Elizabella ‘Ella’ Adams had the perfect life on paper: caring family, stable job and a serious relationship. But sometimes moments come along in life which make you question whether what’s on paper is enough for the heart. Sometimes people can come along. For Ella that person was Theodore ‘Theo’ Harrington.
Irresistibly charming, handsome, and ambitious. He would be perfect for her heart but was he perfect on paper? Ella would have to wait and see. Because if there was one thing she’d learnt, there was no better love than the unpredictable.

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> ¿La belleza es un Don o una Maldición?

Pasar el verano junto a su amiga Suzanne en el idílico pueblecito de Munysporth, le pareció a Phoebe una buena idea. Sin embargo, nadie había previsto el choque que se produciría entre Suzanne y su madre, cuando esta última trajera consigo desde Nueva York a un joven y guapo acompañante.

Para Patrick, el lujo y la compañía de mujeres ricas forma parte de su día a día. Su llegada a Tindale House provoca una situación de tensión que es difícil de sobrellevar y acaba encontrando refugio en esa joven que ha sido invitada por la hija de su anfitriona y que, como él, se ha convertido a la fuerza en testigo y parte de tan desagradable problema.

Phoebe y Patrick comparten complicidad y experiencias, mientras sus pasos en el camino los van acercando poco a poco y terminarán descubriendo en el otro algo que no esperaban. Dicen que el verano es tiempo de romances… ¿qué pasa si decides vivirlo con un chico de compañía?

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La Maldición de Adonis


Hello everyone! I just started a new book with only two chapters if you guys could please check it out! I would love some feedback! I’m even up for read for read if anyone wants!

Title: Rhythm of Love

Genre: Romance


Summary: A modern twist of Romeo and Juliet with a dash of Divergent, presented is Victoria Debroux a fellow rock listener that has been told her whole life not to mess with their rivals, the rap group. About 10 years prior to Victoria’s birth, cliques in high school were no longer determined by economic class or hobbies, but by genre of music. It spread like wildfire and blew into one of the biggest controversies ending with different social sectors around the world.
Enter Jacob Harris, and that’s when the lines between loyalty and love blur.



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Hi, my name is Emily and I am 18 years old. I live in a dorm with my best friend Cheryl. I’m like the opposite of my best friend; she’s very outgoing and fun to be around. I am very shy and don’t like going out at all. I love watching tv shows while she loves partying.

Will I ever find my dream guy? Or will I just get hurt again?

To make it even worse, one day I find out a secret that my parents kept from me all these years…



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Dakota was never interested in dating. She had always thought that it was a waste of time and money. She didn’t need a guy to be happy and she definitely didn’t have the energy to deal with the drama. That changes when she starts to realize that everyone around her is happily with someone, so she comes up with a plan. Ten dates in two months and see what happens, and who best to help her than her football extraordinaire best friend? How hard can dating be?


When I came out of the bathroom Trevor was cracking up. I gave him a puzzled look, but otherwise ignored him. I walked to the table and the moment Josh saw me he stood up from the chair and got down on one knee.





I was going to kill Trevor. That was the first think that came to my mind. He could have prevented this! That little sucker.

“Dakota Mitchells.” How does he know my last name? “I know we haven’t known each other for a long time, but I’ve known you for over a year. You bring light to my life whenever I see you.”

That is sort of sweet. No! Dakota, what is wrong with you? This is not sweet! His is psycho.

“You have issues with food but that’s okay.” He cleared his thoat. “I present to you a promise ring.”

Just after he said that, loud laughter filled the cozy restaurant. I threw Trevor a save-me look, but he was too busy laughing at my expense.

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A. L. Pecka


She is Muslim.
He is christian.
Letting go of each other seemed easier said than done!

A/N: Fun Facts:

  • This is a SHORT story. Not short as in HEIGHT wise though. XDD (see what i tried there- did i fail?)
  • This story was inspired by a close friend.
  • This story is mine :slight_smile:


No Big Deal

Jay had always been the main person in Tess’s life and despite everything, she’s determined to make their relationship work. That is until Jay starts taking things too far and his cousin, Cole, is forced to step in. Cole is putting everything on the line to help Tess out and it’s up to her to let him.


I Will Fight For You [COMPLETED]

Crystal Vanders was living the dream. Even with a visible disability, she had charmed her way into her new world. Her life was perfect with a perfect job, perfect future and a gorgeous admirer.

But when has life been that perfect? All it took was a date and a surprising visit from her past for her life to change from perfect to miserable.

How could things go so terribly wrong so fast?


Title: Loving Ivy’s Colorful Mind
Genre: Teen fiction/Romance/Mental health
Author: @eliyeda

I saw her, but she never saw me.

No matter what I did to break through her crystal globe of her mind, she still didn’t see me. I loved her from afar, more than I have ever, or could ever love someone. I loved her even though we have never exchanged a single word. I loved her because I could see how she saw the world differently. I was IN LOVE with her, because she WAS different. Just like me…

I was obssessed with her. I wanted to see her finally seeing ME. Because those dark and haunting eyes of hers, have been the first and last picture in my head, every day, for years.

