Title: Close
By: @TheWritingDreams
Stacy Grey is eighteen years of age with an average lifestyle that consists of pretty much just school and studies. She doesn’t have time for drama. Her favourite pass times are reading or doing research. She doesn’t fancy herself as one to go to lavish parties where people get drunk and dance to wild music like they have rats in their pants. She doesn’t do drugs and will never have a cigarette near her lips…

Dylan Ramone is twenty and is quite the opposite of Stacy. His life is a walking nightmare; he’s got a lot of skeletons tumbling out of his cupboard. He’s truly been to hell and back in all the darkness he has experienced. He’s mysterious and intriguing to some; and scary and dark to others. He lives off alcohol, cigarettes and sex. He comes home each night with a different girl. He’s not capable of caring for someone. Not capable of love. Not anymore. Not after ‘it’ happened.

So what will happen when these two meet?

Will the angel tame the demon?
Or will the demon devour the angel?




Cori Ashworth, a 17-year-old girl who lives in New York and Mark Harisson, an 18-year-old boy who lives in London, have their lives turned upside down when they both come across two antique copies of the book ‘gone with the wind’ ,which hide an old and mysterious secret.

A book about never knowing what goes on behind the scenes in someone else’s life.

(if there’s anyone who gives reviews and feedback, i’d greatly appreciate it!)


Link: Das Mädchen mit den blauen Augen

Wir schreiben das Jahr 910. Die Geschichten über die Blauäugigen gelten mittlerweile nur noch als Mythen und auch Lythia und Emilthia, zwei beste Freundinnen, die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten, haben von diesen Geschichten keine Ahnung. Sie leben ihre Leben, füllen ihre speziellen Rollen aus und genießen die Zeit, die sie mit einander verbringen können.

Bis Emilthia ein Buch findet, das die beiden entzweien soll.



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Separados entre dois mundos. Jhossy Frost e Hwenyki Caledo alimentam uma paixão nascida de um sonho vivido por ela e as últimas luzes do dia almejadas por ele.

Hwenyki, um vampiro nomeado futuro rei de Dássys, a terra aonde vivem todos os seres de contos de fadas e histórias de terror. Jhossy, filha de uma empreendedora e estudante de um colégio particular pouco desejado.

Ela não espera muito da vida. Ou pelo menos não esperava.

Uma humana e um futuro rei. Pareceria impossível se os seus caminhos não estivessem traçados desde o princípio.

Eis a história que explica o verdadeiro significado de amor, aquela em que ainda não lhe contaram. Mas que arrepia até os cabelos da alma mais desgastada e experiente dentre os córpos.



Title: Remember the Burning Dream
plural noun: dreams
a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

Dreams are supposed to be things you’ve experienced bits and pieces from what you’ve seen during the day,you’re thoughts, your hopes, your memories. These dreams they aren’t always mine. They scare me. I want it to stop but not really. Then when I think about it I want to help although I know I can’t. I wish I can control them do something but How can I? I can’t escape what’s in my head. I wish I could…I think



“If I had a heart,” I started, looking away, “I’d have fallen in love with yours a long time ago.”

An arrogant smirk pulled at the ends of his lips. “Challenge accepted.”

“What challenge?”

“Getting you to fall in love with me.”

When seventeen-year-old Arizonna Brown moves to Jackson to escape her haunting past, her only motive is to keep her head down and finish the summer vacation.

There’s one minor hiccup: she punches the hottest badass in town, Brenden Hawthorn a.k.a the boy that lives across the street.

Arizonna is not your everyday teenager but would that be enough to not fall for breathtakingly handsome Brenden, or his goofy best friend, Noah?

She needs to keep her head out of trouble but it seems impossible with the back-stabbing best friends, old rivalries, ex-boyfriends and arch enemies crawling back into the picture.

Story on my account:)


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Title: Letters to Gibran

Author: @Mariana-Rose

Setting: Sydney, Australia

About: Amira Rose has always lived a life of content. Her family loves her, even though they have an unique way of showing it, she knows they would do just about anything for her. But when she meets Nathan on campus, she soon finds out that maybe there is still something inside of her that desires for a bit more of life. Maybe love can exist outside of cultural barriers.


(Ongoing- I try to write when I don’t have the stress of uni hounding at me)


Hi all romance lovers! Here is the first chapter of my slow burn romance fiction SUNSHINE. Hope you all read and enjoy it.

Story link:

My name is Sunshine, but I live in the depths of darkness. I don’t sleep and I don’t date. I will never find love. I will never live a normal life. I might just end my life as well right now. But to everyone around, I am just a simple, happy go lucky girl, because I am a good actress and I know how to keep my secrets. I’ve had two boyfriends in the past and I tried to kill them.

They say third time is a charm. Alexander West strolled into my life with an ease that has turned my life upside down. His mission in life is to be the President of the United States. I am incredibly attracted to him but I also know what I’d do if I get close to him. I’d kill him. When the time comes, I wouldn’t be able to resist slicing his throat, with the warm blood splattering around. What will I do? Will I get help? Will he still love me after knowing the secrets I keep from the world? I don’t know, just yet.


Hallo Leute ich habe meine erste Geschichte vor ein paar Tagen veröffentlicht und würde mich über eure Meinung freuen! Also hoffe ich das ihr mal vorbeischaut:



Philip is happy, successful and enjoying life. To the full.
He doesn’t believe in love, or marriage, or long-term anything that isn’t business related, especially not after his parents’ and friends’ relationships did a good job of convincing him such things were over-rated, over-indulged and over very quickly.
Sex had its place and, when the time came, a suitable marriage with someone he admired and respected would have its place, too.
But Philip is in for a shock, because love doesn’t give a damn whether Philip believes or not.
Love will conquer him… however hard he tries to fight.



Abigail was used to new starts - she’d changed schools at least six times, through no fault of her own. She’d changed her hairstyle, her fashion style and her friends just as many times.
That was life. And people. And the implacable curiosity of strangers.
Because Abigail had a secret. It wasn’t her secret, yet she carried it like a shroud.
It’s time Abigail removed the shroud of someone else’s shame.


She is quiet. Like a mouse. Quiet and small so she can stay hidden when he comes.
The scary man.
The one who turns big, strong mamma into a rag doll.
Small and quiet.
Until that night.
The night she wasn’t small, or quiet, or hidden.
The night mamma wasn’t big or strong or silent.
The night she had to grow up very quickly.




Book: Roomates
Summary: After flunking out her freshman year in college, Abigail James is forced to move in with her brother, Spencer, and his best friend Jace. What happens when old feelings threaten to resurface?


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