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Omg so sorry. Let me fix that


you’re still missing something (check the first post)


Fixed it :heart:


you are accepted. please complete the payment


Payment complete


actually, the payment is a permanent follow. following then immediately undoing a portion of your payment does not mean your payment is “complete”


it has been three days since your cover was delivered. since you have not picked it up it has now become a premade


ahh i’m so sorry!!! i saw the cover and i liked it and i think i somehow forgot to reply?? i love the cover and i’ll definitely be using it!! but is it okay if i change the cover after i hit 1k on my novel? i think it’ll be soon!


that’s fine i suppose


Please help me I need a cover


please fill out the form


what form


the cover form in the first post


My Love and Loss
A story of love and betrayal
Red, Love and Black
A broken heart


please add the fields in to your form and fill out the entire form


01 title My love and loss
02 subtitle a story of love and betrayl
03 author Only_Liz
04 theme- red and black love
05 pics- a broken heart in a black backround
06 ideas- stated above
07 thank you


your form is incomplete


how so


you should probably read the entire first post instead of just the form section of it


I did what do you want the password