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do you have any ideas for the background of your cover setting wise?




Would you be willing to do another cover for me it would be a science fiction book


sure! just fill out another form!


Maybe in a field of daffodils (since they mean rebirth) with a city landscape in the distance


okay! you are accepted. please complete the payment


Payment completed! :slight_smile:


Manip Simple Minimal
Title: Stuck On Mars
Author; imtotallynotokay
Theme/ mood/ colour; space/mars, romantic
Ideas; I was thinking of having maybe a guy standing next to a crash sight on mars or two guys looking at each other with some type of space aspect in the background. (One guy is born on mars while the other is from earth so maybe change one of their eye colours to something you wouldn’t usually see).
Anything else; goddess


Payment complete.


Manip Simple Minimal
Title: Surrender
Subtitle: forgiveness is freedom
Author: Bella Esther
Theme/Mood/Color: dark mood, with dark colours like dark greens and greys. its a werewolf book.
Photographer: Christoph Poloczek - Pollography​/A Wedding with Pollography​
Model: Lela​

Ideas: i’d like a girl in nature like in the woods or the forest, dark themed with lots of dark greens and a cast of moonlight to make it look gloomy but kind of majestic.
Anything else: goddess


do you have any specific faceclaims in mind for this cover? i’ve found an image that i think would work but if you have any specific features for the men in mind i will need you to provide images of the profiles of their faces


there’s something missing in your form


whoops sorry, fixed that, totally forgot about that cause i copied the format of the form and they didnt have it. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


here is your cover! if you are using it or would like any changes please let me know. if you do decide to use it please make sure to use it for at least a month and credit me in the description of your novel. thanks for requesting!


you are accepted. please complete the payment


thank you!! on it :running_woman:


payment complete


it looks amazing! Could you possibly make the boy a tad brighter, along with his eyes? And could the font be more transparent, but bold?




how is this?