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old title; The Crown

new title*; The Blood of Tomorrow

new subtitle*; Some decisions are deadly (this isn’t a must, if it looks too crowded, or whatever, feel free to leave it out)

author*; Angel Durham

short summary; Withering rose petals are all that remain,
blood on the wall and staining her hands,
the deed has been done, the war has begun…
The children are weeping, they’re all that remain,
their mothers and fathers are who they are mourning,
she no longer fears the whispers and longings,
the war will be won…
The ashes are floating, all that remain,
a hasty decision, the world on fire,
the laughter of children, haunting and free,
a reminder forever, and all that remains.
They wrote that ballad to mock her.
She made it her weapon…

any changes; Is it possible to make it look not quite as pale?

anything else; “Oh look, I’ve been impaled!”


@PellinorLover2314 what do you mean by less pale exactly?

@DownwiththeHush you might want to try the form again and make sure you don’t delete anything in the coding so we can see your request :blush:


The cover looks like there is a bit of a paler filter or something on it




You’re accepted!

Please complete the payment listed on the first post.

Thank you for requesting!


I can’t find your accounts, lots of profiles appear


you should be able to click on my profile from this site and find a link to my wattpad account. all of these accounts are under the same usernames on wattpad as they are here


I know, and the one doesn’t have a link, even when I copy and paste I can’t find them, yours had a link


I’m also already following newsies


there should now be a link in @scamandered’s profile for you to use to find the wattpad profile


Thank you! Payment is now complete (other than credit, which I’ll put in after I get the cover and tag you guys with a dedication on the Prologue so you can see it)




Hey! Here’s what your cover’s going to look like! If you want any more changes, let us know. If not then go ahead and use it. Please pick it up within 3 days or it becomes a premade again.

Please credit us in your story summary when you use it!

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