Title: Close
By: @TheWritingDreams

Love… Hate… Disdain… Respect

There’s a fine line to draw between each emotion that the human body can feel. Many emotions are the same at their core, they just result in different ways when portrayed to the outside world of the human existence.

Stacy Grey is eighteen years of age with an average lifestyle that consists of pretty much just school and studies. She doesn’t have time for drama. She likes to have things in a certain way, an organized lifestyle. Her favourite pastime includes reading or doing research. She doesn’t fancy herself as one to go to lavish parties where people get drunk and dance to wild music like they have rats in their pants. She will never do do drugs or even have a cigarette near her lips… She sets the perfect example for the perfect girl. An Angel some might say.

Dylan Ramone is the exact opposite of Stacy. The devilish handsome demon of North Carolina. His life is far from average. His life is basically a walking nightmare; he’s got a ton of skeletons tumbling out of his cupboard. Skeletons that have to stay buried in order for him to move on in his life. He’s truly been to hell and back in all the darkness he has experienced in the twenty years of his lifetime. He’s mysterious and intriguing to some; and scary and dark to others. He lives off alcohol, cigarettes and sex. He comes home each night with a different girl. He’s not capable of caring for someone. Not capable in being close to someone. Not capable of love, not anymore at least. Not after ‘it’ happened.

So, what will happen when these two meet?

Will the angel tame the demon?
Or will the demon devour the angel?



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Mael, la reina de las bromas.

Connor, el rey.

Jagger, el bufón.

El resto, pringados que están en medio de toda esa mezcla de emociones, purpurina y pintura.

¿A quién le cortarán la cabeza?




For as long as she could remember, it fascinated her unlike any other.

Dollar Bills.

It was all he ever knew, and of course, he loved it.

But what happens when you have a one-night stand with the girl whose job it is to protect your dollar bills using her computer code.

Written by @SaraEverglade
Edited by @Divonshnare
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Léonie est une jeune étudiante dont la gaieté débordante en laisse certains perplexes. Lorsqu’elle arrive en première année à l’Université, elle fait la rencontre de Gaël, un garçon énigmatique et membre de la célèbre fraternité « The Black Wolves ». Lui, tout vêtu de noir et pédant à souhait , elle, colorée de la tête aux pieds et dotée d’une spontanéité maladroite, tout semble les opposer. Pourtant ils vont malgré eux être attirés l’un par l’autre, laissant leurs différences de côté. En effet, malgré son air insolent, Gaël ne cesse de lui venir en aide depuis que le président de sa confrérie a décidé de faire d’elle un jeu. Mais il doit admettre que Léonie lui apporte elle aussi joie et espoir dans son petit monde sombre et ennuyeux : un confetti est entré dans sa vie et il compte bien le garder pour lui.

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Title: A Fable for Crow
Once upon a time, very long ago there lived a quiet herbalist who lived on the edge of the forest. Her tiny house was well hidden away from the eyes of the outside of the world. Her name was Yume. She was not the most beautiful woman nor was she the wittiest. She was simply Yume. She did her work of collecting herbs without troubling a soul. She had no visitors of her own. Just one every Friday a friendly boy from the mountains would come and receive the herbs for the villagers. Yume did not mind the plain state of her life. It was nice to see the boy and wave hello and then good-bye. A simple sweet life.

Yet one day a stranger came across the herbalist’s house. He knocked loudly at Yume’s house door. The herbalist having just started her lunch answered the door slowly. Yume said to the stranger, “Good afternoon. How can I help you?”

“Herbalist! I am a spirit of the sky! I need your help in saving the lands!” The Stranger said.
Yume’s life was changed forever. . . Wait, John. . . Corny? I know it is no detective horror story. But . . . Okay. . . Damn that sounds wrong. I better rewrite the whole thing again. Hold on John, I will figure it out.






