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Two trash of societies, a complete loser and a gangster boss. Ava Ichinoz had thought her life could go on normally as she wanted, she loves to read comics and so do her another friend, Jaiden Blanco. They started as online friends that shared the same interest, and Jaiden had always worn a mask whenever he is around with her. Once she knew her true identity, she noticed that nothing of him was anything that she had expected.

Link :



Sky Simmons may be tall, but she is far from delicate. Much like her name, she’s as unpredictable and dangerous as the sky can be. Although she grew up with access to anything she wanted, a family tragedy meant that she lost the love of her parents at a young age and at a point in her life when she needed it most. The family never recovered from it.

Mason Evans is a top student from a poor background - the perfect child, he is a credit to his parents. He returns to England from abroad hoping to finish his school education in a prestigious school in his home country.

Although the two have never met, the mutual connection of their parents eventually thrusts their lives together. The Evans family approaches Sky’s parents to cash in on an old favour while intending to pay for Mason’s upkeep. However, money is never an issue for her parents; in fact, they believe it’s possible to buy anything with the right amount.

With time running out on their end, Sky’s parents offer free upkeep for Mason in return that he tries to straighten out their daughter. Having a poor model student at their whim as he lives with their troublesome daughter seems like the perfect last resort.

Click on the cover to get to the book.



When all you’ve encountered in life is darkness and misery and even your subcounsciousness keeps telling you to give up, you just give up. Finding the light seems like a Herculean effort. And sometimes it is. Because life’s not a fairy tale, neither is love.

Katherine’s damaged goods. Her world came crashing down six years ago leaving her in shattered pieces that she tries to glue back together with the help of her mom and her best friend. But when her mother dies in a car accident, she has to learn how to be alone in this world. With a crappy job, a broken heart and serious trust issues she’s about to wave a white flag. Little does she know, her life is about to change.

Blake is a powerful real estate tycoon, a hard-working man known for his tough character and dedication to work. Women? They’re just tools for stress relief. Relationships? They’re non-existent in his dictionary. That’s the face he shows to the world, because the real one is deeply hidden under the facade he’s perfected over the years.

What happens when these two cross their paths?
Is it possible to overcome all obstacles life decides to throw in your way?
And can you fix the unfixable?

A story about conquering your fears, finding your place in life, falling in love and fighting like hell to keep that spark of happiness once you find it.


hey everyone, this is my story name ‘love complications’ read to love it

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She was sitting on the foot of bed, clamping the sheets in her hand. He entered in room with his briefcase from work. He looked at her in confusion but try to remove his neck tie from neck & sliding his briefcase on table.

She asked him in frustration
“Who is she?”

He gets confused by her sudden outburst

“Who?” He asks not knowing

It makes her more furious from his pretending behaviour. She yells at him

“Who is she. Girl you were having coffee with at ‘make my day’ coffee house”

His confusion turns to guilt. How does she knows & how much she knows

“She is…”

Breathing out he finally spill it, looking in her big eyes who were holding anger & discontent written all over her face

“She is my girlfriend. We are deciding to settle down together in a marriage after all this is over in a year”

She cant breathe, she looking at ground thinking she will faint any moment. Slowly her steps moved back until she reach the wall to hold as support. How could she take this all. If he has girlfriend, what relationship she is hold in his life, what is she to him?, is she even important in his life. Her thoughts were interrupted by him saying



Meet samantha sparks-young, sexy, strong, talented, hot, confident girl. Who can sacrifice anything for her loved ones

Meet william stone-handsome, charming, a hottie, caring guy. Who will take what belongs to him

See what happens when complications comes in between love & relationships



On the edge of achieving fame, rock musician Adriel Cross finds himself falling in love with the wife of established actor Dominique Vega: Evangelina Lamontagne, America’s most coveted model. What starts as a one night stand turns into a dangerous affair when Evangelina is hired as an actress on the set of Adriel’s latest music video shoot. As the affair continues, so do the flashes of the paparazzi cameras, causing Dominique to act on his suspicions in the worst ways imaginable.

Link to story:

Thank you for reading. Enjoy.

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What does a person have to do to achieve god-like powers?

Making other people kneel at your feet is a good beginning.

Julia has a coyote-follower who is supernaturally bound to do everything she says, including in bed.

Then, she finds a former boy band member that expects more from her. How should she choose?


In her early years, Julia was a hacker. As she matured, Julia gave up a life of crime and rose to become a corporate president. Then Julia ascended even higher - into a divine being. However, when followers cause her eyes to water, her nose to run, and her throat to constrict, she learns being an immortal is not all what it’s cracked up to be.

