Sanctum Cabra


All good questions, friend. But that’s what is peace for us, is it not? XD




Yes. Nick(le) bells, Nick(le) bells, jingle all the way :bell: :joy:

I’m so dead! :joy:


:smile: :joy:





Just testing smth by summoning all goats to this here sanctuary XD


Goats come and go from this place, it is a sanctuary that way.


So… less like a church, more like a goat pen? XD
Are you their shepherd?


@nick :goat: does your sanctuary hold a journal at all? I seek answer, and ponder if it may hold the key within.


This place isn’t a place of worship, just a gathering space for those of the goat


I say this is a really nice meadow under the spring sun :slight_smile:


So… basically a goat pen. I’ve gathered some of the goats here for you, goat shepherd :> You’re welcome.
PS. Do you promise that the goats are safe here?


wanders in with obligatory :goat:


Welcome to our meadow, Sanctuary :slight_smile:


I’m late :sweat:
Hello Chaaaaa :upside_down_face:


Hey there lil lamb :> :hugs:


Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
lil lamb! Lmao :joy:



I was the first post :wink:


Naughty, naughty.

Any idea what’s wrong with the bell on my collar?


shrugs who knows?