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title : Everything We Know

subtitle :

author : Laura Ann Lee

theme/mood/color :Dark/Gloomy

picture(s) : N/A

ideas : I was thinking the cover could be something along the lines of a forest or dinner background with the impala and Sam, Dean, aka Alexis ren, aka Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Or I really like the recent supernatural cover you did called “Wayfaring Stranger” and was hoping for something similar but use Jared and Alexis ren on the cover would more of an apocalyptic background or firey sunset.

anything else?: Goddess. Thanks




you are accepted. please complete the payment


Payment complete.




Manip Simple Minimal
Title; christmas oneshots
Author; imtotallynotokay
Ideas; I was thinking of having one of these five people on the cover: Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik. With possibly a Christmas tree in the background and some presents and maybe a mistletoe.
Anything Else; goddess. I absolutely love ur covers (sorry for asking for a lot of them)


Manip Simple Minimal
Title; my son?
Author: imtotallynotokay
Theme/Mood/Colour; confusion, mystery
Ideas; I was thinking of having tony stark (Robert Downey jr.) on the cover with his arc reactor showing (doesn’t have to) and him looking pissed off at Nick furry. For the background maybe have a view of inside the hellicarrier or the avengers tower.
Anything Else; Goddess. Again I’m sorry for asking for a lot of covers I just absolutely adore your graphics.


manip [xx] Simple Minimal
title : Daughters of the veil

subtitle : “They clipped my wings and forgot I had claws”

author : Jay Puff

theme/mood/color : Witchy, magic, power, teenfic, bright, neutral and purple

picture(s) :

ideas : For the background rather an old looking house/manor, or something nature related. With Lili Reinhart I’d prefer a simple look to her, kinda like in the picture in just like a white or black out fit or 1 I thought she could have a purple glow / aura to her, maybe with some Arcane symbols in the background I had attempted but am not really happy with it tbh. but just incase you wanna see a kinda example of what I was shooting for just maybe a bit brighter YA/Teen fic ish

anything else?: Goddess. Thank you if you accept! also I can give more ideas and inspo if you’d like!


you are accepted for both. your payment is four more 3+ lined comment on four more chapters of alpha kaine


you are accepted. please complete the payment!


Finished payment. But it Says my comments under review so idk what that means



okay! yeah the comment is just “under review” because you swore but i swear all the time so i’m definitely not judging lol


Oh okay I didn’t realize sh*t was a bad word lol

Anyways I also commented again cause I was unsure and wanted to lol


Payment kind of completed I couldn’t do four chapters I’m really busy rn so I just did four for two chapters



Manip √ Simple( ) Minimal ( )

Title: A Thousand Kisses From A Thousand Roses
Type of book: poetry
Author’s name: @Perfexionist1504

Subtitle: Love Is Blind, Darling.

Theme| Mood| Colour : could you please make it Glowing black and pink cursive letters (if you can)

Description: Maybe the cover could have broken hearts and roses falling

Pictures: the website won’t let me post any pictures so any picture of your choice is fine really

Anything else? Password:Godess
Thank you in advance if you accept💖


Manip [ √] Simple [ ] Minimal

Title: Tentative Breaths
Subtitle: There Is More Than What Meets The Eye.

Author: @Perfexionist1504
Theme/ Mood / Colour: Dark but seductive and eye catching.

Pictures: I don’t really have pictures but if you can, please make the cover with a picture of a blonde guy staring into the eyes of his girlfriend, both of them smiling| laughing

Ideas: I thinking maybe you could make the letters glow pink, create a bit of shadowing
in the background.

Anything else? Password: Goddess

Thanks in Advance🎈


do you have any examples that have similar looks to what you want your covers to look like? i’m having trouble envisioning it


Manip [ √] Simple Minimal
Or whichever, I’m not sure

Title: Where the Desert Ends

Subtitle: None

Author: KateKay3948

Theme/ Mood / Colour: Gold, desert type colours, fantasy/ dystopia

Pictures: I really like this cover, it is kinda similar to the theme/ colours I had in mind.


Ideas: Something with the desert, and pretty simple. I would really like it to show off fantasy elements like the one above.

Anything else? Nope, Thank you

Password: Goddess



Title; Jungle Lady
Subtitle*; -
Author: Tamia Daneille
Theme/Mood/Colour; jungle, mysterious, wild, odd / lively, colorful, beautiful, love / green, gold, pink, & red.
Pictures*; -
Ideas; so i want a black girl in the cover, like front and center, unsmiling, with a neutral expression on her face (if she’s wearing a dress, that would be awesome, and i’d like if her hair was in braids or twists). i’d like jungle life around her, hence the title, with like plants and flowers and such. just a wild-looking woman in a wild place.
Anything Else; goddess

thank you so much in advance :black_heart:


you are accepted please complete the payment!