❝As a young girl, Seraphina Gray Rossi packed up her things at eleven years old to move to a small town on the big island called, Haleiwa, Hawaii. With parents as well respected marine biologists who specialized in the species of bottlenose dolphins, they turned their passion into a living and created Dolphin Cove, a sanctuary for dolphins.

But, when the native, Orion Alvarez returns to the Island eight years after his parent’s passing, people are raising questions as to why he’s come back. Rumors tainted his name in the small town, the myth becoming he was the murdered of his parents, only fleeing when suspicious arose.

A new found spark for life finds itself in Orion as he comes across the young, nineteen year old Sera with dimples deeper than the ocean itself. But just when he thinks he can give himself a chance to be happy again, the case of his parents death reopens as suspicion rises within the community, as well as the girl that has caught Orion’s eye.

Follow Sera and Orion through the depths of trying to see past the skin of someone’s soul, trying to remind themselves that you shouldn’t always believe what you hear in, Dolphin Cove.❞




New York City in 2032.
The world, now descended into complete anarchy, has now been divided into major city states. All protected by a dome to keep law and order within city boarders, but what happens when one of the biggest cities breaks out into complete an utter chaos.
What started it?
What can stop it?
Expect action, romance, playful banter and a few surprises on the way. Like, share and comment on my story “The Dome”.


Status: Ongoing (newly published!)

Campbell Harrison just graduated high school and is more than happy to leave the grand arches of Pacific Coastal Academy in her rearview mirror. It wasn’t that she was unpopular or that she got failing grades, it was the sudden death of her brother Beau and the subsequent crumbling of her parents’ marriage that Campbell was itching to escape.

Everyone expected Campbell to attend Stanford in the fall with her childhood sweetheart Myles and that four years later she would graduate and take over the family’s winery in Napa. What Campbell kept from everyone is that she secretly applied to NYU. Accepted to pursue a double major in Art and Graphic Design, Campbell was counting down the days till she could pack her bags and fly east.

Only when LA native and budding actor Jude Warren rents the house next to Campbell does she reconsider her plans to leave California forever.



OPEN CLARITY - a Paranormal Romance


Lia Russo sees Matthew in her dreams for the first time when she is seven. She doesn’t realize it yet, but Matthew is her soul mate. What Lia also fails to realize is that her soul travels as she sleeps and is able to interact with others. Throughout her adolescence, her dreams are filled by encounters with Matthew but are also plagued by other mysterious forces. OPEN CLARITY follows Lia’s enigmatic journey as she learns, through her aunt’s deepest secret, that her dreams are more than just the subconscious thoughts and memories of her physical life.

This novel is an original work and is complete. A new chapter will be released on Wattpad each week. I hope you enjoy this story, and I thank you for your support!


Lost%20Without%20You%20official%20cover Link to book

Due to her dad’s new job offering, Violet Adams enrolls into a new school in California. Being glad that she can start a new life with no more drama, she finally gets away from her old high school and her history that came with it. Until she, unfortunately, met the school’s resident a-hole. With her past slowly catching up on her, how will everything affect her current life?



Genre: Romance, Action, Fiction.

Ate Girl: minsan masungit, matalino, magaling mag joke, nakiki uso minsan, maganda, talented, naninira ng pasensya, may pagka boyish din, nang bu-bully ng lalaki pero joke joke lang, malapit sa lalaki.

Kuya boy: mabait minsan, magaling sa math, di nakiki uso, masungit kapag hindi nya gusto yung tao, gwapo, mayaman, nang bu-bully kapag hindi nya nakuha yung gusto nya, mahina sa History, slow din minsan, makakalimutin.

What if… nag kakilala sila?

What if… naging mag kaaway sila?

What if… nag ka-bati sila?

What if… naging close sila?

What if… nag kagusto si kuya boy kay ate girl?

What if… nag confess si kuya boy?

What if… hindi naniwala si ate girl kay kuya boy?

What if… naniwala na si ate girl?

What if… naging M.U sila?

What if… naging sila?

