Sad scenes - Cookies provided

You ever write something and then spend the next ten years of you life sitting in a dark corner eating cookies and ice cream while sobbing nonstop?

Yeah, me too.

Share those tearjerkers kiddos, distract me from my own sad writing by giving me other things to cry over ;-;

Edit: I spent all day drawing a comic of the scene because I love making myself suffer

you had me at crying and cookies


This was me earlier, where were you then?

Jk, pass along the cookies :wink::joy:

Oh, scrap that, you have the cookies and I’ll have the ice cream :+1:

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A death scene from a Les Miserables fanfic…get tissues!

“Enjolras!” she cried, running to him as he lifted himself painfully, half dragging himself, half crawling to a wall and leaning his back against it. Marie could already tell from how he was holding himself that he was wounded. He had been shot somewhere on his torso; his shirt was bloody. In the predawn darkness, she could hardly see how much damage was done.
“Marie,” he said weakly, his breathing becoming labored.
Marie knelt beside him. She untied her shawl and put it on the wound, trying in vain to stop the bleeding.
“I’m here. You’ll be alright; it’s just a lot of blood.” Marie whispered, applying as much pressure as she could muster. Enjolras winced painfully at her touch.
“I’m sorry it hurts.”
“It’s alright; it doesn’t hurt anymore.” He leaned heavily forward, putting his forehead on her shoulder as his strength ebbed out of him. Marie laid him gently on the ground.
“I could go get help….someone could help us.” Marie said, turning to get up. She felt Enjolras grab her hand.
“No…stay here…I don’t want to be alone.” He said, almost crying the words.
“Alright, I’ll stay.” Marie said, touching his hand. She heard his breathing change and groaning in pain.
“Please, stay with me.” Marie begged softly, starting to cry. Close to this time yesterday, they were waking up beside each other; their life together planned. He always seemed so strong and invincible to her; a small piece of lead was all it took for his life to end.
“Just hold me one last time.” He said between breaths. Marie put her arms around him, her hands shaking and holding him as if it could save him. She could feel the wetness of the blood getting on her dress.
“Remember what you said the other night……can you say it again?” Enjolras said softly.
“I love you, and I’ll always be faithful to you.” she said, sobbing, knowing that there was nothing more she could do to save him, as if though those three familiar words would ease his pain…and his passing.
“I wish we had more time.” He said.
“Heaven didn’t give us enough.” Marie sobbed, holding him tightly.
“I’m really tired.” She heard him say.
“Close your eyes and go to sleep, my love.” Marie whispered to him. “I’ll stay until you fall asleep and you won’t be hurting anymore.” She kissed him on the side of his face and on his forehead. Marie stroked his damp hair. She felt Enjolras lift his hand and squeeze her shoulder with his last ounce of strength.
His grip loosened and his hand fell to the pavement.
Marie felt his last shuddering breath on her neck.
No! This couldn’t be happening! It couldn’t be real!

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What better way to live your life than nonstop stress eating cookies? also welcome to the community!

Works for me since I actually can’t have ice cream :sweat_smile:

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Hello, 911, I’d like to report a crime; my feelings have been hurt ;-;

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had the first cry in about 3 years tonight. i fail to see where the therapeutic part was in it. 3 breakdowns in 5 years…same exact reason, same story, different memory trigger. i’'l pss on the cookies but i’m curious…do women actually feel better when they cry?

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Hard to do when phones haven’t been invented yet. Topping it off, he was fighting in a French Revolution era uprising; I wanted the scene to be like losing a loved one in battle. I bawled my eyes out writing it the first time. Here’s an overdose scene from a fanfic based on a hospital drama:

He came back to an eerily quiet flat. Kian heard the strange sound coming from the bathroom. The door was closed, and he tapped on it.

“Haley? You okay?” A sudden gasping sound was his answer. He threw the door open, seeing Haley with her head by the toilet. Was she throwing up? But her breathing was irregular. Then he saw it; an empty bottle of pills. The ones he had gotten to help her sleep.

“NO!” Kian screamed.

He got into action, pulling Haley up by her shoulders. Her head lolled limply on her neck.