Ivy’s mind is a mystery to me, and I want to uncover it, solve her.

I am in love with Ivy’s mind. I just hope one day I get to tell her, and she lets me love her the way only I could…

Ivryl “Ivy” Tesla is perfectly happy in her colorful little world which involves a stable and predictable routine, her twin and older brothers, and her two best friends from infancy. There’s the occassional darkness, but with Gabe, Dami, Mav and Ry by her side, she can overlook the darkness lurking in the shadows of her crystal globe. They are all she ever wanted, all she could ever care for and all she could ever need. That is, until one night she is saved by an unknown stranger.

Once Ivy acknowledges Liam Price’s existence in her perfect little world, she witnesses how little by little her crystal globe starts to shatter. She resists, but he is persistent. He purposely forces himself into her world, and soon she finds out that it was not as perfect or colorful as she had believed it to be.

In the end, Liam might just be the one to uncover her deepest secrets and darkest demons, but also, the only one who could force her into a world of the brightest colors… A world she didn’t even know it existed inside her mind… inside her own heart.


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"You better run when her eyes turns red" Her father always told.

Izzy,her mom and her dad they were vampires. Even though Izzy had a sister she was a human. But they all lived happily together.Of course they lived like normal people.

Izzy,her mom,her dad, her sister Lily and her adapted brother Jared.Actually Izzy and her brother Jared were in love with each other. Well that’s what Izzy thought until she caught him cheating on her with her own sister Lily.What will you feel if your caught your own sister doing so? Anyways that’s not the only jaw dropping thing happened on the same day. Izzy gets a call from her mother. She wanted to tell her all but instead of that she gets to witness her own parents death over the phone.

Although she lost all of her family in one day she doesn’t have a single minute to worry thinking about it.She has a mission to complete with the help of another person; Lucas. Will she be able to do it and save all the vampires? Will she be able to taste love again? Will she revenge on the murders of her parents?

Read and find out :-


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Natalie Rose does not believe in love. Ironically, however, she is employed as an assistant to an elite event planner. When her employer’s sudden illness causes her to be in charge of a certain Wedding-engagement plan her client expects her aid in helping him plan his proposal.

What happens when she finally falls in love but with the man committed to another? What happens when Natalie Rose falls in love with her client, Mr. Mathew Holmes?

Read on to find out. This is an entry for the Open Novella contest. UPDATED EVERYDAY


every story I never finished isn’t as bad as it sounds. Its a mixture of genres put into one. Once you’ve finished one part it leaves you on a cliffhanger that may be frustrating but its a sensation. It makes you think what’s going to happen next? But nothing does happen next, so you can make your own ending. What might have happened next? I write the story you finish the adventure. These stories really get you thinking at the end and leave you on a journey that doesn’t even need to end, its all up to you… in the end.
This link will send you on your first adventure. Have fun, or you might even set off to an adventure full of sadness and sorrow you never know.



Mia Brown, a runaway, abused person, is found unconscious in the middle of a deserted highway one evening, by none other than Lillian Foster and her brother Ryan Foster, the CEO of Foster Enterprises himself.

As their lives collide, new secrets are unfolded. Every second of her life Mia is on the edge. But she has vowed to her mother no to let out any information that might risk her life. How will she survive in this modern world, all by herself? Will the fosters help her? What might she be hiding? Is she really who she lets out to everyone else?

Read on to know about the story of Mia and her grave secrets. Will she be able to protect herself?

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After getting cheated on his boyfriend that she have knew ever since she were born, and after the girl that was cheating with her boyfriend took the drawing that was hers and used it to enter a contest that Emily was supposed to be in…
Emily went away, everyone assumed she was the evil copier that tried to stole that women’s idea, but they didn’t know, she was just waiting for a perfect time to come back.
After two years, now she’s back, for some sweet, sweet revenge. And she was determined to get back what was supposed to be hers.
On the way… some mysterious men will try to break in to hear heart that’s frozen for years.
Will she ever talk back what’s hers? Well she show everyone that she wasn’t the copier? And will she fell for the men, that have helped her so much on the way?
Found out in this book now!



“Feisty one, aren’t you?”

“What’s it to you,” she hissed.

She felt hands shove her feet aside, before the presence took their place.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to enjoy my cigarette in peace,” she spat.

She opened her eyes, and for the first time that night, looked at the despicable creature before her. He was testing her patience but she refused to let him off easily. Said, “You do realize there are a thousand other seats just waiting to be sat on, right?”

“Why of course there are, this being one of the many,” he smirked. He was aware that his presence bothered her, it was the sole reason why he had entered The Cafe in the first place.

“I’ve noticed,” he said, “that you are one to be feared, but quite frankly, it is much the opposite.”


I love Mafia Stories I do hope your book is as interesting as it appears.


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