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Hey there :blush: I’d like to request a cover for my ongoing story Arosha. Below I’ve posted an inspo cover of what I’m interested to receive.

Arosha is an interracial story, therefore my two main characters is a black female and a white man.

Colours: light or dark any that suits the cover.

Theme: Jungle/ forest or Winter landscape

Ideas: 1.) Dragon face beside a white man face. OR Either a leopard’s or lion’s face beside a black girls face.

2.) A black female riding a lion or leopard.

3.) A black tribal warrior female

3.) Sword, shield and fire with snow falling.


sorry, rejected - I don't think I could do your cover justice.


Title: Zeitgeist
Subtitle: some falls are bittersweet
Author Name: Scarlet
Genre: Romance
Color Scheme: Light, with colors
Ideas: This is a book about adult love and revolves especially around art and painting so a cover that has some aspects of art like paint or paint brushes. There are a few ideas that could potentially work: 1) paint or paint brushes or a canvas 2) New York City at night 3) a couple perhaps at an apartment or something https://i.imgur.com/hFlaIz3.jpg


accepted, please complete payment




Here is your cover. If used, please remember to give credit.


thank you so much! I’ll definitely be using it <3


Title: Allison & Smith
Subtitle: none
Author name: Scarlet
Genre: Teen Fiction
Color Scheme: Purples, or light blues and grey
Ideas: Similar to the link to my current cover https://i.imgur.com/4HxAvrc.jpg in terms of color scheme, I like the idea of having stars and Matthew Nosdak (idk if I spelled his last name right) with clouds and doodles on it as well. I really like your cover Iridescent (the positioning and doodles and etc.) and Noah (the color scheme).


Do you do vector covers?


accepted :slight_smile:


no, sorry :confused:


Okay, thank you for the quick answer. One last question, I want to request a cover but it’s kind of specific and I’m not sure if it can be put into practice. Would you mind telling me or trying if it’s doable or not?

It’s fine if not I’m just really desperate and I need a cover to upload my story :smiley:


Yeah just say what it is and I’ll see if I can try. …or at least tell you if it’s doable lol


Title: Goodness Gracious !
Subtitle: none
Author: Sol Valente
Genre: Romance/Romantic Comedy
Color scheme: bright Colors. something that gives off the typical funny romance mood.
Ideas: I would like the cover to have a funny and quirky mood since it’s somewhat of a romcom. Also, it would be amazing if a priest and a nun appeared on the cover if it’s to much a cross or something else that has a religious meaning is fine too but it should still have this funny and positive mood :slight_smile:
A bit like this but without the actual same celebrities:


I’ll give it a go for you and put you in the queue x


Thank you so much. That really means a lot to me. Do you have any other additional payment that you want me to do ? I’ll gladly do it :slight_smile:

How long does it take for you to make the cover? No pressure I’m just asking so that I know when I can start to post the story :slight_smile:


No worries, just a follow and credit is fine if you use it. see how it turns out yet :smile:

I’m hoping to get the two of you done tonight