Sanctum Cabra


Lemme try to be a bit more clear.

If this is a sanctum, there should be a statue of a deity. A goat deity.

What would happen if, say, one would put a certain collar on the statue?


Do we get easter eggs for attending this church? My old church used to give me a cream egg and a bunch of daffodils for my mother at easter so …


I could go for some Easter eggs…


We thought it was easter yesterday to be honest. Some oddness on two phones lol.


Only reason I’m not getting the dates mixed up is cause my birthday is Easter Monday :joy:


Did you hatch out of an egg at birth?
My own and my daughters phones both said yesterday. It was all very odd but by time we knew she had already started on the chocolate aha.

I will try to remember but if I don’t have an eggcelent birthday.

:blush: :egg: :chicken: :rabbit:


Nope and thanks :blush:


Lol @ nope. :smile:


I’ve placed this collar 'round my throat,
And now I walk the path of the goat.
Oh mighty goat lord please do tell
How to ring this soundless bell.

:bell: :goat:


I wonder what will happen if all goats congregate here :thinking:
Time for mass, my dear goat ppl :hugs:
Come and worship your supreme goat lord, @SylviaWolfe, @color_me_gone, @WellyBoots, @MistickMage, @Owlkeys, @SabrinaBlackburry, @Only_Liz, @Deathly17, @LigerCat, @rosebrown1k, @castlequeen2004, @Minabby, @lunaetic, @FireAlwaysReturns, @Azanthiel, @SummahRocks, @Nablai, @heiress-of-slytherin, @Groovy_Jedi, @Ryo_Leo, @matzeztam





Hallelujah, the first worshiper is here :>






Pleased and Delighted to have been summoned here for our (G)reatest (O)f (A)ll (T)ime, Lord Nick :goat: :goat:
Three cheers for Nick :nick:


Sorry, I signified my presence by liking your post lol.


I always like posts :joy: I love liking posts, tbh :slight_smile:


[> Leo enters.]


Do the cult goat’s bells ring?


Are we path walkers merely pets?