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Title: A Christmas Baby
Subtitle: n/a
Author Name: Dredge
Genre: Romance
Color Scheme: Red, White, green (Christmas colours)
Ideas: A girl and guy standing next to each other with a Christmas tree in the background. Or the two with a mistletoe above their heads.



Title: The Viking’s Thrall
Subtitle: N/A
Author Name: Megan Williams
Genre: Historical Fiction
Color Scheme: Earth tones (browns, greens)
Ideas: I would like Daenerys Targuyen at the center of the cover with mountains behind her, with a nervous expression


Accepted, please complete payment


accepted, please complete payment




Here is your cover. If used, please remember to give credit.


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Here is your cover. If used, please remember to give credit.


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Title: The Good, The Bad and the Archivist

Subtitle: N/A

Author name: Jules

Genre: Fantasy

Colour Scheme: Dark Blue//Black//Grey

Ideas: Piper Curda as faceclaim, standing in front of buildings with books sort of flying out with smoke curling, manipulated. Grey clouds overhead, really dark and solemn mood/setting.

Thanks for considering and sorry that my ideas are so vague! >_< The book is published and I will definitely be uploading more chapters soon!


accepted :slight_smile:


requesting a cover
title: Shapeless as the Witch
subtitle: obsession leads to madness
author name: Carson Pence
2 Line summary: Rhiannon Shaw is a witch. Ever since witch hunters destroyed her coven years ago, leaving her the sole survivor, Rhiannon devoted her life to vengeance. And now that she has tracked down the men responsible for the massacre, not even God can protect them.
ideas: Like a white or golden border around the edges. In the middle would be a white crescent moon, in the background theres a woman with brown hair holding a candle facing toward the front of the cover. She is in a city (think of 1800s London) at night and wearing a dress. If that doesnt work out, feel free to take inspo from the provided image.

Mood/colours: this story is a dark fantasy. i want this to be reflected in the cover, so a dark theme would be very very nice. Here’s a color palette that may help https://www.colourlovers.com/palette/1138411/Black_and_Gold

Story isn’t posted as of now due to the fact that I dont wanna post it w/o a cover, sorry


Title: Pulse
Subtitle: Give into your fear
Author Jay Puff
Genre Sci-fi / post-apocalypse
ColorScheme Greens, Blacks, silver
Ideas I was thinking rather a dark solid background, a dark background with some textures or something resembling post-apocalypse (destroyed, decaying buildings, flooded buildings ext) With Emma Dumont (preferably as Polaris from The gifted) Or with shorter hair at least, then I was thinking she could have green aura all around her, or just her hands to kind of show her powers, or if it’s a close up image have her eyes, glowing green, or like a green galaxy,

Extras My attempt.pulse This is kinda what I meant by aura image
This story is on my other account Here Also are we able to request more then once?


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rejected, sorry i dont think ill do your cover justice




Here is your cover. If used, please remember to give credit.


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