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thank you too much! I can’t wait


how is this?


PERFECT. You honestly killed it! I would love to pick it up now :)))


yay! glad you like it!


was there a specific way for me to get the picture ? or do I just copy it from here


i believe you can save an image right from the thread. if you really need it though i can send a link to you via private message on wattpad!


that would be cool if you could ! Just so I can get the best quality of it


a link should be in your inbox now :slight_smile:


you’re the best thank you tons!! I’ve already credited you in my book description


awe thank you! glad you like it so much!!!


I’m already following you <3 so I gave an extra long comment on your story!


TITLE: picture perfect
AUTHOR: fleur
THEME/MOOD.COLORS: light hearted, romantic, aesthetic
PICTURES: so sorry i don’t have a specific picture i want you to use in the cover ahh
IDEAS: so basically, cameras and the concert scene plays a very important role in my story, so i was thinking the cover can have some elements of photography and/or music in it. like maybe just a simple animated camera, or polaroid, or the concert scene (people’s hands in the air etc.). if it helps, my cast is selena gomez and zayn malik!


man i’ve been very distant since the revamp of the mdc! i can’t believe how so many designers left :[ but good job!


TITLE: It’s A Woman’s World
SUBTITLE: “A man is nothing without a woman”
AUTHOR: Y. Delaney
PICTURES: It won’t let me attach any but I want the main character to be played by Claire Holt, so just her front and centre would be great
THEME/MOOD/COLOURS: Light, teen romance-y, also needs to have a little edge to it
IDEAS: So this is a story about a daughter of a mafia leader who is laughed off when she puts herself forwards against her brother to inherit the business. Annoyed by this, she forces her father to give her a chance as to which he sends her on a mission he doesn’t think she can handle which takes place in the local prestigious university. It’s a book not so much about a girl proving she can do what men can do, but that sometime’s it’s better to have a woman’s outlook on different things. So I’d like the cover to be kind of upbeat and light but with that sort of edginess to it.


okay! thanks for letting me know!


you are accepted. please complete the payment


thank you


can you provide any more ideas for your cover?



title : Rebirth of an Idol

subtitle : Volume 1

author : MomoCatt

theme/mood/color : theme is Rebirth/mood is sadness and confusion / colors are blue, white silver

picture(s) : 1874284405-member

ideas : The first book is about the boy rebirthing into the 50 years into the future in an unknown body if you can show like a sort of foggy background with a boy looking at or holding a butterfly that is either black or white.
Anything else : goddess


both payments are complete! your alpha kaine book is really good! i’m excited to read more of it!