Tony Green, an A-list celebrity got into a serious car accident. The culprit? Ash Myers, an infamous singer, who was drunk driving. Due to this fateful event, Tony got into coma and woke up with a condition called Savant Syndrome–a rare disease that he became a genius in music and math but at the same time, became an idiot in some activities of daily living. A favorable arrangement was offered to Ash. Will accepting it lead to her one true love or will it end in tragedy due to some twists and turns of life?

Started: November 23, 2018
Completed: January 26, 2019



Book Three: The Beautiful Hue series (Can be read as stand-alone novel)

Ash and Tony’s triplets Noah, Anthony, and Zoe are now in Senior High.

Ayesha McKinley, Greg and Kelly’s only daughter, is torn between her first love, Anthony Green, and her long-term adversary, Noah Green. These twin boys are complete opposites, a contrast between black and white. Dark and Light. Despair and Hope.

Will Ayesha choose the one she loves or the one who loves her? Will she choose Black, White, or Gray by keeping both of them in her life? Is that even possible?

The Beautiful Hue Series can be read individually.

Book One: Green-minded (completed- Ash and Tony’s story)

Book Two: Blue Sky Hunter (ongoing-Sky and Hunter’s story)

Started: January 29, 2019



Gage and Breyden haven’t seen each other since sophomore year of high school when Breyden got sent to military school for “unacceptable behavior”. Now about to graduate, Breyden’s back in town and things seem to be going quite well.

Until Gage gets a repeat of the beginning of ninth grade; being ignored and talked about behind her back.

Will Gage tough it out long enough to stay with Breyden, or will Breyden’s cherishing of his reputation as “dangerous and ungodly” drive her away the way it did three years back ?



This is a story about a boy and a girl expressing their feelings for one another.

Riley is 16 and “the good girl”, breaking rules ever so often when it comes to her overprotective brothers. Riley moves to L.A with her brothers. She meets her neighbor and quickly falls for him.

Hayden is 16 and “the player”. Hayden befriends Riley’s brothers, but he loathes her. On the first day of school, all of the boys fall for Riley including Hayden’s friends. But, they are quick to notice something is wrong with him because he plays all the girls at school not matter what they look like. Hayden’s friends dare him to take Riley out, kiss her, and then break up. Hayden never lets down a dare so he agreed.

But, we all know Riley has feelings for Hayden and will say yes. The real question is what is going to happen on the date?

Will Hayden fall for Riley?

Will Riley see Hayden’s true colors and hate him?

What will happen? Just keep reading to find out.

This is an ongoing story.

Remember nobody has edited this story. So, there will be some mistakes.:yellow_heart:



New York City in 2032.
The world, now descended into complete anarchy, has now been divided into major city states. All protected by a dome to keep law and order within city boarders, but what happens when one of the biggest cities breaks out into complete and utter chaos.
What started it?
What can stop it?
Expect action, romance, playful banter and a few surprises on the way. Share and comment on my story “The Dome”.


Why should Chad Gilligan care whether the world likes Zachary Eve? After all, he has nothing in common with the world famous best-selling author of several romance novels. Nor can he get women to swoon at the mere mention of his name.
Instead, Chad is awkward, lives alone like a hermit, his last relationship went belly up while he gawked, and he drinks coffee like the end is nigh, what’s worse, he can’t write a tale worthy of a book deal. What’s the catch?
The two are one and the same, Zachary Eve is Chad when he is hiding away in his study weaving wonderful romances to charm the pants of ladies, but not anymore. Chad has hit a monster of a writer’s block and is in desperate needs to find a muse, get started on his tenth best-selling novel and deliver it to the satisfaction of the one woman who terrifies him, his editor, all before his contract is null and void.


I’m getting back into writing this story after two-year hiatus from it. Would love to get some feedback on how the story is progressing. I have up to 16 chapters already done and will be uploading few at a time. Thank you in advance!


check out my story Matched in Hell
plane crashes,bomb blast and car accidents aren’t the only tragedy,the breaking of hearts and division of souls have the same impact and sometimes even more.High schools are the home for budding love ,inseparable friendship and insane conflicts .This story explores the life of a care-free teen who falls in hands of a over-possessive,doubtful and dominant guy.Will she manage to make a life out of it…

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Melody - A shy girl, abandoned at a young age by her parents. She was brought up in an orphanage under the care of Ms.Rosalind.She moved out during last year at university and managed to live on her own.

One night, while returning from her part-time job, she found a man on the streets almost beaten to death and barely breathing. She helped him recover. On the flow of events, she fell in love with him, but he left her.

Erick Chadwick -A strong, powerful, hot-tempered gang leader. He was madly in love with the selfless women who helped him. He was deliriously happy until one day his right-hand man Nicolas delivered the news of his brother’s death. He then realized he cannot afford to have a happy life and left her.

They meet after 5 years, but he’s distant and cold.
Will the new ray of hope be able to rescue him from the hell?



On planet Ohnah, discoveries are made through visions and dreams. And in those dreams, sometimes you find the most precious thing called Aqeruh, your soulmate.

King Zuhfeh is busy ruling his kingdom and solving everyday disputes in his court. He has no inclination towards bonding, his Kshoh, mistresses are enough to keep his bed warm and that is what he wants after a very long day. But the visions of past shows him his perfect, beautiful aqeruh. She has made him almost feral in desperation through the visions alone and now he can’t wait to find her and bond her to him for eternity.

