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@jewls757 // the tale of a forbidden love // mc // 84 // 05.23 // 05.23 // f

@crowcall // tales of a firestarter // sc // 95 // 05.23 // 05.24 // f

@crowcall // tales of a shape tief // sc // 95 // 05.23 // 05.24 // f

sun summoner // @newsies // 05.12 // -


all the premades below are available!
taken ones are removed as soon as they’re picked up

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just in case i

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just in case ii

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just in case iii

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o p e n

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@wintergirl08 here’s my new thread!

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❝ cover ❞

manip simple vector

title; eos
author*; mara
short summary; (god i’m so bad at summaries) in which an impatient wolf sets off on a journey to find her mate, only to find out that she’s mated to the one and only Royal.
genre; werewolf
ideas; i really liked the simplicity of the “cloudless sun” cover you made, so i would like something sort of like that but maybe with a heavier/darker mood. id also prefer to have some sort of wolf on the cover, it doesn’t exactly matter what the wolf is doing honestly. for the title i would either like it in all caps or all lowercase but i have no idea which one is going to look better so that part is totally up to you. i truly cannot seem to think right now but if you need more ideas please let me know.
images; none, but could find some if needed
colors/mood; darker blues, grays, greens, black, etc.
password; sankta alina

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so you’d just like a wolf on the cover?


If possible, yes, like it’s okay if there is a background and even a person, but I would like a wolf just somewhere on it!

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does the wolf have to be a certain color? (sorry for all the questions! just making sure lol)


nope! the color doesn’t matter to me one bit; and it’s okay lol, i totally understand!

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Fabulous new thread!

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You’re accepted!

Please complete the payment listed on the first post.

Thank you for requesting!


heyyyyyy!!! thank you! ^.^

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