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Title: Veins of Wisteria
Subtitle: Your lifes blood flows through my veins
Author Jay Puff
Genre Supernatrual, YA, Romcom
ColorScheme Dark colors, purples, greens (natureish colors)
Ideas For the background I was thinking Rather an old Victorian style house/ manor, or a garden. OR a dark textured background with, flowers, (wisteria), Vines, Statues, broken pillars (any pngs that give off an old, creepy vibe) The MC facecliam is Sabrina Carpenter so I’d like her to be one of the main focus, maybe something kinda of like crescendo and have her close up, or another idea would be a fuller body image, and behind her have Joseph Morgan (who plays her brother) and if possible Corey Fogelmanis (who plays an important part in the book) OR another option would be to have Dominic sherwood and Mathew daddario (love interests) and maybe joseph morgan on the cover with her rather in a full body or close up. for the text If it fits i kind of like the looks of the fonts with the slight curves to them like in crescendo, all because of murder and Zeitgeist

Extras this was my attempt/original cover VOW I liked the background and kind of the png of her but that was it lol. just incase my ideas suck/ dont make much sense just Sabrina idea Sabrina and Joesph idea Sabrina + 2 idea Sabrina + Three ideaSabrina +3 Idea


I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:




Here is your cover. If used, please remember to give credit.


Its beautiful!, I love it will definitely be using it tysm!




Glad you liked it! Here is your other cover. If used, please remember to give credit.


Awesome covers! Definitely will be requesting soon. :slight_smile:


Thank you, it’s beautiful (:






CTitle: The Billionaire’s Maid
Subtitle: n/a
Author Name: Dredge
Genre: Romance
Color Scheme:
Ideas: A maid and a guy wearing a suit standing next to each other and in the background inside of a mansion with stairs behind them. Or a brick wall behind them.
image image image


Its gorgeous!!! i love it thank you so much!!!


Title: Darkening Seduction (THIS FONT IF YOU CAN? )
Subtitle: Mistress of Darkness (any smaller but still elegant font is fine)
Author Name: Gracie Lynn
Genre: Dark Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance
Color Scheme: THIS Very dark and black, with pops of the dark red burgundy to bring color to the picture.
Ideas: I wanted to use this PICTURE for the main idea. This INSPIRATION is how I envision the cover being color scheme wise. For overall picture wise, I was thinking of cutting out the background and all traces of the forest, and making it appear as if she’s hanging inside the cage, trapped. HERE is a picture you can use for extra roses, as it fits the dark gritty color scheme. I was also thinking of having a cord of red rose and vine holding the cage up, like a string from above. Background wise, dark texture like in the inspiration picture would be great!
Anything else: I know this sounds a little complicated and I tried to make it sound as easy as possible! Let me know if you need any more information, and thank you for considering :slight_smile: