Sanctum Cabra


Humble goat follower here :wave: Here’s a few goats for my first sacrifice to @nick the supreme goat lord :goat: :goat: :goat:

I’ve come to pray for guidance. Guidance for a quest I and others have embarked on recently in search of answers. Any guidance given is greatly received :pray:


I am on the path of the goat. Please don’t let my broken bell offend you.

:goat: :goat: :goat: :goat: :goat:

Dear lord keep me safe on my journey and make the madness stop.



All hail supreme goat lord!



No, not really


Not a lot of people come by here, so if you’re looking to avoid someone here would work.

But it’s not a great place to be for someone like you. You wouldn’t want to anger your own god in someone else’s sanctum


:goat: :goat: :goat: I come with gifts of goats as a sacrifice in hopes to be bestowed guidance in the path of the goat lord


I asked, I am free to roam. I have given permission to stay a bit and adventure, I asked when before they accepted me. Though I cannot say too much… :goat:

though if the society of llamas rises… I’d totally wanna join that too, lol :llama:

If nature permitted me to have feet on both paths I would. Only two luckily individuals hold that key…


Still pretty cool. I suck at tennis…


You would have to ask others how to seek the path.


One always thinks the machine will be truthful and honest. Logical. It has to be. That’s how it was created.

And yet, trickery. To let some stray only to punish their errant ways.


@nick Why do you never give likes out? how can I change my path?


:goat: (hold goat above my head) I ask thee, breathens, how can I approach the path of the Goat?


Can one change it’s course if so desired?

Hmm… the machine… it learns quickly… do you hold a key in this place of goat sacrifice?


get the collar from the curio shop


A key? I don’t have keys. Usually I’m a key to helping people understand things if that’s what you mean? Like a metaphor?

Otherwise I wouldn’t need a key. There’s nothing locked to me


@Bobbi_McAllister holds a box. Can it be opened?


You say this is a sanctum. A place of worship, but also a place to keep something treasured. What’s kept in here?


o-o this blew up suddenly…


Then, with your help of course, we would be able to access what we’re looking for?


You knew this was here all along? The horror!