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Can you guys move the title up just enough to separate it from my name and make The Blood of just slightly bigger so it’s about the same length as Tomorrow?

Other than that, perfect!


i’ve edited the delivery post to include the cover with those added changes



old title; Mother Nature

new title*; Sparrow

new subtitle*;

author*; Angel Durham

short summary; Sparrow, one of the two female Originals and the least recognized. She is often seen as the weaker of the four, but in a story that’s never been told before, the world of the supernatural will see just how wrong they were. (This is just a temporary description)

any changes; Maybe the author name moved to the top of the cover with the ‘cover made by’ flipped to the bottom

anything else; “Oh look, I’ve been impaled!” (Only quote I can remember, mainly because I laughed so hard)

I didn’t see any rule about not requesting more than once, so is there any limit? I just want to ask to be sure I’m not overstepping some rule or something




You’re accepted!

Please complete the following payment; a 3+ lined comment on “Alpha Kaine” by @humorously and a 3+ lined comment on “Not Princess Material” by @Crazy_People_410

Thank you for requesting!


also, we don’t have a limit to how many times you can request :slight_smile:


Ok, I was asking because there is one more cover I saw that is perfect for a story I am soon gonna rewrite/revise


ok! you can request it if you want



old title; Margarita

new title*; The Soul Takers

new subtitle*;
17 assassins…
One deadly game

author*; Angel Durham

short summary; 17 assasians…
Only a few can be chosen…
17 assasians are called to a mansion where multiple targets are up for grabs. Each assasian has special elements and abilities that they were naturally born with and have mastered. Each assasian must complete the contract given with any means possible but at least 3 or 4 others will most likely have the same contract.
It is kill or be killed and at the end whoever is left alive and has the most contracts will remain, the ones who are still alive with not nearly enough contracts will battle to the death for any remaining spots that are left.

any changes; Different font, not sure to what one or what ones you have access to

anything else; “Oh look, I’ve been impaled!”


can you find a font that you would like instead? you can find one on befonts or dafonts




you will be officially accepted once you have completed the payment for the cover you requested just before this one :blush:


I’ll have to do that in the morning, trying to finish up a few assignments since my time will be slightly limited tomorrow for my schoolwork if I don’t get these done as I work in the afternoon


that’s fine! no worries










Payment complete (I ended up having to wait until I got out of work tonight)


Hi I’m interested in maybe getting a premade for a book I’m working on, just wondering if the book needs to be posted first? I’d assume it would be, but absolutely love the margarita cover and think it would work extremely well for my book and I want to get it before someone else does.




Hey! Here’s what your cover’s going to look like! If you want any more changes, let us know. If not then go ahead and use it. Please pick it up within 3 days or it becomes a premade again.

Please credit us in your story summary when you use it!

[ click for graphic ]

Thank you for requesting!