The story can be found here:

Coyote Goddess

This is a story I wanted you guys to read. It’s a short #share-your-story:romance story and my submission for the #PerfectDate Writing Contest.

Click on this link below:

Title: Close
By: @TheWritingDreams

Love… Hate… Respect… Disdain

There’s a fine line to draw between each emotion that the human body can feel. Many emotions are the same at their core, they just result in different ways when portrayed to the outside world of the human existence.

Close follows the incredible journey of two polar-opposite young adults, who crashes into each other’s lives with an unexpected bang.

On the one end, there’s Stacy Grey, eighteen years of age, someone who lives a simple, happy life. She has the perfect average lifestyle; good grades, happy family and everything in between. She sets the perfect example, for the perfect girl — an Angel, some might even call her.

On the other hand, there’s Dylan Ramone. His life is far from average, a walking nightmare even. He’s stopped counting the number of skeletons in his cupboard, he’s just determined to keep them there — hidden from anyone. Everyone. He has the reputation around town for being devilishly handsome, but along with that, some call him the Demon of Gastonia. He isn’t someone for facing problems, no, he rather drinks, smokes or fucks them away.

What will happen when these two finally collide?

Will the angel tame the demon, or will the demon manage to devour the angel?



© Copyright Reserved.

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Wattpad name: @Infinitebae

blurb: “i do!” “i do” what happens when they don’t.

“will you? will you be my prison mate?” “I will”
Omojola Aderinsola Ajayi, a beautiful, smart and really well behaved girl lives a normal life…well maybe not so normal but average, all until she meets Daniel Lanre Peterson, an arrogant, rude, wayward, spoilt but yet super hot African American young man who is definitely going to change her life. will she and him get to live together? or will they have to back out? read on to find out!

Pls check it out as I’ve only written two parts and i want to know if I’m on the write path, so i can continue writing or just stop. Constructive criticism is more than welcomed, just about anything as feedback to my story. thanks in advance.



“Znasz to uczucie, kiedy masz wrażenie, że wszystko idzie zbyt dobrze, zbyt idealnie? Kiedy coś przychodzi ci zbyt prosto? Zaczynasz zastanawiać się, czy zaraz nie wydarzy się coś, co wywróci ten idealny ciąg zdarzeń do góry nogami? Masz po prostu to przeczucie.”



Talia is known as The Gossip Queen. When she breaks the story of the century she becomes infamous throughout Hollywood. But, when the tables are turned and she becomes gossip thanks to a night she can’t remember with sexy A-lister, Zee Jaxon, her reputation and job are on the line.

When Zee Jaxon comes to her with a plan she is skeptical. Become his fake girlfriend until the paparazzi get bored. What could go wrong in a fake relationship with an A-list movie star who also happens to be her brother’s best friend?

Real love is not in the plan.

This story is ongoing. I’d love some feedback please.


When Christina loses her job an unexpected trip to London to take care of her uncle may just what she needs. However, the reason for the trip was a trick to get her out of her funk. So, when she meets the captain of the Winchester Wyverns, Finley, the connection is electric. Christina knows she can’t trust athletes. Her brain is telling her Finley is bad news but her body wants to climb him like a tree.

Finley is drawn to Christina the moment she sees her after a match. Though, she is the cousin of his teammates and getting her alone is a challenge. Once he gets her alone how can he convince her she is different from all the other girls? That she has quickly become his addiction.

When they both finally let their walls fall, Christina’s past slams back into her life with horrible repercussions. Can Christina and Finley find a way to love through heartbreak?

This is completed. I’d appreciate all feedback!

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Book: Keepsake of My Love
*A Wattpad Romance Featured Story

Author: @elusive_6788

Summary: Keepsake of My Love is a coming-of-age love story that starts with Jacob Somersby walking into Lydia Coleman’s life in her junior year, with his violet-blue eyes, dimpled smile, and sun-kissed brown hair and tan skin. Join these two in their 11-year journey of friendship and heartache, where they play with the cards they’re dealt.

Genre: Romance where Young Adult crosses over to New Adult

Rating: Mature


Status: Complete



Elias Ramirez never knew his father, but follows in the footsteps of local Gangster Cesar Carrara, who runs the West side of the Fort Valley District. A tragedy is the starting point of an eternal complicated bond between the gangster and a boy. Elias grows up under the wings of Cesar torn between his own natural honesty, the need to do good and his fascination with Cesar and the life of crime. When Elias encounters Amelia Frey a girl from a completely different walk to life, a girl who is sick of living a lie, everything is threatening to come between them. Elias’s leap to manhood is marred by tragedy, but also by his recognition that life and love can take you by surprise.

