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okay i just dm-ed them to you :slight_smile:


Hi, I think it is awesome that you are doing this and from what I’ve seen you are very good at what you do. I am badly in need of a cover art and if you can spare the time to design one for me that would be awesome. I have no references but the book that requires a cover is a medieval book about conquest and war. The name of the book is Calradia. I really hope you can squeeze me in for a cover. Thanks in advance.

Since you are the artist you should decide how your creativity would flow on my cover but I think anything with a throne, or a crown, or a royal sigil and the name of the book will do.




Here is your cover. If used, please remember to give credit.


omg, thank you so so much! i love it and i’ll be definitely using it :smiley:


Title: S U N S H I N E
Subtitle: Don’t worry be happy
Author Name: Drexler
Genre: Romance
Color Scheme: Yellow yellow and lots of yellow! Sunflowers and sunshines etcc
Ideas: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/86/8e/d1/868ed1abbf34619a01247599527f170f.jpg I love this layout, the half sunflower/ yellow quote with the mc in front. My face claim is Jason Momoa if that helps any!


title: volatile
subtitle: n/a
author name: northerns
genre: Teen fic
colour scheme: moody bluish tones, pink
ideas: a broody looking girl (preferably blonde)surrounded by a bunch of layered textures around her with the title in the centre a white blurry font maybe? also new york-ish apartments in the back like these with more buildings in front of her and some clutter kinda stuff like in this. I also really love the mood and tone of this


Yayy you’re accepting requests again! :smile:

Title: Trailers
Subtitle: Lorraine Productions
Author Name: n/a
Genre: Trailer book (?)
Color Scheme: dark blue, purple, white, black (i.e. night sky/galaxy/space colors)
Ideas: I’ve made a pinterest board for inspo :blush:
Idea 1) A cover with ‘Trailers’ written in the stars like a constellation (preferred idea but if this is too hard, then I have a second idea)
Idea 2) Something similar to this, except the face claim is either Christina Nadin or Blackpink’s Jennie, and the Taurus constellation



All accepted. please complete payment and i will get on to your graphics :slight_smile:




Here is your cover. If used, please remember to give credit.


payment is completed




Here is your cover. If used, please remember to give credit.


Would you like another form of payment? I’m already following you :joy:


naa its fine - just a credit when I make it :slight_smile:




Here is your cover. If used, please remember to give credit.


Thank you!! Used and given credit😊






Hey, can i request again if I have requested before? Or is that a no? >_<




Author name:
Suman S.


Colour scheme:
Dark colours like black and navy.

I’d like an image of an empty street below the title and an image of eyes layered over it (male eyes) but the eyes should be noticeable without being too visible. The eyes aren’t all that necessary though if you feel it’s too crowded. I don’t really want any background patterns or designs (a solid black/navy background is fine with the images over it). I’m sorry I tried looking for an image of male eyes but I couldn’t find any so if you have something in mind it would be perfect (no other visible features such as hair, mouth, etc please
Image of street:

P.S. I haven’t posted yet but will do so in a few hours.


sorry, rejected