Cool and confident Kymsheh rarely abides by the rules of kingdom. Not that she doesn’t but in her head, she imagines ways to shatter this invisible glass of rules and laws hanging over her head. In real life though, she is a guard of ancient books. Her life is pretty dull except the visions of future she sometimes foresee in her dreams. Kymsheh is going to be the Queen and bond with King Zuhfeh, the most handsome man she has ever seen. Now there are two options: a) wait for zuhfeh to come to her or b) break rules while escaping this province and do something interesting before bonding. Who will punish her for her crimes when she becomes queen anyway? Right? To make Zuhfeh chase her is an added bonus.

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Story: Our Seouls

Summary: Text series 1: a cheesy love story that began with a simple text message.






❝As a young girl, Seraphina Gray Rossi packed up her things at eleven years old to move to a small town on the big island called, Haleiwa, Hawaii. With parents as well respected marine biologists who specialized in the species of bottlenose dolphins, they turned their passion into a living and created Dolphin Cove, a sanctuary for dolphins.

But, when the native, Orion Alvarez returns to the Island eight years after his parent’s passing, people are raising questions as to why he’s come back. Rumors tainted his name in the small town, the myth becoming he was the murdered of his parents, only fleeing when suspicious arose.

A new found spark for life finds itself in Orion as he comes across the young, nineteen year old Sera with dimples deeper than the ocean itself. But just when he thinks he can give himself a chance to be happy again, the case of his parents death reopens as suspicion rises within the community, as well as the girl that has caught Orion’s eye.

Follow Sera and Orion through the depths of trying to see past the skin of someone’s soul, trying to remind themselves that you shouldn’t always believe what you hear in, Dolphin Cove.❞



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Brooklyn is a 22 year old hard working woman in college, hoping to become a successful lawyer. She is known for planning every little detail ahead of her. When Aiden enters her life, he proves that things in her life don’t always go as planned. The more she gets to know him, the more she is intrigued by Aiden’s secrets, but he hopes for them to stay untold.



Emilia Smith is very sensitive and shy. She does not have an easy life because her mother is an alcoholic. Her father died.
When her friend took her to a well-known boy band’s meet and greet of “The Backside” she met Alec - a bad boy and the band’s songwriter.
The two fell in love with each other in a special way.
Ever since that Emilia’s life has changed and Alec will never be who he once was.


The Jewel of Venus: The Novel (on going)

It’s a tale of lavish parties, costumes and elegance, unwavering friendships and loyalty, castles and buried treasures, magical fantasies and dreams coming to life. And it’s a star-crossed love story!


Thanks @zoeygold_13 created it.


The day that changes your life forever usually starts out the same as any other day.

When Eleanor learns of a chance to be a full-time aide to a young girl who is blind on a ranch in Montana, it seems like the perfect opportunity at the perfect time. Yearning for a fresh start and wanting to make an impact, she leaves her hometown to move to a ranch in Montana to help this beautiful little girl find her way in the world. What she wasn’t counting on though, was Bonnie’s father.

After the death of his wife, Ben is floundering. His daughter, Bonnie, is the absolute light of his world, but he knows that he can’t continue to care for her full time. The ranch is struggling financially, and he’s slipping. When he hires Eleanor, he was expecting an older woman who could be a nanny for Bonnie. When Elle shows up on his doorstep, young and full of light and promise and ideas, he has to reimagine his expectations. Through her work with Bonnie and her ease in which she slips into the life on the ranch, Ben starts to wonder if somehow, against all odds, he’s starting to feel okay again.

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(In Progress. Updates every couple of weeks) <3

"Natara tries not to think about how warm and firm his body is, how amazing he smells, or the fact that Mr. Vice is her boss. Doing this shouldn’t make her feel this good."

Life after high school? Scary. Especially for a girl who got mediocre grades and has never had a job before.

So when Natara is suddenly hired by the Vicetech Corporation, a massive multimillion dollar business, Natara wonders what the catch is.

Apparently it’s one devilish heir to the company. And she’s his new secretary.

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I would really love some feedback on this story. I have five chapters up right now and I try and update regularly.

When Eleanor Atwood reveals to her long-time friend Kyle her secret kinks, she finds herself face-to-face with a self-proclaimed expert. Intrigued by the lifestyle, she accepts Kyle’s invitation to a ‘much’. When things go less than according to plan, Ella tries to slip out unnoticed, until she slips right into the arms of Clark Flint, a ridiculously attractive businessman and well-respected Dominant. Ella is overwhelmed by both the attention and the demands that being new to this circle brings until Clark makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Taking her under consideration, Clark agrees to train Ella as a submissive and honors her one condition: no sex.

Ella tries to avoid any emotional feelings towards Clark and convinces herself that at the end of their time together they will part ways. Clark is everything she could ever want - inelegant, successful, wealthy - but he has a dark past filled with love, lust, and loss. Ella finds herself falling hard for the man she said she wouldn’t let herself love. Afraid of not being able to keep to her own limits, Ella must decide if Clark is the person she can be vulnerable with.



When you’re gay in a homophobic country, life gets lonely. But thats okay, because you’ve got your boyfriend by your side. Sharma and Diego find themselves, alone, together. The story marks they’re journey together with you in the mind of Sharma, seeing his inner thoughts and feelings. But in the end will love or homophobia win? Read to find out.!
The book is called Lonely Planet by die-anna. Check it out if you want.