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you are also accepted, please complete the payment


small reminder to everyone that i do also have a premade shop that you can also request from! there are quite a few premades to choose from there. if you do not find what you are looking for there you may also request here. it will just be a lot faster to request from my premade shop!


I completed the payment!


yoooooooo payment complete


TITLE: Suicide
SUBTITLE: Loving You is
AUTHOR: Laura Ann Lee
IDEAS: I was thinking the cover could be similar to this but with Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Alexis Ren. or The cover could be something along the lines of Sam and Alexis on the same cover, maybe a night background and a cabin. Or something like this or this with the two characters. Make the subtitle above the title, smaller.
ANYTHING ELSE: goddess. Thanks


Simple / Manips

  1. Title : The fall of Hades
  2. Subtitle : /
  3. Author : Zeinah Abdallah
  4. Theme : Blue
  5. Pictures : https://www.pinterest.com/zeinahhesham/elena-hades-ch/ and https://www.deviantart.com/acethetix/favourites/75333371/zendaya
  6. Ideas : Either a girl in a science lab or in a music room for the simple cover and for the manip zendaya on the cover in a blue background behind her some test tubes and maybe a guitar and maybe some blue smoke around her and i’d prefer it if the title was in a cursive font
  7. Anything Else : /


do you have any ideas for the background?


you are accepted. please complete the payment


The background could range from a cabin, woods, forest, or just have leaves/flowers surrounding it. The background isn’t an issue with me, but if you need clarification, I shall provide some images.


okay. you are accepted. since you’ve already requested a cover your payment is now two more 3+ lined comments on two more chapters of alpha kaine


Thank you!


Payment complete. I really enjoy the book so far. :blush:


Uh yes if you don’t mind, could please do my other request for my other book Tentative Breaths because I can’t find any examples for to help you envision the first request




i’m having trouble envisioning both requests, actually. i need some more specific details to help me come up with something


Manip √ Simple Minimal

Title: Tentative Breaths
Subtitle: This Is More Than What Meets The Eye

Theme/ Mood/ Colour: Black and Red, mood- seductive

Background: Could you please just make it look like there’s a sun shining above a mountain

Pictures/ Ideas _20190209_210735

Password: Goddess

How’s this?:thinking:


here is your cover! if you are using it or would like any changes please let me know. if you do decide to use it please make sure to use it for at least a month and credit me in the description of your novel. thanks for requesting!


sorry, your requests are denied. i don’t think i am the right designer for your requests. good luck finding someone who can make you the perfect covers for your books!


Thank you so much! I will be using it


glad you like it!