What if…

Ano kaya ang mangyayari sa susunod?

Malalaman din natin yan…

(This is a tagalog story Di ako mag popost everyday ng new chapter cuz may school din ako. You could find my story in my wattpad profile ‘RMae999’ thank youuuuu.!)



« You’re not my weakness…you’re my strength. »

Maddison Brown is an 18 years old girl who enjoys her last year of school in Boston. Her schedule is always laden and she exploits every minute of her exciting life.
She has never planned on falling in love, but life has decided otherwise. Every way leads her to him, to Liam Parker, a 19 years old guy who lives two hours drive away from her.

She was scared of getting hurt and he was busy with random girls every night, but everything has changed since the day they met.
Love is a foreign feeling for both of them. None of them knows how to deal with this uncontrollable yet passionate love.

Their relationship is complicated, there are obstacles on their way, lies, fights, anger, sadness… but is their love powerful enough to overcome everything? Will they get a fairytale happy-ending?


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(In Progress. Updates every couple of weeks) <3

"Natara tries not to think about how warm and firm his body is, how amazing he smells, or the fact that Mr. Vice is her boss. Doing this shouldn’t make her feel this good."

Life after high school? Scary. Especially for a girl who got mediocre grades and has never had a job before.

So when Natara is suddenly hired by the Vicetech Corporation, a massive multimillion dollar business, Natara wonders what the catch is.

Apparently it’s one devilish heir to the company. And she’s his new secretary.

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Anything But Mine

After losing her grandma Magnolia is unsure about what her life will be like. Promises made, she keeps living her life and she continues working with her sights on leaving for college in the fall.

A chance meeting with a stranger threatens to derail her plans. Magnolia had no thoughts of romance especially in a town she didn’t plan to stay in but the mysterious Rhett isn’t letting her get away that easily.

Maybe a summer romance wouldn’t be so bad… right?

Sorry guys I tried to post the cover photo or link but had some difficulty! Thanks in advance for reading!


uma historia entre duas pessoas totalmente diferentes os levando para uma nova vida,e um novo recomeço…enfrentando alguns problemas juntos, e se ajudando, nos problemas que virão…muitas vezes as pessoas perdem o foco daquilo que sempre almejou… todos nos temos os nossos caminhos a seguir mas um dia ele se cruzara com o caminho de outra pessoa ai o encontro vai ser certo…Mas quando os caminhos se cruzam o que acontece? Leia e descubra…Roberto e Olivia são os principais desta historia que teve seus caminhos cruzados pelo destino…O que acontecera?Se você leu ate aqui…Obrigado…



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When Mr Arthur Rosewood, the son of a wealthy country landowner, returns home for a visit, he is the talk of all of the town.

With her best friend away for the summer, Willow gladly accepts his attention. Especially as it particularly bothers her childhood rival, Kitty, Miss Richards.

As summer gradually passes, the reality of the situation strikes Willow. She must come to terms with her own feelings and determine whether Mr Rosewood’s intentions are as true as hers.

Between Kitty’s scheming, gossiping families, new crushes, and some accidentally revealed secrets, Willow finds that discovering the truth is harder than she thought.

Set in Edwardian England.


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Diamonds? Ball gowns? Chandeliers?

All the finest in life. Everything a girl could want.

Lady Marie is the daughter of the Grand Duke of Celandine. Happy in her world of riches, ladies in waiting, and handsome suitors, there’s nothing more she could want. . . .

Except maybe winning over Lord Dianthus.

Lady Beatrice is one of Marie’s ladies in waiting. Cold, formal and the stark opposite of Marie’s beauty, yet, she has captured the heart of Marie’s close friend, Charles, the son of a knight by title.

Will their friendship stand the test of a love triangle?

Marie’s younger brother, Robert, learns things about the royal family that could form a political scandal.

Meanwhile, there is growing romantic tension at the Grand Duke’s household and a bold plan proposed by the young friends could lead them all into serious danger.