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Your covers are so great! skskkskskskksks


The other authors also think it’s gorgeous <3


awe thank you ^.^


yay! glad you guys all like it!


It’s a great cover but the model you chose is there a way you could find one with glasses also the font it’s nice but can the title be straight across and could you capitolize Rebirth and Idol. I like everything else although the sepia tone well I can live with it.


btw what is the font you used for the title? it’s cute!


i have a question! would you possibly do a series of covers? like just 3 more, since you’ve already made me one? whatever you comply for a payment, i can do it :slight_smile:


Hey. I know there are other people before me but I just letting you known I did all payment


thank you for the cover, it’s gorg!!! but sorry, is it possible to change th background colour to something more romantic? i’d prefer pastel colours like pink, blue, etc.


it’s called endless!


it would depend honestly. like are you looking for simple changes to the original cover to rework it for a series or something completely different?


how’s this? i can also get you the other version with the lighting if you’d prefer that as well


you still have not provided any ideas for you cover… i haven’t accepted or denied you request yet


I want to say yes since you worked hard. I know I said I could live with the coloring but I really don’t like it. Also the title can you make it so the words don’t touch and remove the butterfly, for some reason it looked better on the other model. Everything eles is lovely.


if you don’t like it you can tell me, i won’t be mad and my feelings won’t be hurt. some people don’t like my designs and i get it. it seems to me like you didn’t really like the cover but you’re struggling to find the words to tell me that so you’re just asking for a bunch of changes to turn it into the cover you would much rather like. it’s no worries if you don’t like it, i can just make it a premade and give it to someone else, but you have to tell me that’s what you want


Well I really did like parts of it the background, the smokey way you had the boy surrounded and how you had the title. I really didn’t like the coloring, and I really didn’t like how the words touch it felt hard to read. But I know you have other covers to do an i’m being picky . You can just use it as a premade. Thank you for trying.


i hope you find the right designer for your cover


Oohh I didn’t know you had premades! Do you have a link? :slight_smile:


yep i’d much prefer this!! and yes, could u make the lighting thingy haha