Updated every Sunday! Give it read and let me know what you think?

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Summary: After beings of another world kidnap her brother for a mad sorcerer’s schemes, the disfigured ward of Dasos will be sent on the adventure of her life…

Sahara is the young ward of the royal family of Dasos. Despite her kind nature, she is consistently shunned by most of society due to her mysterious origins and a scar that most believe to be a consequence of witchcraft. She is resigned to her place in Dasos, but the death of her grandmother and the monarchs of Dasos brings forth an overwhelming longing for a freedom she has quietly yearned for. There seems to be nothing she can do to change her fate, though.
However, when her adopted brother Nashoba is abruptly kidnapped by shadow-like creatures and a mysterious branded woman, Sahara makes a momentousness decision to follow her brother’s abductors. Suddenly thrust into a spectacular, yet, dangerous world, Sahara discovers a mysterious legend who could help her save Nashoba from a horrendous fate. Now, Sahara must overcome her own insecurities and trust in herself and others in order to brave this enchanting world and, perhaps, discover more about herself than she knew…



Title: Over The Fence
You just got a call from one of your best friends who’s in real estate and wanted you to help her with this one client who turns out was Justin Bieber and his newlywed wife Hailey. This delighted both of you as Hailey was your childhood best friend. You even found an old picture of you two. You’re curious if she’d remember you, but what would she think when her husband was trying to hit on you.
(Non of the images provided in my story belongs to me.)
(This story is never meant to hurt or degrade the love between the two beautiful married couple. It was written as a fan fiction and was going to be converted into a non fan fiction, but the work has already been put too it, so it wasn’t changed.)


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Every family has secrets.

The Beckett Family has a lot of secrets.

Cass Sampson, after the deaths of her parents, decides to start fresh in a new town. By chance, she drives into Silver Lake, New York and things seem to fall into place for her. Cass finds a job, an apartment, and a makes a great friend. It seems her life is getting back on track…until she meets Brent Beckett.

Brent is the middle son of the prominent Beckett family. After a string of unfortunate events, Brent is the head of the family business and essentially controls Silver Lake. Brent sweeps Cass off her feet by taking advantage of her fragile mental state and manipulating her. He has his ideal wife in mind and has targeted Cass for that role. The two marry after only a few weeks of dating.

After the wedding, Cass quickly learns what she got herself into. Not only is Brent abusive and controlling, he also has a secret in the basement. It is there that he holds his older brother, Ethan, prisoner.

United by Brent’s oppression, Cass and Ethan form a friendship and a trust. Through a basement door and a secret opening in a wall, the friendship grows into more. They find themselves falling for each other despite the odd circumstances.

Unable and unwilling to escape independently, Cass and Ethan work towards freedom together.



I would like to mention that the blurb is in continuous changing because it’s a new book:

Ace. The boy with the black hair, the bright eyes and the popular one. The boy that can have every girl.
Kayla. The girl with the blonde hair, the freckles and the smart one. The girl that doesn’t care about anyone.

They don’t talk at all, but that’s going to change when he takes a seat next to her in the small chemistry class.

Story link

"Life is like a symphony. It is full of movements… ups and downs… that bring the symphony to life."

Pamela Devlin, a deaf girl with the sweetness that drips every time she breathes, never imagines that working with the infamous Maxen family will make her wish come true. Now, she knows how it feels to listen to the sounds surrounding her even though it is not by her ears.

Ethan Maxen, a handsome and genius composer after Mozart and Beethoven, holds the rule of perfection in every step he takes. Perfect pitch, perfect tune, perfect life. Never he dreams to meet an imperfection blocking his way.

So, the story begins. But, one of them should realize that it is never the perfection they should be after; it is the imperfection.

Check out how the journey goes:

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***"The love that seems true is not always true love.."***

He was her childhood sweetheart, the man of her dreams, her reason of extreme patience, her reason to wait for some unknown illusion, her favorite desire, her favorite affection, her favorite temptation…he was her everything.

Same was she for him once but now after seven years, she is just an option for him, a mere toy to play with, just a source of entertainment.
But the player gets played in his own game…

“Then I didn’t love her…but now, no matter how much I want, I can’t love her.”
Author- @H-healer