“Haley! Can you hear me?” He sobbed, seeing her eyelids barely moving.

Kian forced his fingers into Haley’s throat, hearing a gagging sound. Some vomit came up, but she still wouldn’t respond.

He fumbled with his phone, just managing to dial 999. He managed to get his address to the dispatch. He picked Haley up with all his strength and carried her to the ground floor. When the ambulance came, he somehow convinced the attendants to let him ride along. The hospital ended up being one he thought he would never go back to.

Kian felt so helpless as he sat out in the hospital waiting room. The last time he felt like this was when Bea died. It seemed like an eternity before the doctor came out, one he didn’t know when he was working there.

“We pumped her stomach, and she’s out of danger. Chances are she’ll just sleep for a long time.”

He was in Haley’s room when he heard a familiar voice.

“Kian! How long has it been?” A young intern called out.

“Nicky! Boy, am I glad to see you.” Kian sighed, hugging her.

“Is this young woman your…?” Nicky asked, not knowing how to finish. Her crush on him was obvious when they worked together.

“Girlfriend? Let’s just say that I care about her a lot.” Kian said.

“Well, I hope she gets better.” Nicky concluded, giving Kian a smile.

Kian sat by Haley’s hospital bed. He had stopped crying awhile ago, but the thought still plagued him; why had she tried to hurt herself again? They had lucked out (if you could call it that) when she took off to the mountains, but this was going of the deep end.

I’ve already lost one person I loved. I don’t even know if I can comprehend losing Haley. He thought.

Kian held Haley’s had, feeling her limp fingers against his palm. Her breathing was rhythmic and gentle. It was what lulled him to sleep.

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I don’t think crying, therapy and women are related to one another. It really depends on the person, their emotions and their coping mechanism on if they find crying a therapeutic practice or not. Gender identity has nothing to do with it…

You know…let me just quote my whole book. The one you read.

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statistically speaking it’s either far more common for women, or it’s just social hypnosis, either way the numbers are favored in that direction. i guess i just meant to ask of anyone at all actually heals from crying or if i’m just a dead husk inside that has a vestigial tear duct reaction connected to one bad memory and everything else is just cobwebs.

personally going to skip due to triggers with over dose

How many wips/novels do you have? Do you primarily write fanfic?

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I beg of you, please dragon pal, just give them happiness

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:joy: I gave them sprinkles of happiness…I think that is good enough. If only you could see the future but I’m currently rewriting chapter 18 and on :sob:
Still, blood is a must.

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Like I say, it carries from person to person depending on their preferences and circumstances. I personally find crying not very therapeutic but I know it’s the opposite for my girlfriend

What about just a sprinkle of sadness, no blood and the rest is happiness?

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Erm…then that wouldn’t be me writing :eyes: is that better?

Not really sad but...suffering is there. A small spoiler though

“I’m not like the others.” Fifteenth dragged the goddess through corridors lit by small lanterns, his boots clicking against the tiled floor. He grinned, starting to feel the goddess in his arms. He leaned to place his head on the crook of her neck. “I have Soul Reaper and with it present, you cannot teleport. You still have your powers but only a third of it. I did this because I know I would lose if you had all your strength. You saw North Academy’s change, did you not? I am the only person who loves you.”

“Get in here!” Fifteenth pushed Xue Hua into a dark room they would share with others during the night. When he slid the doors closed, he lowered the blade from her neck but pressed it against her back. He reached out with one hand to stroke her hair, then her face, then her chest. His snake-like fingers ran over her clothes. “I know you won’t scream but even if you do, no one will hear. Even if they do, would they care?”

“Oh?” A groggy male voice thundered from Xue Hua’s bed which made Fifteenth’s body go rigid. He had been caught by an intruder and his head slowly turned to stare at the goddess’ bed. The brave scholar masked his surprise with a grin, taunting a glowing man. Mo Sha crossed his legs, reclining across Xue Hua’s bed with a smirk on his face. He saw the foolish young immortal was attempting to provoke him. “Hello, Fifteenth.”

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i just keep hearing how “sometimes it feels good to cry” and i wonder if that’s part of the problem, i’m not sure what feeling good feels like, after a cry or in general.


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