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Requesting a Premade

• premade title: Black Pink

• new title: Orange Theory

• author: Lesley Bowen

• subtitle: She had to prove she was flawless

• changes made: please remove the only available on Wattpad

• Othe: just a thank you

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Let me see if I still have the original on file

Requesting a Premade

• premade title: never go home

• new title: beating hearts

• author: layla

• subtitle: n/a

• changes made (and changes CAN be made to the older/simple covers): i like the blue hue it has. can i also see a few versions where it may have red, orange or grey hue, if possible?

• Other: thank you

I still have the original image thank god, so yes, I can try out some new hues today


I managed to find every font I used except for the subtitle text. If you want any other changes, let me know, and please be sure to use within a week (and be sure to credit in description). If you decide not to use it, or you change covers, please let me know so I can make it a premade again.

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I will use it, thanks so much.

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thanks, looking forward to it

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I don’t think the red or orange hue is working out really well

not an issue. whatever you think works best

I’ll try to deliver it tonight or tomorrow evening

i don’t need a cover anymore. thanks for trying

Sorry about that




two premades to be added soon


New premade
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