ready for the consequences.


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.•°°•. For a night you were mine
And ever since I am yours .•°

Alyssa Rhodes was meant to attend her sister’s wedding in less than two weeks. However, she still had to find someone to keep her company. Sitting in a cafe and drinking a warm cup of tea, her search was going nowhere. When an handsome young man with a charming smile introduced himself as Matthew Jefferson, she took an instant interest in him. The connection between the two was incredible and it seemed absurd to think he became the answer to her problem. With the unknown scaring them both, what will happen once the wedding will be over? Will they ever find the deep love that they deserve? :hugs:




"You better run when her eyes turns red" Her father always told.

Izzy,her mom and her dad they were vampires. Even though Izzy had a sister she was a human. But they all lived happily together.Of course they lived like normal people.

Izzy,her mom,her dad, her sister Lily and her adapted brother Jared.Actually Izzy and her brother Jared were in love with each other. Well that’s what Izzy thought until she caught him cheating on her with her own sister Lily.What will you feel if your caught your own sister doing so? Anyways that’s not the only jaw dropping thing happened on the same day. Izzy gets a call from her mother. She wanted to tell her all but instead of that she gets to witness her own parents death over the phone.

Although she lost all of her family in one day she doesn’t have a single minute to worry thinking about it.She has a mission to complete with the help of another person; Lucas. Will she be able to do it and save all the vampires? Will she be able to taste love again? Will she revenge on the murders of her parents?

Read and find out :-


Hi. Kindly check out my story and leave honest feedbacks. The link is down below. Thanks.


Just when Violet Montgomery had succumbed to living in a cliché romance story, that of a rich man and an average lady being so helplessly in love, a plot twist comes barelling into her life and changes everything.

Updated every friday!

Behind every great alliances, are great kingdoms.
An historical romance focusing on the story of some allies that the young King Arthur Pendragon gathers along the years.
Join the journey of the Blackwell family, ruler of the kingdom of Aldary, as they have to rise their kingdom from the ashes after an heinous dragon attack. Blackwells and Pendragons will join arms to fight for what is destined to be Albion, the greastest alliance ever formed. Feel yourself by their side on the battlefields, raise your feminist spirit up when you see a woman taking the complete power of the throne. Love the characters as they loved back then, knowing their days were probably numbered.


Camelot is ruled by the king Arthur Pendragon, the greatest king to ever rule and live, as said by the druids’ legends, destined to rule and guide, not only Camelot, but all the kingdoms of Albion, turning them into United Kingdoms made of principles such as loyalty, bravery, trust and kindness.
The king isn’t alone in this task. He has the help of his wife, Gwen, his younger sister, Francesca, every knight at his service and even some allies he gathers along the way, kings and princes who share his principles and will help him defeat the tirany of rival kingdoms.
The tables turn when Francesca falls in love with the prince of another kingdom, Aldary, doing everything she can to convince her brother the prince must be safe.
But within Camelot’s walls lies a secret hidden for five years, which might be either the key for Arthur’s success, or the ignition for the destruction of Camelot and his dream.