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i don’t see ur examples?

Fixed! Sorry about that.


  1. title: The Alpha Mate
  • subtitle: -

  • author: Vaishnavee

  • genre: Fantasy

  • anything else: Thank you, and I would like it if u maybe uh put a woman on it with werewolf eyes and brown hair and don’t put any moon or sky on it. I would prefer MANIP and Manipulated cover :slight_smile:

  1. title: A Bridge Between Us
  • subtitle:

  • author: Anais Raven

  • genre: Romance

  • brief description:

“Meeting you was fate, being your friend was a choice however falling in love with you was beyond my control” l wrote to Miss Stanley.

Who knew that a mere glance at the woman in front of me will evoke all these hidden feelings l never knew existed. Who knew that everything that l will encounter will result into me enduring many emotions; sadness, anger, pain, guilt, sensation.
But its her, she’s the cause and effect.

  • ideal cover: It is a lesbian love story.

  • anything else:

title: Unguided Uncaring

subtitle: Life of a Teenager

author: E.L. Davis

genre: Teen Fiction

brief description: A story about teenagers with absentee parents who form a family within their group of friends

ideal cover: Something that looks alive with several teenagers on it. Seen drinking, partying, surrounding a fire, laughing teens. But somewhat dark at the same time? does that even make sense?

anything else: I would love a few different selections and would be willing to work out further payment :slight_smile:

accepted! please complete payment.

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accepted! complete payment please.

also accepted. complete payment.

@tracydee18 @chanteleo @SuchithraBV your covers are completed, i will upload them once payment is completed.

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payment complete! :slight_smile:

Here is your cover. Don’t forget to credit me. Thank you!


aw thank u so much!

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title: Viral


author: Sherice Joy

genre: Romance / Drama

brief description: Ryland Beckett has a secret. By day, she’s a tomboy, hiding behind oversized clothes and a rough exterior.Driven by lust and longing, she transforms into a lingerie wearing goddess under the safety of moonlight.

She does what she originally thought unthinkable… she takes racy pictures of herself all for a boy, August.

When the photos get leaked and she becomes the talk of small town gossip. Private browser tabs and pop-ups have caught her in their sites. Ryland finds herself delving deeper into the mysterious world of online sex. Before she can stop it she has gone completely and irrevocably Viral.

ideal cover: Anything enticing that will draw you in! You have creative freedom!

anything else: character side note the main character is Caucasian with long wavy black hair if you would like

title: Boy, the Baker


author: Leigh Evans

genre: Romance

brief description: Story about a girl who falls in love with the baker at a bakery she works at.

ideal cover: Super cute, with the illustration of a cake in the center with pretty pink font. I have a pretty bad example of the layout etc.

anything else: Thank you!

payment complete