Romantic Story Date Ideas

I’m wondering what your best ideas are for dates in romance stories. Ideally, it should be something with the potential to generate a plot twist.

a) Dates you’ve actually been on that turned out interesting
b) Dates you’d like to have but have never done for one reason or another
c) Dates you’ve only read about but impressed you
d) Dates that would only be possible in a fantasy world
e) Dates you can’t afford
f) Any other thoughts on dates

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Oh, dates that can only happen in a fantasy world sound interesting- but it really depends on the fantasy world and what’s possible there.

Dragonback cruise through the skies? Only works if theres dragons like that, and they’re up for hire. It sounds pretty thrilling though!

A date where the characters get into a fight would be interesting- and would probably help develop their relationship if the fight comes organically out of their problems and is resolved in a beleivable way.

I personally like the idea of weird not very romantic dates, like going to a place and finding out it’s not very romantic or comfortable and having to do a desperate search for the bathrooms but overall having a good time anyway.

Another cool thing is like amazing experiences, like a breathtaking view that gets burned into the daters minds that they wouldn’t have seen normally, like a giant waterfall or the abandoned dwarven mines or whatever XD.

All I know about dates is what I’ve learned from anime and manga though. I find books about romance hard to read, so I’m no expert here. And I don’t date or dream about dating either. But it’s still an interesting plot thing to think about, especially if I want to write actual romance in the future.


I’ve had two interesting dinner dates around Cancun a few years ago. One was at the Thai lounge, where you’re basically in this comfy asian-style booth right next to a dolphin aquarium. You watch dolphins swim and interact with you while you eat amazing food. Not sure I’d still encourage this, but it was definitely unique.

The second one was at Alux, a restaurant that’s inside a huge cave. It’s beautiful and unlike any experience I’ve had before. Definitely not for the claustrophobic though!


Have only been on a few creepy dates in my life.

What I wish I had been on with a date:

Hollywood Bowl box with picnic

Going to the theatre

Romantic dinner at a seaside restaurant where you can watch the sunset and hear the waves crash against the rocks

Day trip to a state or national park like Sequoia.

Road trip with no destination in particular

Stay at home pizza and videogame night


Fireworks on July 4

Christmas sleigh ride


Never been on a date before. Don’t know why…
I’ve always wanted to have a picnic date or go to the amusement park. A date that I would like to try but will probably never do it in real life is to sneak in at night and trespass through Disneyland haha. I think I read this scene in a popular Wattpad book. I forgot the title. All I remember is “pineapple” from the writer’s username. Another date I think would be awesome is go on a hot air balloon ride!

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Some things that I love:

Long walks (can be anywhere and not necessarily on a beach)

spending time at local coffee shops (during collage), and keep ordering as long as the conversation lasts LOL

Visiting planetarium

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How about… a date in a scrap metal junkyard, inside a dingy and broken down school bus from their childhood, star-gazing through the torn off roof?


These are some pretty awesome ideas so far. It reminds me how I have not been on a good hike in a while.