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Brown hair is all I ask for, and I completed the payment, :slight_smile:


I’ve edited the original post and included an idea and the type of cover :slight_smile:


I love your cover for violet, that’s the kind of the theme I wanted to go for if that helps. I want Claire Holt to be front and centre, with like a teen fiction kind of vibe.


It’s beautiful!! Is it possible to get a different picture? It’s a little on the steamy romantic side, whereas I was thinking more of the cute romantic side. If you can’t, then I’m going to still use the cover! Thank you very very much!


My book it’s not posted but can I still request?


i could change the picture for sure! are you looking for more of a summer or winter vibe? (i have pictures for both)


Summery :slight_smile:


You skipped me :frowning:


sorry you are denied, i don’t think i will be able to make your cover


you are accepted, please complete the payment


how much longer will your story remain drafted?


I’ve completed more than the required payment and filled out the form, what is the problem ?


It’ should be up once receive the cover


Title: The Girl In A Bikini
Subtitle: N\A
Author: amorrear
Theme/Mood/ romance, light,
Password: GOODess.
Anything eles? No and thank u
Pictures: 6d388d858a46e4c66c17669c95d4b9cb--wattpad-novel


there is no problem. i just am unable to complete your cover. it isn’t something i think i can do, that’s all


you’re missing several fields in your form


i hope you like this version better!


I edit the form


here is your cover! if you are using it or would like any changes please let me know. if you do decide to use it please make sure to use it for at least a month and credit me in the description of your novel. thanks for requesting!


it’s too adorable! I LOVE it! Thank you very much for everything :slight_smile: I’m crediting you in the summary now and my story will be posted this week!